Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Talking about Monday's Missions

Hmmm...not really sure what to talk about.  I'm sipping coffee after a cleanse day.  Having steak on Sunday night before a cleanse day - really helps.  It was a breeze yesterday.  Matter of fact, I'm still not hungry yet this morning and usually I'm clamoring over everyone to get out of my way to fix a shake.  But I figure I'll have coffee and go from there.  

My 16 week Isabody challenge is over on July 1.   Just by entering the challenge and submitting your photos - you get $ for free product - $200 in fact.  So you betcha I'll keep doing those.  What a deal.  
But I do want to come in strong so I'm watching things a little more this week.  I started to do my first back to back (b2b) cleanse until this evening at 6.  But decided against it b/c when you do a 2 day b2b cleanse you are supposed to wait 14 days for the next one.  And I don't want to do that.  But if I was ever going to - today would be a good one since I'm not hungry.  lol  Those two nights of steak went a long way as far as energy goes. 

The coffee is good however.  

So Monday Mornings's are usually my strong planning days - on the heels of the weekend.  Sometimes I get that done on the weekend but often I have to do a commute or just be sitting still to get it done.  Planning usually consists of about a 15 minute brain storm session for the week - or sometimes the outlook for the month if birthdays are coming up and so forth.   So I did some of that.  Working with my sister in planning Mom's birthday and also planning our meal with Lisa and Lou on Sunday.  They are in for a healthy treat with George's clay pot chicken and one of my specialty salads.  

My heart wanted to dive into getting into Podcasts but I felt since I didn't go to church Sunday that I really needed to be fed more and put God first.  So I listened to Beth Moore (she can reach me like no one else when it comes to scripture).  I listened to her blessing podcast.  The word "bless" is a translation of the word eulogeo which means "to speak well of".  In her lesson she mentioned that when God blessed us he spoke it aloud.  I want to find that scripture.  I see many scriptures where God spoke aloud a blessing, but since I was driving I couldn't write it down.  She was trying to make the point of special it is that all the blessings on our lives have been spoken aloud by God.  And when God wants something done because He is God, all he does is speak for it to happen.  I mean look at creation after all.  It was a great lesson.   And I think I would like to do more study on blessings.  I've asked God to show me what He needs for my ministry to be.  He whispered it was not necessarily yet a specific thing - that I was to be an encourager of people on a day to day basis so I shall take that task as it is needed in helping others that just happen before me.  Apparently I do not need to go seek it out. It comes.  And it did. 

So I guess now on Sunday/Monday I will focus on spiritual things in my free time.  And the rest will focus on other things.  That way my priorities are in line and God will bless my efforts and hopefully out loud as I'll be in tune with his desires for me before I get on with the week.  

That said, today I'll pump myself up with some motivational, positive, growth podcasts - or product learning - whichever I happen to find.  And/or nutrition podcasts.  

Another takeaway from yesterday is two things.  

1.  Another person's fear is very "catching" and ejects negativity on others - whether founded or unfounded.  It's very unsettling.  And it often misguides oneself to error or miscommunication of some sort.  I'm a fearful person at times and it does have a negative impact on another. My family has been very adamant at letting me know that at times.  So I'm trying to learn to channel the fear into a productive mechanism.  And hoping others will do it too.  Sometimes people don't have time to figure out what is really happening so they jump into fear unnecessarily.  What dispels fear is knowing the facts, and being prepared, and then having a plan.  To place fear on others due to your own fear - just causes panic, doubt, uncertainty, rejection, and a "cower over in the corner" feeling, and sometimes a desire to just freaking give up, lol.  I'm trying my best to put this into the proper words. 

2.  It's ok to question yourself, but never doubt yourself.  Just because someone tells you - your answer is wrong - doesn't mean it is.  I was very happy to find that I was going to do something one way and another person told me that was not right to do it a different way.  Turns out IT WAS right, how I was going to do it.  So don't give up on your understandings of things - you might just be right after all.  

I could go on but I need to get make up on and dogs out and head to work. 

Ya'll have a good day!


  1. Your post was just full of inspiration and positiveness today. That like fear is contagious too. I think that if you're are happy, you cannot be fearful at the same time. Starting the day on a positive note is a good way to begin. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. Just read two days tonight....I'm glad the weekend went well....I especially liked the idea of George took you home via. The RV park, it's so great the George is set on the idea as well as you.....I just know this will happen and you will both be happy ...it just means that you will have to cut back on things that are not really needed...and make. Every dime a prisoner...that and your nutricicion job will take you lots of time....night night from a VERY HOT u.k.....never felt so hot ..temps have been about 30 c...I am now going to bed it's almost 10 pm. Night night. God Bless. Xxx


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