Friday, June 8, 2018

Overslept a Bit and Excited to Learn this Nutrition Business

I guess I was really sleepy - I snoozed too long this morning.  I could not get up.  The bed and sleep was feeling too good.  The coffee tastes amazing this morning and I've just started my 2nd cup.

I am wishing I'd scheduled a vacation day today.  I could use some peace and quiet, some rest for my always moving mind, and dive into some housework.  The weeks are full but fun.  Enjoying life but - I'm ready to be home and work on the house and do some things on my agenda. 

I snoozed away my blog time but here I am anyway - I do need to hurry. 

After work I came home and worked on my 90 day plan - looking at some of the business tools, and organizing my files for the nutrition business.  I tried to get in the IsaTools app and it's 9.99 per month.  What?  I am deciding if it would be worth it.  It makes it easy to share b/c it's all right there.  But geez.  I'll look at Lisa's and decide.  I would like to be making $ before I dive into it, but it is tax deductible.  But it makes it easier to share with others, which I think is key - so - I may sacrifice something else for that money.  I really don't want to give up my nails! lol  I also need to look at the tax deduction things so I can start keeping up with that.   In my 90 day plan I'm going through it and doing the thought processes, doing the check boxes, and the next thing on the list is to get to know all the websites and my back office and digital tools.  But the app is for on the go - which I am on the go a lot.  We have sortof set a date for Oct for a sip and shop.

So we ate dinner and watched Below Deck Mediterranean and then took dogs out and I went to bed. 

Now here we are!  So I will be stopping and getting a birthday cake this morning at Publix.  And I need to get on the ball here.  TGIF!  WOOOO HOOO!  My laundry room is piled upon and George ended up doing his own laundry.  I told him I was sorry.  I switched to doing it mainly on the weekends and I guess he missed the boat last weekend.  If it doesn't get to the basket and I'm done it waits til the next weekend.  I told him that if he needed them to let me know and I'd have done it.  I just ignored the laundry during the week b/c that is when I have time to do the nutrition business and get some desk time.  I'm trying to get organized and learn - it's a process.  I do podcasts on the way to work and back when I'm not talking to Mom.  Not just Isagenix podcasts but nutrition as a whole.  And so at home at desk time I'm on the websites and doing the 90 day plan - so I'm still on the learning curve.  Next I'll do the mind and body program.  You have to pay for that but you get it back in food credit.  So that is good. 

Anyway, very exciting.  There is always an investment in starting a new business.  This is minimal compared to most and the potential is inspiring when you see what other's have done and study how they got there.  Wow.  So I'm hooking up with those folks.  And they are helping us out.  And I would love to see my retirement the way I'd like it to be.  There is one lady that said it would take her 40 years to earn what she earned with this business in her regular job.  lol  So it's all very interesting.  My first goal is to get my food paid for, then have some extra to dive more into my tools and brochures and business cards - and then to start making more.  I mean what if you were able to buy the RV and camp on weekends, and then eventually have enough to retire early?  What if?  That would be really cool to build a leg that you could that.  It's a lot of hard work and repeated.  But you find someone to copy and follow them.  I'm very excited about it all b/c in this business you are helping others meet their goals and that is a win win! 

Well gotta go like I said!


  1. I love the way you are always so busy looking forward, your brain never seems to stop !!....I'm looking forward to see how your new ideas about the nutrition takes known the saying...from little acorns giant trees grow....I will love to be able to say I have a friend who has done just that, and not by stamping on others !!...Hope all is well and you got to work safely....I hate it that you have to get up so early in the morning,.....take care. God Bless

  2. A business plan is definitely needed and you sound very excited about it all. I wish you well in your endeavors. It's sounds like it's going to take some extra work for sure. Hope you have a very happy Friday! Yay!

  3. i wish you well with this goal. you sound really pumped up about everything.


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