Monday, June 11, 2018

Rain, Church, Some Answers, and Dreaming On

We had rain and thunder yesterday morning.  Thank goodness it had calmed to a mist on the way to church.  However, a wind gust turned my umbrella inside out.  I was carrying sausage balls, my bible, my purse and trying to hold the umbrella and had to walk all the way with a up turned umbrella over my head.  At least it still kept most of the rain off.  lol  

The sausage balls were all eaten so it was a real hit.  Someone else brought them too.  

After church we went to Ruby's at my special request!  I wanted the salad bar.  And I got a huge salad.  It was loaded with all kinds of veggies, beans, corn, and some cheeses, and they had a special vinaigrette that was similar to the cilantro lime vinaigrette.  So I got that.  I always love to get the catalina -but I'm holding off on that as usually it has the wrong oils in it.  The other dressings with vinegar, often have olive oil - but one can't be certain.  I figure it'll be the less of all the evils.  We did add sides to split.  An order of shrimp and and order of dressed eggs.  It was a feast!

After that we went into Publix as George needed something he'd forgotten to get before.  Also he's been on a search for the corn potato tots.  They look fried though so I won't eat many but I will try it.  They had some sale freezer selections that I jumped at.  Stauffer's for $1.00 something.  Low sodium and for the most part things with lots of protein and not much sugar.  So I got several of those.  

Then we came home and unloaded the sale groceries and George went to get his hair cut and I began working on the ironing.  I listened to our recorded conference calls from the nutrition business from last Tuesday.  I will most likely not be on the call for the next few Tuesday's as we have some buy one get one free movies we are doing with our benefits from AT&T.  But they record it so that is good.  

I finished up the laundry - the last load is actually drying as I type this, this morning.  

So George received a letter (certified) from his former employer.  He had to go pick it up Saturday at the post office but he waited til Sunday to open it because he didn't want it to ruin his weekend if it was bad (lol, SMH).  

So he sat down to open it while by himself and read it and reread it.  Then brought it to me.  It was a little easy to confuse yourself if you let it.  It had a lot of elements to it and ifs and buts.  However, it seemed like a fair deal IF it all works out.  It addressed all the points except for maybe one, that we had concerns over.  Due to their bankruptcy - the letter changes the terms of the agreement as far as term date and benefits - but it gives some guarantee of payment of the original offer if you take "the buyout" and they would seek the rest of it for you IF approved through the bankruptcy deal. Something like that.  However, it did establish a clear term date - eliminating that confusion.  So we'll have to get on my insurance.  At least I'll bring it home for George to look at.  We'll be offered a Cobra packet but usually that is outrageous.   I may change my w-4 back some since he's not getting the salary he was, and I'm doing this business that will be giving us some tax breaks.  So we may or may not still need some legal advice, at least they are trying and have addressed the situation instead of leaving us lingering.  They gave everyone else a guitar when they were laid off, but didn't give George one.  He was really hurt over that, as you can imagine.  I'm sure that still lingers in his mind.  

Anyway, we talked about this yesterday.  And we talked about jobs and the future.  And over the weekend both of us have brought up the "RV Lifestyle".  I'm quite amused that George is looking at this with me.  He has told me to keep my dream.  He said we should go to an RV show and see what they have and he'd be willing to drive a couple of hours to one if needed.  I had to see if it was still George talking.  It was.  I keep coming back to the need for a truck or big SUV to pull the RV trailer as it provides so much more room.   He doesn't really want a truck.  He wants a Honda.  lol  
The campers are more reasonable if it's the kind you pull.  The car adds a lot to it.  Had I known perhaps I could have gotten a different SUV for me, but it would have been a lot more.  Anyway, it makes it more difficult to figure out what we need.  

So we will go check it out at an RV place and get an idea in our heads anyway.  The first goal is to rent one and see if we like it.  Of course without George having a full time job, there is no vacation time.  So we'd have to wait to even try it out.  The RV shows around here are in the first quarter of the year then they kinda move north.  So there is not one until 2019.  But - I want to go.   You get lots of information.  I'm excited and George said he would be curious to go himself.  So we'll find the one and get it on the calendar.  

He says he is concerned about whether he would like the lifestyle full time.  He said we would have to sell the house but still have a home base somewhere - like a condo - that does the maintenance for you with no yard work.  Well, that might work.  That way we'd get to keep the BAT (TV) and the instruments and our favored belongings.  That might be a good compromise at retirement - unless one of us was able to continue working FT on the road which has challenges but could be done.  I would intend on making some money through a website and providing information and services and having a patreon account if doing it FT.   I'm still researching how to do these things so if all the right things happen we can have it all ready to put into play.  Fun to plan.  But dreaming right now.

I told him that for me - you start where you are - and right now we are only able to do day excursions - lol and *think* about and *plan for* RV'ing.  The next step is to rent.  The next step - we'll see.  One step at a time.  We both want to go out west.  And perhaps to Alaska/Canada.  I want to go to Oregan coasts and cities around there.  Want to see Joshua Tree and Moab, and the Grand Canyon. 
And George says: "The RV will have to have an awesome stereo" and room for my guitar.  Well if people can have surfboards in them - surely we can find some guitar room somewhere.  And room for two dogs. 

Anyway it is fun to dream and I like my dream very much.  I am very excited that George is partially on board - and at least willing to look in to it as we approach the latter parts of our lives.  
Just knowing he supports the dream and willing to look into it means so much.   And it is the only thing we've really looked at in the future that didn't cause an argument, lol.  How satisfying is that?  Anytime we ever talked about new "whatever" or future - it's always about money and that brings out the worst in us so we refrained, I think, from discussing the future plans.  

However, I've been so bubbly and feverish about the RV thing that it kinda just "came out".  I don't know where the $ will come from.  It will take sacrifice of some kind.  But if it is something we both want to do we'll find a way to do it.  IF ONE of us wants to do it FT none of us will get to, but we'd still get to enjoy it on the occasion I suppose.   If you did have a home base, you could do it for a while - a long excursion for a limited time and then back to home base for a while.  I could do that for sure. Anyway exciting to think about ONE DAY.   I guess I'm thinking about it so much right now b/c now is a good time to plan for it.  Or at least begin to develop some plans and check it out. 

Well, you all have been right, my brain has been all over the place.  Life is mega right now.  I did take some time to relax this weekend and read some yesterday in the sailing book.  (See side bar).  
I have been really expanding the edges of my brain to think outside the box on so many elements of my life.  And trying to figure out how to mesh it all together.  It's very exciting - our dreams, the changes, God's plan, the nutrition business and tax savings and that opening up some avenues for us, and all of this is helping me to be more open minded at work.   Which is a good thing.  

Anyway, I better be open minded about getting ready for work this morning.  So ya'll have a good day and thank you for listening to my ever growing dreams!  

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  1. We all need our dreams and something to strive for. Sounds like you and George together can make things happen. Nice always to be open to possibilities. We just never know what a new day will bring. Hope you have a wonderful Monday !


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