Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Summer Kitchen, White Rice and Bread, and Solo Movie

I saved this pic of a kitchen b/c it is filled with love.  It makes me want to stay home and be domestic today - but off to work we go.  I mean look outside the door at all the flowers, the pretty valley below, the cobblestone walkway, a cat in the door.  It must be a late summer day because the pumpkins are in and the sunflowers are big.  There is another cat in the window.  I'd have to shoo it down but you know he is probably keeping an eye on those pies in the oven.  Looks like there is company coming too.  Two pies in the oven, one on the table and another about to be made.  Wonder what is cooking on top?  Maybe some kind of filling for the pies? 

Well that was fun.  Love to look at a picture and build life around it or guess what is happening inside the pic.  I couldn't help but feel that whoever owns this kitchen needed more counter space.  lol 

Well, not a lot to report on yesterday really.  I began working on Mom's birthday to get it on the calendar.  Have texted my sister to see if they want to join us.  I think we are going to Uncle Julio's.  

George and I went to the movies last night.  First we went to Taziki's.  I was bad and ate the potato chips that came with my dinner.  It was because when I ate the lamb meat in my gyro, and the cucumber and tomato salad - I was still hungry.  So at least there was not many chips. I did eat a bite or two of the gyro bread but not much.   I didn't order the chips but it came with it.  Then we ended up getting pop corn at the movie and a trickle of butter on it, but of course that was only at the top.  Anyway, George doesn't like it when I beat myself up over it.  I only lament for a moment, lol.  I should have ordered the dinner like George had - it was more lamb meat, on some rice, and had a side salad.  Live and learn.  Mine just didn't have much meat inside the gyro.  Usually there is twice as much though.  So I didn't know they had cut back.  It was a puny amount and there I sat hungry eating things I should not.

Oh well.  George and I got in a "discussion" which I'm sure entertained those around us.  He began telling me that bread was ok, that I'd been eating it all my life and hadn't died yet.  I reminded him that enriched flour had fillers that made us fat and little nutritional value.  And that being borderline diabetic you can't eat a lot of it and white foods b/c it messes with your sugar.  I told him I still eat it - just rarely.  Then he started on white rice and that I needed to start eating more white rice.  I told him that also was not good for blood sugar.  He said he didn't want to fix two rices and he missed white rice.  I told him to fix himself some white rice and I'll fix the other rice for myself.  He said that was not efficient and I should just eat white rice on occasion.  I said I do eat it on occasion, but when you eat white bread, white rice, and white potatoes on occasion, the occasions all add up.  I said I'm trying - on a continuum to not eat the white foods - they are too starchy and turn to sugar and my body cannot handle it.  The more you eat, the more you want.  So I try to avoid it. 

 He said "but we are on the same page".  I said "I don't think we are.  You want me to eat things I am trying to cut back on." and I said "what is this - attack Sonya night or anti healthy campaign night?" He said "well you are sitting there eating potato chips".  I said "yes, and I'll get fat if I eat the chips, the potatoes, the rice and the bread too." He said "I'm just trying to get you to eat white rice on occasion" and I said for him to fix what he wanted and if I wanted to eat it I would and if not I wouldn't.  He had seemed to be in such a good humor on the way to the restaurant, now the good air of humor between us was spoiled.  At least we were going to the movies where there would be no talk of trying to get me to eat things I didn't want to eat - as we ordered popcorn and put butter on it.  lol lol lol 

I don't eat perfect, and I'll never eat perfect.  But I at least want to try.  And I had rather not be given a hard time over it either.  He knows that I eat white foods on occasion already so I'm not sure why all the grief and bother over it.  There has to be some type of someone giving you a bother over something.  Did it accomplish anything? No.  It only created ill will, and now I'll end up being more dead set against white rice and white bread.  Giving someone a hard time over something is a sure fire way to make them ever more stubborn over it.  I'm not sure why people don't realize that.  Up until last night, I felt supported in my weight loss efforts.  

So then we went to see Solo.  It was a George pick tonight.  It was pretty good.  Too much activity for me but the story line was pretty good.  I liked the Wookie.  

It is thundering out and raining right now.  I wasn't aware it would still be around this morning.  We have had waves of storms come through - three of them in the last 18 hours or so.  Luckily I didn't have to drive in any - yet.  And I'm not driving in that mess this morning.  If I have to be late, I will.  It's raining too heavy to see anything right now.  Work can wait.  Most of the time I work through lunch now at my desk and have a lot of extra hours logged anyway. 

Oh I cut my hair this morning on a whim.  Just tired of it and it needed some shaping.  

So I should go.  We have plans all week - things going on each night now.  But I got invited to the NAMM show dinners this week.  I will be really tired by Friday. But I'm looking forward to the fun.  I'm already sleepy b/c it was after my bedtime when we got out of the movies and as usual, George can't be by Kroger w/o going in and getting something, especially if it is after my bed time. 

Well, gotta go.  I need more coffee this morning!


  1. It's showers and thunderstorms here for us too today. The weather always affects my attitude it seems. I understand your thinking on the white things you eat. When you have diabetes it is a whole new way of eating. Thankfully I don't have any problems because I love potatoes, and bread. Hope your morning coffee helps. I'm ready to go for a 2nd cup. Hard to wake up on dark mornings. Good for you on waiting for the rain to slow down. Take good care !

  2. You could cook some brown rice ahead and freeze it in individual serving sizes. Cooked rice can be frozen and later heated in the microwave.

  3. you're on the right track to curb diabetes. but an ocassional meal where white rice is included shouldn't hurt. as long as it doesn't make you crave some more.


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