Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Texas Ranch, and Girls Nite Out to The Book Club

One never knows what they will see going down the road.  lol 

Well, here's a few pics from Texas...isn't it lovely: 

Love to see photos from my girl and the ranch.  

She tried to call yesterday to talk - but I was with my SIL out to eat.  We went to Jonathan's for dinner.  And then to a movie. 

Jonathan's has an awesome Cobb salad and it has avocado and grilled chicken.  

 I treated myself with ranch dressing on the side.  Usually I do a balsamic but I needed a change.   This was an awesome salad!!  I shall have to have it again soon. 

Well, we used by buy one get one (Two for Tuesday) movie benefits with AT&T.  And we saw The Book Club.  

We laughed our heads off!  I mean really!  I loved this movie.  I was afraid it would be raunchy or dirty.  But no it wasn't.  It was just hilarious.  
My SIL and I had such a good time talking over dinner and going to see the movie.  Great fun.  

I'm shocked that it is Wednesday already.  

We are having pizza today at work to say thank you since we have a temp that is leaving us that has filled in for several weeks, helping us out so much --doing transport payroll and accounting functions.  So we are all looking forward to pizza but hate to see her go.  

And that is about all I know!  Just trying to focus on all the areas of my life.  I'm just shocked at how much fun I'm having.  Some days it is mentally taxing to keep up with so much and other days it is electrifying.  I think the key is getting lots of sleep, good nutrition and then when the mind says enough - you switch gears and give it a rest and focus on some other things.  Certainly giving focus to God - makes the rest fall into place and all things come full circle. 

Hope you all are doing well.  I need to focus on what to take to a birthday party lunch at my OTHER friend Lisa's.  It's a Mexican Luau (lol).  I suggested it b/c they couldn't decide which theme so I said "how 'bout both".  I know we are taking deer sausage (summer sausage) and I need to take another dish.  I was going to take a bean and corn salsa but it can't have corn in it.  So I will think of something else.  

George is working on his Father's Day excursions.  Katy won't be here to join us but we will always develop our train of events of things we want to do.  He has so much on his agenda but we won't be able to do it all.  Looking forward to the day Sunday.  So we'll be gone Saturday and Sunday and that makes it hard to get much done, but I'll have to make the most of Saturday morning and early Sunday morning.  

Ya'll have a good day, I better get started on finishing getting ready, taking the dogs out and getting out the door.  


  1. I do love the pictures of the rainbow and sunflowers in Texas. How beautiful and definitely 2 of my favorite things! Glad this week is turning into some fun for you. You all are being creative there with a Mexican luau. I would be thinking fiesta, but sounds like yours has a definite twist to it. I had heard that movies was good. I love to laugh and it's so very good for us too ! Happy Wednesday! Over the hump of the week we go....

  2. Sorry to have been missing last couple of days, but had an unexpected visitor She has gone now, so I have had great fun reading this weeks news...I'm so pleased that George is thinking about the RV...I love the way your dreams are going at the moment....You have so much going on in your head at the moment. I am sure that is what is keeping you going...I'm so pleased that the nutrition thing is working so well. You have looked fab. In recent I suppose I better go and read your side bar might even manage to go look at the sea sailing blog thing....take care love, try to take as much rest as and whenever you can.....not a lot of news about doggies ? Hope Tuggie is ok, I expect they are quite happy to be back on their own again!!!

  3. OK. That salad looks delicious. Ranch would be my choice too! Sometimes you got to go straight for the good stuff!
    I love what you said "when the mind says enough - you switch gears"
    Have a great week!


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