Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saturday Morning Blabber with Coffee

Saturday here.  Not much to report this morning.  Back to work on Friday to a very busy morning of catching up on email and everyone's needss - some pretty big.  And the day went by fast - sort of - and then home again.  By the time I got home, my creative energy was spent - the best part of me and the best part of the day gone.  I forced myself to do laundry and clean up the kitchen, which wasn't too bad.  George was still working on carpets - bless him.

I realized I really just wanted to sit, sip some wine, and read.  My book "Overboard" was calling me b/c it was at the end.  I finished it.  The book to replace it is "Mississippi Solo:  A River Quest" by Eddy L. Harris.  I always have to have my travel & adventure book going.  My biography right now is one by Candy Spelling, called "Candy-Land".    I finally started it last night.  I have another one - it's a romance type.  I tend to want to read these the least these days.

So we had a little Mexican fare for dinner - from Trader Joe's.  Corn tamales, enchiladas, and spicy pinto beans.  We watched Below Deck, Mediterranean and by the end I believe I was comatose and sleeping, until I heard George saying to Maisy, "Momma's sleeping". 

So off to take dogs outside and then to bed - which felt amazing.

This morning at 5:00 a.m. Tugie was up and Maisy was trying to wake me up.  So I finally got up and took them out and fixed coffee.  George and Roger got up too and I fixed their breakfast and then went back to bed for a few minutes.  Didn't stay long.  My mind was already starting to waken.  I am still pretty groggy and only 1/2 way thru a cup of joe.

So today we have next to no plans other than to go see George's Mom.  I have my normal weekend line up to do of laundry, ironing anything for the next week, a bit of cleaning and trying to knock some things off my to do list.

I want to figure out how to hang "my vision" in the laundry room, finish my 90 day plan, and get to where I can begin working on my business and projects.  We have been so busy that it has taken a back seat.  There is already not much of my week left, but my theory is "Do what you can do" and "Start where you are" with whatever you are involved in.  I have a lot of things I do in the nooks and crannies of my day.  But today I am glad to have the whole day before me.  So we'll see what happens.  There is the bucket list, and the business list, and the household cleaning list, and the fun list.  And to me - it is ALL fun.  The fun is always in the journey.  And you know me, I'm always looking for a journey. lol

I also have about 6 CD's I need to import songs I like from - from Jimmy Buffet, Elton John's greatest hits, Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, Jim Croce, and Rod Stewart.  I missed my iPod yesterday when working on a spreadsheet I was setting up.  I like to listen when I'm doing something with numbers and spreadsheets.  But I'd laid my ipod on my desk at home to import these songs and hadn't been able to work on it.  So I didn't have it with me at work when working on the spreadsheets.  Usually I don't miss it and don't want it - but if I'm messing around with things that are tedious and trying - it relaxes me - and actually energizes me to get it done.  I don't despise spreadsheets.  I rather enjoy them but for some reason I just need some background music when I work on them.  I'm not sure why.  I guess it provides focus for me in an otherwise horribly busy day with stimuli coming from everywhere.

And so it's 7 a.m. and I'm ready to get started.  We will see where I get with this beloved day off!

What are you all doing today?


  1. Yes, there is joy in the journey ! So glad you have your Saturday to do the things you love. When doing what you love it is never work. Sounds like you need a radio in your office. There are plenty of stations with all kinds of music available. I always had one in my office when I worked. You can pick them up for very little cost. I remember listening to the radio the day 911 happened and was thankful I had it on that day. It's a day none of us will forget. I still listened to the radio in the mornings here at home. I do have an iPod that I rarely listen to anymore, but I really should update it. Hope you do have a Super Saturday !

  2. Third time lucky, each time as I type it disappears....we have had a good day a trip to Chippenham this morning to go to the bank then to the fruit stall in the market, got lovely cherries today and grapes, and oranges, Then it was into the mall to have our usual cup of tea and toasted teacake, then home by 10.45 nearly forgot Mary bought me two lovely new cushions for the settee they are both the same cream background with pale coloured flowers in shades of pink, blue, and lilac with of course various shades of green leaves...I have wanted them for a very long time.....almost a year but they disappeared from the shop to reappeared last week so I fell to temptation, but once I had made the decision Mary stepped in and insisted she pay....wasn't that's been a lovely warm sunny day and as I write this there has been a lovely sunset...the forecast is for us to have it getting even warmer as the week's very unusual for us to have such long periods of warm I was up at 5.30 just coudnt sleep I am now going to bed 9.45.....night night. God Bless. Xxxx


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