Sunday, June 10, 2018

Nutrition Websites, Travel Websites, and Rushing Around

Well, sorry for no post yesterday.  I got up yesterday with the intention of just starting the laundry and boosting the kitchen a bit before settling down with laptop and coffee to blog.  And then I got hungry and fixed an egg with cheese and tomatoes atop.  And I sat down to watch the rest of an Atlantic Crossing - video #88 of Have Wind Will Travel  <----blog is here.  And I have added their blog to my side roll.  Was excited to see there was a blog too.  Here is their YouTube account: 

Anyway - by the time I got through with that, I felt guilty that I was watching a video instead of cleaning so I vacuumed.  Then George had come back from yard sailing and was ready to go out again.  I told him I could use 30 minutes and he said he'd go cut the yard - so I sat down to blog as when he cuts the yard it's several hours plus shower time - and then I played around on some new websites - I'm on the search for oatmeal to go (the healthiest brand) and also looking for healthier condiments to take the next step in eliminating as much of my oils as I can - using coconut and olive oil.  I'll be adding a nutrition site to my blog I think since that is a huge element of my life now.  

There are some new things I checked out below: 

I didn't even get through shopping.  I also had to realign my Isagenix order and change up a few things and add a few things for the next week. 

And then I realized that George was not mowing but waiting for me. 

So I had to hurry and get ready.  

We went to see his Mom.  We also went to the grocery store.  And we always have a good time there.  

Then the afternoon was busy as I had to finish some laundry, and make these: 

It's our sunday school's class to make breakfast tidbits- after church there is a table of snack's and finger foods and lots of coffee to go into class with.  It's cool they do this.  I try to stay away from the table - unless there is fruit.  

George rewarded us with this yesterday: 

His Moscow Mule's are the best in the world.  I just know it! 

And he fixed us a roast in the InstaPot and it was the best I've ever had.  Oh my gosh it was wonderful. 

And while we ate that we watched a show - I have forgotten the name of it but it had Beatles music and honestly the storyline was just not very good. 

Then there was bedtime.  So the day was busy and no blog time.  Today I'm rushing to get this done and get to church.  And it is raining goats and horses.  I would say cats and dogs but don't want to get my dogs too exited.  I didn't realize we were to have these thundershowers with big rains today but here we are.  I really don't want to have to drive in this mess, but we have the sausage balls and will have to travel to get them there.  I meet my commitments - or at least try to.  I may not have kept all of them in the past - but I have kept most! lol

So today's agenda is to go to church - hit Ruby Tuesday salad bar.  I kinda think George doesn't like to but I've been asking for about two weeks.  And then we will come home and I will have an afternoon of ironing and listening to podcasts and or book.  And I think that is about all the plan.  I'd like to make some effort at my 90 day plan and also need to try and finish my Isagenix order as well as work on a fall project with a Sip and Shop we want to do in May.

Things are happening on George's work front - we have all been praying for the knowledge of a permanent job - everything is happening on both ends - well I say everything - there is movement at least.  Looks like he may have a decision to make.  We'll see.  The rubber needs to meet the road as I see it.  Nothing concrete til offers are made.

So - I better go and finish getting ready. Always on the rush it seems.  But yesterday was nice to have a somewhat leisurely day. 

Ya'll take care.


  1. It's raining here too today. I'll be off to church but there isn't any breakfast included afterward. Sometimes they do have coffee and donuts, but I go to a late service, so just come home. Hope your Sunday is a restful one. Take some time to relax too. It'll be another busy week coming your way.

  2. I love the salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays too. I am fixing chicken in the instapot. We both use ours a lot. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Evening Sonya, hope your Sunday has been a good one. We have had a nice day cool first thing, but by lunch time it got really warm, we had our lunch at church today...we do,that once a month, today there were 23 having lunch so it was a god day...what is ...Moscow Mules ? Is it a drink,of some kind..
    Must go it's bed time with me so night night. God bless. Xxx

    1. The Moscow Mule is a cocktail drink served in a copper cup. It has ginger beer which is non-alcholic, vodka, and juice from a half of a lime, and lots of ice. It's very tangy, and along with the ginger - make for an exciting taste. And it's very very very cold b/c the copper cup just really keeps it cold. George and Katy discovered it first in Dallas, TX. Now you see it in most popular restaurants on their menu. Some have twists to it - like the blueberry mule, or blackberry mule. We once had "Moscow Mule Monday" to give Monday's something to look forward to, lol. But then I started doing my cleanse on Monday. lol


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