Saturday, June 2, 2018

Summer Bucket List, Survival Movie, and Office Decor

Well, we have come up with our Bucket List for "Summer" and it is rather aggressive just like the last one.  Whatever the last one had that we didn't do - I rolled it over if it is still applicable.  Hope you can read it.  We've sprinkled some wineries and breweries through there, have going to the movies on there, visiting Farmer's markets, getting some exercise, losing more weight, seeing the Rolling Stones exhibit, eating out some, having friends over.  We have some personal goals on there.  Some business goals on there.  Some errands on there.  Household cleaning on there.  Maybe not a typical summer bucket list but it's OUR bucket list.  And it's fun to hang this up to 1) Keep us focused and 2) Help us remember what it is we want to do and need to do  3) Helps us plan our weekends.  lol

So here we are on a BELOVED Saturday morning, my favorite time of week.  Maisy woke me up at 3:45.  I told her to give me 30 minutes that it wasn't time to get up yet.  George mumbled in a half sleep - "It's Saturday morning - no work".  I said "Maisy give me 2 hours then".  And she quit bothering me.  I got up about 5:15 or so I think.  

Lots of interruptions yesterday for a Friday - which is usually my most productive day.  Oh well.  I want to dive in here, but will leave it alone. 

George and I had a wonderful evening.  We had a very healthy dinner.  Baked chicken, hot peppered squash/vidalia onion steamed, and boiled red mini potatoes with butter and rosemary.  Then I had decaf coffee afterward as we watched our movie.  The movie had you on the edge of your seat.  It was "Touching the Void".  Two men climbed the Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes in 1985.  A 20,000 feet climb. (Airplanes go up that high, lol).   The book released in 1988 and the documentary released in 2003. 

This was an amazing story of survival.  I've read so many of these types of climbing stories - usually of Mt Everest or K1 and K2.  Many of them are the same - frostbite, too high up to breath and oxygen problems, altitude sickness, getting caught/lost in unpredictable and blinding snow storms, falling into crevices, freezing to death, getting stuck in weather and not having enough food, problems with equipment, having to make horrifying decision for survival.  Most of the stories of suspense are the same.  Often there is at least one death. I think Mt Everest has been done so often now it's almost like the path is set, and it's only a matter of following a pattern - yeah I'm over simplifying it - it's still a challenge of course but I don't think anyone frequents the mountain these guys were on.  

The documentary was very well done.  And it conveyed their feelings of how the mountain can be a living breathing monster.  It creates its own weather and the deep crevices have their own weird behaviors and are entrapments.  And the mountain seems to not want to let you go once you are in its presence.  

I cannot believe that these guys made it down alive, separately - b/c one thought the other had died.  He actually cut the rope on his partner b/c they were at an empasse in which neither could move while they were connected, which brought forth much contempt against him, and ultimately why the  book was written to explain why such a decision was made.  

I remember one of them saying, "you had to keep making decisions - even if they were bad ones" in an attempt to survive because just staying still and doing nothing was sure death to come.  

It was amazing watching the one thought to be dead, crawl back down the mountain with a broken leg.  Just amazing.  

Well, I'm going to get on about the house. I am pleased to say that I'm knocking some things off my "to do list" - some of which is on the bucket list too.  I finally logged into my investment accounts.  I guess the stock market is not doing so good.  By the time the fee came out, it took away any thing I'd accumulated from it.  Supposedly these were amazing investment options.  :-O 
We'll see.  Right now I have less than what I put in.  George says we have to wait it out.  

Well, on with the day.  I will be doing the normal laundry but I'm starting out with the guest bedroom comforter. House not in too bad of a shape leading me to get more done of my list and also some fun things.  

Oh here is what I put up in my office yesterday!  I think I had told you about it. 

Ok I'm really gone now!  Ya'll have a good weekend!


  1. I do hope you enjoy all aspects of your Saturday. When I worked Sundays were my special day. Saturdays were always so busy I barely had time to breathe. Your bucket list is much longer than mine, but then I didn't include my to do list in it. I think it's a great idea to actually write it down so you can see it and can check off what you've done. And to roll over the things that didn't get done. I don't usually watch many documentaries but the one you watched sounds familiar so I either read about it or watched it in the past. I love the picture and the sign in your office. Very inspiring! Oh the places you will go!

  2. I love the way you are so good at organising everything.and especially I love your bucket list...I hope you get to the end of summer and can see a little ticks at everything you hope to do...I hope like us you are having a lovely Saturday.. We have met my niece Beth and husband Max for lunch it was very nice I just had a child's portion of scampi with a few fries and garden peas...Mary had fish and fries ...Max Beth's husband had a huge cheese burger with fries they were all in good form and excited about their upcoming holiday going by train to Paris going under the Channel. Then going to Rome and Venice then back to France to see a friend...they will be away three weeks this will be there first holiday for 3/4's been a lovely warm sunny day and I will soon go outside to get the evening sunshine....

  3. the documentary sounded good. the stock market flucuates on a daily basis so it may take a while to build up.


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