Friday, June 1, 2018

Zoom, Dinner, TGIF, and Psycho Drivers on the Interstate

Coffee is on high alert this morning to do it's job.  Was up a little later than normal.  They day whizzed by and then it was time for me to leave and get fajitas from Don Poncho's.  I might have had a few more chips and salsa than I should have and I might be feeling it this morning.  So it'll be a low cal day for me.  However, picking up the Mexican dinner for having my neighbor over was really easy.  I got fajitas (one order) and mixed (chicken/beef) and then I ordered two crunchy beef tacos because I wasn't sure that one fajita order would be enough. That was perfect for two of us and then we still had fajita meat left over and George had some for dinner and probably taking the rest for lunch.  It was only like $20 bucks to feed us.  Not bad and will have to remember that.  I know a lot of folks do that - go by and pick up to go orders for home and then there is either no tip or less tip, no drinks and that cuts a lot off of a bill.

Of course it's best not to eat out though.  But if we are in a hurry, or having company after work -then this was a good option.

My neighbor and I did a Zoom call with my friend Lisa and talked about nutrition, weight loss, and feeling good and showed her the options.  So it was a good call.  I'm learning.  I really like the Zoom software - video chat thing.  I think it's free to host conf calls on there.  You can do it on PC, or on the phone.  I've not downloaded on my phone yet.  But I'm wondering if that is not an option for Katy and I as well.

We got a bit of rain yesterday afternoon.  And in the over night.  Waves of storms keep going over - these were not severe - well - I think the "severe" category has changed.  These had lightning with it but winds were less than 40 mph so they were classified as "significant weather advisory" or no advisory at all.

I woke up in the night with two thunderstorms going on.  Yes you heard me.  Two.   One was in the bedroom on the sound machine and the other was outside.  lol  It was like a concert - an echo of rumble harmony lol.  Occasionally you would hear a bigger boom like maybe God stumped his toe on the corner of the end table and moved it against the marble floor in heaven.  Lucky him there would be no pain.  I know He has a sense of humor and I hope He knows I'm not being disrespectful.  I think I heard an angel laugh when I typed that. lol  No not really.  But I bet they did.

So it's Friday and thank the Lord for that!  I think that Marc and Julie (Cody's parents) will be traveling back today.  So prayers for them and their travel.  I think Marc had to be back for a meeting in the morning so unless something changed they'll be heading back.  I think it's awesome that they were able to go and help them and spend some valuable much needed time together.  They will all remember it I know!  And we are looking forward to our time as well in November or whenever it is we get to go.  I picked that time as we would already have two days off being that George may or may not have permanent work and if he does probably no vacation time.

Well, I'm about 14 cents away from placing a Target order that I should have placed two days ago as I'm almost out of laundry detergent.  But - I'm stubborn and won't order another item unless I really need it.  lol  So...I may just get a small thing of detergent when hitting the grocery this weekend. Something will crop up in the next day or so as a need.   Usually I just order a pack of gum but they only sell big quantities of gum at Target on line.  And so I'll just wait.

I'm excited about getting some things done from my to do list tomorrow.  I think Sunday we are going to go on a mini excursion to see the area where George works and to go to a winery there.

We have set a date with Lisa and Lou for July 1 to get together.  They are coming over and we'll feed them and talk and visit.  Excited to have them over to the house.

And I guess I need to get off of here and get ready for work - make up on, and dogs out one more time and then head in.  Folks on the interstate yesterday was nutzoid on the way home.  People just not caring anything about their own life or property - cutting you off - and basically just not knowing how to drive and one day their little bouts of over confidence and pride will land them in the ditch or worse.  And we'll all be waiting on the interstate as it shuts down for the clean up.  I always say "Welcome to MY LANE" when they cut me off.  Don't you wish you had some kind of punch bag that would come up from your car and whomp their hood with a fist when they do that?  lol  A big ole Whack a Mole hammer?  I wish you could put bad drivers in time out.  "Park here til you can behave and quit driving like a wild hyena on steroids".   Here's to all the bad drivers out there that cut me off and showed their inability, immaturity, and lack of knowledge, and failure of being able to drive properly.  Congratulations - here is your Stupidity Badge below.  Wear it as proud as you do your lack of driving skills.  And if you could ONLY hear my words of honor on your behalf, when you cut me off like that, you'd be so proud.  And Satan is is so proud of you too.  Ya'll should do some selfies someday.  Sorry I didn't really mean that.  I really do hope you find the pearly gates.  But I think you might have some homework to do first.

Ok I'll quit complaining.  Ya'll have a great day!  I do feel better though.

On to more coffee...and who knows what else!


  1. Sounds like a great evening and great food too. Nice when take out can fit the bill. I know you are recalling looking forward to a visit to your daughters new place and I will be praying for safe travels for Cody's folks as they return home. It's finally Friday of a very busy week. Here's wishing you a wonderful weekend !

  2. The fajitas sound good. We have some crazy drivers here too. Sometimes I wonder if they are drunk or stoned. Why else would they risk their lives to get some where. My sister was in an accident last month. A woman ran a redlight and hit her car and totaled it. She had no license or insurance. Lucky my sister had collison or she would have just been without a car. What makes it so bad she had not even had her car a Honda accord 6 months. So you be careful. Watch out for those crazy drivers. So happy its the weekend. Enjoy.

  3. That sounds a great idea getting the food brought in when your friends came for a meal....I do admire your determination not sending for your order till you find something you really need before sending the order...that's they way everybody should do it.... and stop screaming that they are hard up or broke.....
    Looks like we might have a nicer day today, not quite so humid this morning, I'm just no good when it's humid like it was ysterday.....hope you have a good day. XXXX

  4. dinner sounded good. and you had leftovers too. wish cody's parents a safe trip. i know how excited you will be to visit texas too.


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