Monday, June 25, 2018

Weekend of GTD (Getting things Done) and Dinner with New Friends

Good morning!  Well, I managed to get the Vision Board posted in the laundry room.  That is where I am a lot of the weekend.  And you can see my work in process too with the clothes drying and some had just come out of the dryer.  But was able to mark off "Vision Board" from my list.  I had not hung it for a while due to: 1) time and 2) wasn't sure how to hang it.  But I used command strips.

We had a very productive day around the house Saturday.  We have had steaks two nights in a row.  George had been to Houston's Butcher shop and come back with steaks when he went to get ham hocks for the freezer.  We watched the Godfather Saturday night.  I'd never seen it. 

I was watching some storms in TX fire up with ping pong size hail and sent Katy a text.  Out of curiosity sake, I started looking at both TX and TN when I use my "My Radar" app.  I snapped a pic and texted her - you have weather coming.  They have carport areas for their cars out there.  I told her that was good because with ping pong and baseball size hail in the storms (everything bigger in TX) they need it.

Katy said she could see the storms coming.  I think it went north of them and died out some with the sun.  But she got a pic of the sunset with a storm moving in.  

They have amazing sunsets out there.  

Sunday morning, Maisy woke me up at 5 and then again at 5:45.  I think I finally got up around 6 and I was so groggy that coffee didn't help much.  We discussed going to church and had been intent on going.  But decided to do our own devos and not rush around and head out.  I needed another leisurely day so that was good for me as well.  I listened to Bill Furler on his Church on the Beach series about faith - on You Tube.  

George knocked out the rest of weed eating which didn't take long and spent the day catching up on some personal things he's been wanting to do.  He also has started keeping up with my business expenses - which so far is not much.  I did work on getting him my receipts.  I kept trying to force my mind to work yesterday on my to do list.  I did manage some.  However, beyond laundry, ironing,  finishing my 90 day plan workbook, listening to my devos, cleaning up the kitchen, putting up the Target order, changing the sheets -  I found myself just wanting to watch some shows on You Tube.  So I watched the following: 

Gone with the Wynns
Keep Your Day Dream
Have Wind Will Travel

I also watch MJSailing but they are sometimes every two weeks getting a video out so I didn't see anything pop up yesterday.  

I love keeping up with these couples on their adventures.  I am going to add these in my side bar I think for you all some time this week.  I think you all will be happy to watch and subscribe to these shows.  Some of them have blogs too and are already in my sidebar under the blog roll.

And don't laugh but I remembered that I had been astounded that you could pull up marine traffic on and you could follow the ships.  The videos are a week or two behind - up to a couple of months behind on some.  But I found them on the map.  It's just cool to be able to do that.  I registered with marinetraffic website for free.  And set up "My fleet".  lol  I'm just like a kid with this kind of stuff.  So I literally have my own fleet of boats, lol lol lol.  You can see where they are out there.  It amazes me how many ships are out there at one time on this thing.  I'll put that link in the sidebar at some point when I get time this week.  I love to hear stories about sailing, love the ocean, and love the RVing as you know.  I may RV at some point but probably will not sail.  lol

So George did the Tarragon harvest yesterday.  It smells so good.   

By late afternoon we were on our way to meet one of George's friends that he met through work.  He and his wife were in town and they had a service dog.  Her name is Barbie.  Barbie has a blog too.  I'll also be adding that to the blog roll here.  I have a lot to add!

And below you can see her pretty pink toes.

When I said we had steak two nights in a row...

We went to Cherokee Steakhouse about 20 minutes away from us.  To my horror my gas tank was on E.  I called George and he said "no bother, there is a gas station near where we eat that I have enough to get there".  

Below is Bob and Elise with Barbie, who was getting steak bites from the table.  We enjoyed our dinner with them very much.

A storm was brewing up to our north and heading our way.  It had a very high cloud top and a shelf to it and what looked like the makings of a tornado to it or was that just my imagination?

Panorama of the steak place.

The gas station was no longer there! So we had to drive all the way back to the interstate on prayers and fumes.  Finally got the gas!  Our friends were following in case we had issues.  On the way back home, after finding the gas, George veered off from the route.  I was confused.  He took me down a lonely road (which is scary after watching the Soprano's and the Godfather, lol).  He took us toward our dreams.  

First of all the clouds were pretty.

Here was the road. 

He showed me a KOA.  lol

And the RV place.  He did it the safe way.  Taking me after they were closed.  lol  But we drove by and picked out the ones we liked.  They had a leisure van also that looked amazing.  We were curious about it.  

Once George sees the prices, my dream will be over.  lol  (Not really, no one can steal your dream.) But maybe one day it will all come to fruition.  I'm just ready to get started before I get any older.  lol

It's cheaper to have the truck and pull the RV trailer behind.  But maybe not after you buy both.  Anyway we'll see what happens one day.  

Well, ya'll be good.  Dreams have not arrived yet and there is work to be done, so off we go.  I slept late again.  Kept forgetting to set my alarm since I had turned it off at Mom's.  But as always, determined to get a blog post in and do my normal routine.  Especially since I did not blog yesterday. 

Did you all have a good weekend?  What did you do?  

See ya manana, it's cleanse day and I'm all packed for that.  Part of my weekend prep.  Not a busy week for me homewise, but it is for George.  Even though he is not at the guitar company anymore, a lot of people are inviting him to do things and a vendor friend sent him a ticket to the NAMM show.  Sweet.  He was really happy about that and will go and network and see all his connections.  Some are inviting him to dinners and such.  Sometimes I'm invited.  Sometimes not.  So far not.  lol That is ok - I'll hang out and get things done here.  

Be good and be sweet!  Til next time.


  1. Glad you were able to get a lot done and have some down time and fun times too. That dog is beautiful. When you think of service dogs, it's usually a german shepherd, not one like that. Hope your Monday is a great one. Sounds like you are all set to have a good day!

  2. Miss Barbie is so pretty. How is your daughter liking Texas? enjoyed your photos.

  3. barbie looked sweet. dinner sounded nice. how great was that that you got to see the rv's and campgrounds. dreams do come true. hang on to that thought.


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