Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Rolling Stones Exhibit

Well, today's blog is going to be very boring compared to yesterday's and the day before.  Our exciting weekend is over and the work week is underway. 

I decided to go ahead and share the Rolling Stones pics from the exhibit here in Nashville.   So enjoy!

So they have a replica of how they lived - dirty nasty filthy apartment.  

Studio time.....

I liked the interactive features.  You could select a song to mix.  I discovered that I REALLY LIKED mixing.  George said he did too.  

Stage replicas

Set lists....

Back Stage...

George really wanted to see the tiny drumset that was used in recording Street Fighting Man (Charlie Watts).  In a review that George read it was listed as being part of the exhibit tour.  However, it was not there.  

We also had a 3 D concert experience which was really cool.  The woman next to me seemed to be enthralled with my tapping foot.  She kept looking down at it like it was getting on her nerves.  lol I let it keep tapping - I mean that's mild for a Stone's concert, eh? lol

It was a great little exhibit and then we went on to the Musician's Museum next - two for the price of one.  This is all in the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville.

So yesterday was cleanse day and I always do well with it.  But generally it comes with cravings.  I think that is a good thing though.  They are only a hint.  Not a strong craving. Last week it was bologna sandwich and yesterday it was Captain D's fish and chicken platter.  lol

And as I type I'm having a chocolate mocha shake made with coffee, ice, and the chocolate nutrition powder in the blender.  It's great!  And it makes you feel good after.  I love it with ice.  These shakes are like you have been to starbucks and asked for a Frappucino.

I did laundry when I got home and the ironing.  George mowed.  I then watched Keep Your Daydream on the YouTube as they went rafting down the Colorado river near Moab for 3 days - the guides actually have your meals and snacks prepared.   You should google this stuff and check it out.  I did.  I think I'll stay in the RV that day.  lol  The hummer tour looked cool til I saw the gradient of the hill it was trying to climb.  Ummm no!  I might could be convinced to do the rafting tour - and a 1 night camp out - maybe 2.  Four days seems a bit much.  Anyway that was a nice watch on the screen.  Enjoying the adventure w/o being in the boat!  ;-)

Well I seem to be running more behind this morning.  Better go.  Ya'll have a splendid day.  George and I are going to see Ocean's 8 tonight!  Gonna be a late night!


  1. If you like cinnamon, add half a teaspoon or so into that chocolate mocha shake, it'll kick it up a notch. :) I always love my shake especially in summer when it is so cooling on a hot day.

    I enjoyed your Rolling Stones photos. They did an orchestral version of Paint It Black for Westworld last year and it is an amazing piece of music. It is available on youtube, the composer is Ramin Djawadi.

    I almost wish the Westworld composer would just do all the songs in various styles, I have loved every single one. This year he did Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana and that was amazing too. I'm tempted to make it my phone ringtone.

  2. I love The Rolling Stones music. My poor husband has been mowing grass every four days in this terrible heat. Amazing how fast it grows. The white water rafting is fun. Go for it Sonya.

  3. That was a great exhibit. How young they all were and such humble beginnings. Nice you have a movie to look forward tonight! Happy Tuesday !

  4. have fun at the movie tonight. the rolling stone exhibit looked intriguing.

  5. loved your Rolling Stones exhibition was good...glad that you both had such a great weekend....you do wonderful to pack everything into the weekend....now you will be home and. Ready to hit the road again..
    Looking forward to your next entry

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