Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Musicians Hall of Fame Museum, Nashville, TN

Sharing pics from the Musicians Museum

One of George's favorites, Jimi Hendrix

You may recognize this outfit....Paul Shaffer's...from the Tonight Show.  

Glen Campbell

George stands by the Les Paul section.

Sun Records Replican

Part of this museum was interactive.  You got to play on some instruments.  At least there were headphones so no one could really hear your playing.  lol  

Well I believe that is all of my pics from the weekend.  

Last night we went to see Ocean's 8.  It was fantastic.  We enjoyed it.  

Before that we went to a new burger place in town.   I was bad and had a mix of fries and sweet potato fries.   They did not have any "good" sides that I saw anyway -so I went for it.  Oh well.  I make good decisions most of the time now.  And took off huge chunks of my bun.  Here were the choices of burgers.

They were actually sliders so you get two to fill up. I got the Merguez and the Lamb.  The toppings were listed by "styles".  I got the California style on my lamb burger as it had avacado.  Classic style on the Merguez- which was kind of a curry burger. 

George of course had to run in Kroger.  I don't think we can park near a store and not go in for something.  I like to plan ahead and just go once a week.  I guess we didn't get our normal grocerying in this weekend though - just in and out as we were out and about.  We did go to Trader Joe's and get a few frozen things we were wanting but not our normal shopping so I guess I can understand that.  But the movie was 9:45 or later letting out.  So it was 10:30 before I went to bed. 

I laid bags out to pack this morning.  After work I'm heading to C town to see Mom, eat dinner, spend the night, and take her to the doctor tomorrow.  And then eat lunch.  Then I'm heading back and stopping at Don and Lisa's for afternoon sippy and a dip in the pool and some girl time to catch up.  And then on home to our house.   

So yeah taking a vacay day Thursday to get Mom to the doc for the monthly shot in the eye. 

And then we will be looking at Friday.  

I need to get in early today as I will most likely leave a bit early today to get past the traffic.  

So ya'll have a great day.  I'm going to try to do a blog entry on the go since I paid for the software to do so - at least I'll try.  

Take care!  Travel prayer requests please!


  1. That museum reminds me of the Rock Hall of Fame that we have here in Cleveland, only the Rock Hall is much larger. It's good we remember our musicians. It think music plays a big part in all our lives. And lucky you - you have your own musician in the family too. Will pray for safe travels for you tomorrow. It's nice you can go help your mom. I'm sure she really appreciates it ! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday as over the hump of the week we go...

  2. I can just imagine George enjoying the musicians hall of would have been extra fun to play the guitars in ....altogether a real great time. My nephew would have loved it and Beth as well....Sorry you had to have a burger...but sometimes you just have to be sensible and not be so strict on yourself that the new lifestyle becomes a burden not a pleasure....go safely tomorrow and Friday...hope Mums visit to Dr goes well...night night God. Bless

  3. neat photos. Does your husband have many guitars? I hope your mom is ok. A shot in the eye sounds painful. xox..


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