Friday, June 29, 2018

Night Out on the Town and a Fancy Toilet

Well, it's been a wet week.  The skies really got dark yesterday.  I did a time lapse of the skies.  But blogger would not let me post it.  :-O  Oh well. 

After work yesterday we went to an Indian restaurant to meet a vendor.  We got there early so we went next door and had drinks til closer to our reservation time. 

Mockingbird is where we went pre-dinner.  Later we realized it might have been a gay bar.  But their beer serves up just the same.

I looked next to me and a lady had ordered rum punch - it's served in a bag, lol!  She let me take a pic!  I notice the wax hamburger got in the picture.  Of course that had grabbed our attention as well.  Burgah!

Really didn't have much time to drink the beer either.  I'm a sipper not a slugger.  But I had to *try* to slug to get to our reservations.  Since the sky had been dark and it rained most all day - the next place nearly froze us out.  They were unwilling to adjust the temp at Chuan's Ale and Masala House, but the waitress said she could bring me a hot tea on the house.  It was a different type of tea.  It was good.  It was unsweetened, thank goodness.  It did warm me up.  I was grateful for that.  

It came with sugar lumps but I did not use them.  Here is our appetizers.  The Nashville Hot Chicken appetizers were heavenly.  I wish I'd ordered that for dinner.  lol

The appetizer of the various chutney's was once a favorite but not so much last night.  The flavors were not like I remembered and the Naan bread tasted not homemade but like a store bought pita.  

I ordered the meat n 3, mainly b/c it came in these stackable lunch boxes.  However, I really was not impressed with the flavor.  Bland and reminded me of Campbell's soup.  I am grateful for dinner as it was bought for us, by a friend and business associate of George.  I was asked if I liked my dinner and I was honest and said it was bland compared to what I'm used to getting there.  George's flank steak was delicious.  I was really disappointed last night in the food.  Of course it had white rice, lol.  I didn't eat much of that either.

They had a moscow mule that was pretty good.

And after a lengthy dinner conversation, we went next door again.  A coffee for me.  

And someone got a little port.  Look at the cute little glass.  

But the most impressive thing of the evening, surprisingly, was the toilet at Mockingbird.  lol  A Nashville Must See.  lol lol lol 

So this morning, I am pretty tired.  I wasn't in bed until 11 ish.  But it is Friday and surely I can try to make it through the day.  We knew this week would be fun but rough getting up in the mornings.  And potentially rough during the afternoon after lunch when the slump occurs. 

Today after work I get my nails and toes done.  I will give up the green toes, lol.  I will go for a pinkish or coral look.  I am really looking forward to that.  There was talk of us going to the grocery tonight, but we'll see.  May have to be tomorrow after George comes back from the NAMM show. 

Well, I'm going to get off of here.  I slept in later, but somehow I am ahead of schedule.  That is a good thing.  Busy day today.  I hope it goes by fast.  I'm horribly sleepy.    But we enjoyed our night out with friend and business associate.  Always fun to go hang out with him.

Ya'll have a great day! 


  1. Always great to see friends even though the food was not up to par. I'd never seen a drink in a bag like that one before and of course I've seen such a fancy toilet either. It's been a very busy week for you but then today is finally Friday ! Hope you have a fantastic one !

  2. I love that toilet! And I never thought I would say/type that. LOL
    Thanks for the pic:)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. dinner sounded like fun even though it left something to be desired.


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