Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Black Clouds

One of the things that gives me a bright spot at work is whatever theme I have set in the background.  Having two monitors at times - when the other is not in use - it is beautiful to see the scenery.  It is very relaxing.  

It was cleanse day Monday and it went well.  I'm able to focus well on a cleanse day so a Monday is a good day for that.  However, by day's end - you can still focus but just don't want it to be too heavy.  Many do things like get their nails done, take long bath and read, or pamper themselves on a cleanse day.  I enjoy coming home and having the last berry drink of the day in a wine glass (there are 4 times a day you get it).  


I pour it at 6 p.m. And I really enjoy sipping it and then crunching on the ice until 7 when I get my sour cream and onion whey thins!  
At 7 with my whey thins, I sit back in the recliner and pick a You Tube Channel (see side bar).  

I'm not sure if George likes my YouTube channels or not.  I think he just tolerates them.  Kindof like a cat tolerates a dog being around or vice versa.  lol  However, as he sat down with a plate full of pizza, I put on a show for him - the pizza smelled good but I was glad I was on cleanse day so I could avoid the fat.  That is glad attitude if I do say so myself. lol  And one that has taken me a while to get to.  So after we watched a show or two of mine, I put it on Carpool Karaoke.  He loves that!  It is fun to watch on the Big TV.  

Then it was time for bed.  I was not particularly sleepy.  But knew I needed to get to bed since the 4 a.m hour comes early. 

So news on Granny.  Both George and his sister went to see her yesterday.  And her blood pressure was holding steady and George said she was actually more awake and wanting to talk some although you cannot really hear her.  Folks yesterday was the 10th day of no food and water.  I keep saying this but this is a testimony to her strong willed spirit.  

There is a big dark cloud over everything at times.  I mean it can't be helped really.  There is a dark cloud hanging - as there should be - when a prominent family member and one with such influence in your life passes.  And even bigger so for George and his sister.  

There is a dark cloud over work it seems too.   So it seems only natural to long for different days and different times.  So I try to live in the moment, seek happy thoughts, share happy moments, and think of the happier vision I have ahead of me that provides hope and happiness.  

So anyway, we wait and see what each day brings.  And the Global Celebration I am looking forward to also has a big black cloud over it.  

I'm not complaining - don't get all judgmental on me!  I'm just reporting what I'm observing.  I am afraid to get excited about the Global Celebration at this point b/c at this point, it's likely that our plans could be spoiled.  But as I mentioned before, it is all in God's timing. And of course family will come first.  So it will be what it will be.  My heart is sinking with disappointment though as it becomes more of a reality that I won't get to go on our planned vacation outing.  And if so I hope I can get my hotel money back.

Well, off the subject.  

So in response to comments yesterday: 

I was surprised to hear the Macs do not last any longer than a regular laptop.  Really surprised.  I just have heard people rally over it so much.  So thanks for that information.  Since it's so much more pricey - I think I will stick to the norm then - a non Mac. lol  Honestly I really would like to get something with a normal keyboard and mouse.  Maybe a laptop with a docking station?  A normal keyboard and mouse would be great.  I do love my touch screen though.  I don't know.  We'll see.  I will probably just use this as long as I can.  Although it aggravates me so.  

Angie, I will keep you in my prayers!  May the Lord bring peace and comfort to you as you try to deal with everything.  But you are right - focus your concentrations on getting well and on happy things and relaxing things!  Thanks for commenting!  

Ma, that LCR game comes with "chips".  You could play it with anything - shells, screws, peanuts (although someone may eat them), candy (that would be fun).  You could get creative. 

So I will leave you now and get on with the day.  401k auditors coming at work and a stack of to do's as big as Mount Everest.  So off we go to try to conquer the world and make it a better place which gets tougher and tougher to do.  

Proverbs 16:1  The plans of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the Lord. 

Prov 16: 3-4   Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established. The Lord has made everything for its purpose.

Prov 16:7 When a man's ways please the Lord, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him. 

Prov 16: 9  The heart of a man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. 

And that is that!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Internet and Laptop Issues, Anxiety Handed to God, and Proverbs Devo

I was 20 minutes early at the computer this morning and was excited to be early.  However, the internet was down so there was 20 minutes of precious morning time that was unproductive.  I am probably not far away from getting a new laptop.  I may have to start using George's computer b/c I really don't want to have to go buy one.  The next one will be a Mac - I think.  I'm tired of going through a laptop every 3 years.  A mac lasts forever right?  lol  I keep hearing how awesome they are.  However, I've not had a lot of trouble with this one until the touch pad and keyboard starting acting up. 

So yesterday, George did not want to go to church so he could get several things done at home.  I was fine with that and not having to get ready and go out so early as we'd had to do the day before.  

Every day that passes, I am sure that we will get a call about Granny.  So the call did not come.  It has been 9 days without food or water.  My heart just hurts.  She was resting yesterday when George went to see her.  She was not awake.  Her breathing was shallow.  

As the days press on, I struggle fighting the moments of anxiety that work, vacation, and funeral will clash and be trying to all happen at once.  But when that flash of anxiety occurs I ask myself why it is that I'm anxious?  Well, because I really want to be there for my family with Granny.  I really want to be there for work with all that is happening, I really want to be there for this two to three day vacation thing that is paid for.  But I keep saying that God is in control and He will be in charge of the timing.  It will be what it will be and we will figure out the rest.  I think that when you are a planner, and like to have things set and ready - it's hard to keep from being a bit anxious.  

So what am I afraid of?  What is making me try to be so anxious?  Well, we know how it can be at work when things don't go like others want it to - if you are not there to do xyz and abc time frame.  And we know how bad it makes one feel if you can't make a vacation that partly someone has paid for.  And the one thing that absolutely I don't want  to happen is not being there for family.  I will make that happen.  So it's the other two that will lose out.  Anyway I am not so anxious - but my normal psyche is trying to tell me to be.  I keep just praying and it goes away.  I'd be anxious w/o this going on anyway as so much is going on at work over and above the norm.  So I keep having to give that over to God b/c my strength alone is not big enough for that one.  I did see a Superman t- shirt this weekend that I almost bought so I could have an S on my chest, but I'll pass.  God gets to wear the t-shirt.  Not me.  Any success that comes out of a mess so big that is beyond your control in life - has to come from God. lol  

So I have read in Proverbs this morning.  

A soft answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger.  Proverbs 15:1

A gentle tongue is a tree of life but perverseness in it breaks the spirit.  Proverbs 15:4 

(If you find stray letters inserted in words or letters missing from words, it's b/c my keyboard keeps skipping me around.  Between that and the touchpad, this thing is getting hard to use. I don't always have time to proof my work til later.  So forgive.)

A glad heart makes a cheerful face, but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is crushed.  Proverbs 15: 13

A hot-tempered man stirs up strife but he who is slow to anger quiets contention.   Proverbs 15: 18

The heart of the righteous ponders how to answer, but the mouth of the wicked pours out evil things.  Proverbs 15:18

Had a mango peach shake yesterday.  It was heavenly.  I can see why it was so popular.  The good news is that it is a permanent flavor now.  

I've had to reorganize my product shelf in the laundry room.  I needed more space as my shake flavors increase.  I think the peach is my favorite, then the chocolate one - then the rest are about the same to me.  I sometimes add peanut butter to vanilla or the chocolate - or I might add fruit to have an added or varied flavor.  It does add calories if you add things.  But I don't worry about a few frozen berries here and there.  

We were bad and had pizza last night as we had one that was unbaked (not frozen) that needed to be fixed.  So I was sad, yet happy, lol.  

I have cleanse day today and need it.  

I've been doing sit ups at night and leg lifts - in bed - but it still works.  I need to exercise more but it remains hard to fit in the schedule unless we make a scheduled activity of it.  You know I'm not willing to give up the blog.  It's too dark anyway to walk at this time.  After work there is no time - especially now with trying to do so much with the new business, or running errands and such.  

Wow, Wed it will be Aug 1.  I'm glad for July to almost be over.  I hate the roads will be filled with school traffic again making it hard to get to work w/o having to fight with the traffic over a little pavement. July can be a hot month but Aug can be more humid and even hotter.  So I've never been too fond of August either - school used to be kindof exciting though.  Getting into a new routine and all.  I still get excited looking at school supplies and find myself over there myself.  I bought some pens.  

But the first of the month brings a lot of things that I have to do at work - which I do in cycles every month.  So - yeah all that will be trying to happen and of course no time to do it in b/c the earth is falling apart and about to swallow us up. lol

 I think the earth has been cracking for some time truth be known. 

Well, I need to go and get ready - but will do my mind and body program this morning.  

Here is a pic of Maisy from last night. 

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Dog Trims and LCR Party

Well, good morning!  I have been working on the blog a lot - too much actually as far as time goes.  I was wanting a more sleeker modern look than the previous version.  I like changing it around.  But the forest look is just wonderful as just looking at it takes the stress off.  

Our doggies are fully worn out after yesterday.  They went for their dog trims.  George and I went to the grocery.  I stocked up on Lean Cuisine lunches for work.  Cauliflower pizzas.  And he bought some things for the party last night. 

We went home and began cleaning the house and picking up a bit.  

I began working with one of my blogger buds from another country on our nutrition systems.  I won't say who as it is personal, but in doing so I went international with my business branch out.  Paid a small fee for access to products and pricing in other countries.  I also remembered in a podcast that the Marco Polo app was used in business b/w associates and also customers.  Oh my gosh I agree!  I've been trying to figure out a way to communicate overseas without an extra cost.  This is going to be great.  I have included my close friends and family on it as well.  

I was pleased at how much Mom enjoyed it.  I think that we can use this to touch base with each other.  It's just a video message (instead of a text message).  However the video can be as short or as long as you want. Instead of me having to wait til I have a chunk of time to talk we can send a video message to each other - little clips here and there - and when we have time we can answer.  It is so much better than texting!  And we'll actually touch base more often.  You almost have to experience it to see how quick and easy it is.  I love it!  Wish I'd known about it sooner.

So go check out Marco Polo app if you haven't already.  

We got ready for the party - mainly the clean up as George wanted pizza and very little to prep.  I kind of feel like a robot these days - just on to the next thing.  I was so looking forward to having people over.  And wanted the house to be clean.  Pets were all groomed so that was a plus.  Everyone arrived and it was so good to see everyone!  

We had pizza - thin crust.  We had cauliflower pizza also. George made a potato and artichoke appetizer.  Our guests brought wings and a island mixer drink that was fun - it was blue!  
Also brought was a broccoli salad and a pasta salad.  And the dessert was amazing that another friend brought - oh my!  It was graham cracker crust, lemon cream mousse, whipped topping and blackberry and a blueberry on top and a lemon slice as garnish. 

Oh my!  Oh my!  

We actually play with $20 worth of quarters.  We play until we are tired.  lol 

So you pick your starting amount - like we start with three quarters - 75 cents.  And you roll the three dice. Here is what happens if  you get these on your die: 

L - give a quarter to the person on your left
R - give a quarter to the person on your right
"dot" - You are safe and get to keep the quarter
C- goes in the center community pot

So of course you only have 3 stacks of coins.  We start with 75 or a quarter each and then go up - so mostly last night we played with $1 stacks.  Or $3 as a whole for the game.  You roll the three dice and it tells you what to do with each of your three stacks.  You keep going around the table until it someone is finally the last person in.  And they win the community cup and they set the amount for the next game.  

Yes, it's gambling but we only do $20 of quarters per couple for the entire night (or you can do a combination of ones and quarters) and of course we spread the love around so we know someone in our group is going home with some of our money and it's ok. It's actually very fun entertainment and a much cheaper evening than going out on the town to a concert or even dinner.  

We laugh and eat and catch up and just enjoy being together.  Some good bonding.  Good jokes, etc.  
Good time by all.  And we were all sleepy and tired by 9:15 or 9:30.  I went straight to bed!  Well, I cleaned up some - not much.  This morning I've been on the blog and George has been in the kitchen so he beat me to it.  I need to do more laundry, a devo, and do my Mind and Body, fix lunch (leftover broccoli salad), and plan the week out and also begin figuring out what to pack and wear to celebration, and look at the agenda.  I'm starting to stress over the timing of funeral, critical needs of work, and my vacation days with the booked hotel and ticket to Global Celebration.  I keep having to remind myself that God has this covered on the timing thing and for me not to fret.  I'm a planner and to me it all seems like it's about to crash into all the same time frame but not everyone is going to win I don't think.  I cannot physically be in three places at once.  Again - no fret.  God has this.  He's bigger than me and he'll see to it that whatever needs to happen happens. 

I am going to get up and go get a few things done here.  I cannot believe it is Sunday already.  It is unacceptable to me that the weekend has flown by.  Yeah - God just has to take this.  I don't have an S on my chest.  And I never will.  The week is getting to be quite stressful being pulled in so many directions and trying to get everything done.  It's always more and more and more and more and more and more - until you are stretched so thin you have to give your hands up in the air and just say God take it b/c I. Can't. Even!

Ok off of here.  Hope you all are having a great Sunday!  
Leaving you with Maisy after her trim yesterday.  She was a big hit with her little bow.  Sorry I think I only video'd Tugie.  I'll try to get a pic of her today.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Cracker Barrel lunch and Today's Party is ON!

Yesterday was a good day.  Shh don't tell anyone.  I truly think there are folk out there that it would make mad if they thought you had a good day. They'd wonder what you were up to and that it must be no good.  lol   Isn't that sad?  

It was a peaceful and fun day because I gave all the worries to God and let Him take it.  There is no point in fretting and worrying over so many things that are over and beyond your control and over and beyond what you can do.  So I did the best and went on at getting through the day. 

A group of us went to lunch - but shhhh - people probably think that is folly so don't tell anyone that either.  lol Cracker Barrel was wonderful.  I had grilled fish, potatoes and green beans.  Sadly, (or happily) I did eat my biscuit and put honey on it.  I couldn't help it.  I try to stay away from the white foods but I had not had mashed taters in a while and they looked good and the biscuit was calling! 

Cracker Barrel's green beans are awesome. 

Anyway it took a while to be seated so 3 of us 4 girls actually bought clothes while waiting.  lol  

The hat in the picture above was cute.  I almost bought it.  But I'm not really a hat person.  But it did look cute.  

So after work yesterday, I came home and George went to the store and to see Granny.  He said that she seemed like she was very very weak and would expire at any moment.  It has now been a week without anything going in her veins - no food or water - since she cannot swallow, and I'm very surprised her body has lasted so long.  But it does go to show just how strong of a person she is. 

While George was out I began the laundry, working on the kitchen, and reviewing some material I would likely need for a call today.  I have another client wanting more information also.  I've not enrolled anyone yet but getting very close.  So I am anxious about the first one.  It should be a matter of just entering it into the website though.  So it should be good.  At this point there is more interest than I have had time to follow up on - that is a good sign I suppose.  Once I get my first two enrolled, I'll start getting paid! ;-)  At this point I'd pay double for what I know about this system! So to get paid is just awesome. 

Anyway, I've spent so much time learning and prepping - so I'm enjoying the transfer to the next steps of sharing and actually talking to people and connecting.  It's exciting.  I have had several "power hours" this week in sharing. Only two calls though - so I need practice at that. 

I read this, this morning and shared it with my friend and a partner in this business - Lisa J - and we both got a chuckle over it.  

George and I were talking last night and I told him to look out b/c our RV time will be coming soon. He smiled.  Once I get over the fears of learning and not knowing what I'm doing yet- there will be no stopping me.  It takes about 3 years to build the business to six figures.  And how awesome is that?  More incredible, how awesome is that it is also actually helping people to feel better, lose weight, put nutrition in their bodies, lose inflammation, lose fat, get the vitamins they need in a natural way, come off the meds, and live their dreams and do things they never could do before.  Transform their life! Take twenty years off? (That is how I feel). Sounds good to me!  I love this. 

So I got off on that and got excited sorry!  I do that.  

Anyway, I vacuumed and George also came behind and ran the carpet cleaner over a few places.  I cleaned up the doggie beds with new blankets on them and straightened up a bit.  George bought a rotisserie turkey for dinner and we had corn and green beans with it and cranberry sauce.  So a nice healthy dinner.  We watched "We are the Russo's" and "Sailing Uma".  

And I did a few more house cleaning things and then went to bed.  I was looking forward to sleep.  At 8:15 I began feeling weary and sleepy and looked and it was 45 minutes to bed time.  I was happy.  Sleep was good. 

So today? 

Well we have dog trims.  And they are smelly and hairy so I'm happy they are going for their grooming and trims.  

I have a 10 a.m. 3 way call for the nutrition system to share with someone in trying to help them with their goals. 

We have company coming over at 4 for the evening.  We are having pizza and keeping it simple.  George had an appetizer he wanted to make.  It's mainly a game night so we'll eat and play Left Right Center.  

The house is in good shape.  I just need to make the bed after I change the sheets today.  And spray down the surfaces and perhaps touch up on the dusting.  So that is good.  I plan to spend some time on the business this afternoon, my orders are already up to date (Target and my Isagenix order).  I need to catch up on the Mind and Body Program.  And I may fix popcorn and watch a show on You Tube or perhaps read.  

Looking forward to our evening with friends.  It's been a bit since we have seen them.  

I know any minute we'll be hearing news on Granny.  The funeral home service is planned for the most part, and Hospice takes care of the initial onset of things.  From there the family will set the visitation times.  It is sad but expected, soon.  Katy has looked at flights and they have a plan in motion once the word is received.   

But our party is ON. 

Ya'll have a wonderful weekend.  I'm off to the shower and we'll be taking the doggies soon for their much needed spa! 

Ya'll take care! 

Friday, July 27, 2018

Too Much Going on...Life is Big

Everything seems to be all about the forest on my computer this morning - so we'll go with the forest theme on the blog.  It does look intriguing.  I'd love to be there walking through it.  It's so calm and birds would be chirping and chipmunks playing.  

My world is trying to stress me out but I'm not letting it.  There is too much going on all around me.  I look around and think "Is this my crazy life? Why on earth am I here? Did I sign up for this?" lol 
Life is too short to be stressed, to do things you don't want to do, to put up with things you don't have to put up with.  

So, I've just given it all to God.  I'm just a robot.  Here God take it.  

Granny is in bed dying and Lord bless her.  We went to see her yesterday after work.  I put chapstick on her lips.  We took the dogs and she was happy to see them.  I saw the slightest of a smile.  Not a big one, but it was there.  Roger laid his head across Granny.  Look at how Granny looks at you.  It's as though she is speaking with her eyes.  She can only give a whisper.  

Ms. Maisy had to get in on the action.  It was a special treat for all of us.  Granny we love you.  So Much!  And so do the fur babes.  

Ms. Maisy in my lap making the small journey over.  She was happy to get to go.  

There was a bright spot in the day yesterday.  We had a safety award lunch.  So nice!  

We had "Build Yo Burrito" and it was so good.  Chipotle catered it.  

And I love love love my back pack.  I've been wanting a back pack!  I probably won't carry it on my back but I'll sling it over my shoulder.  My purse is never enough.  So I always have a carry over bag. 

Just love it and love our safety team.  They rock.

Well, I have to say that I am truly glad that it is Friday.  I am rested though, unlike yesterday.  Yesterday was just a turd of a day.  Sorry it just was.  I was not rested.  But I gave it to God.  He just had to take over b/c I just. couldn't. even.  

Not sure I can today either.  I'm not sure how everything will unfold.  I have so many things going on right now at home and at work.  But I'm flowing through the moment just prioritizing - well hell - not really able to even do that - more like taking care of the person in front of me at the time. 

Out of all the 6 years I've been there at work - only a handful of days have been really bad - bad bad.  So I guess there is a season.  Why all the seasons have to happen at one time is beyond me but so be it.  Thank God for God.  I can do all through Christ who strengthens me.  Even against the devil and his arrows.  He shields. 

The timing on everything is a big mastercluck! I have no control over that either.  

The dogs get trimmed tomorrow.  
We have company (a houseful) coming tomorrow afternoon. Tonight is cleaning night. 
I need to catch up on my Mind and Body.  

I've had several power hours this week in the evening connecting and working with people on their nutrition and wellness journey.  There is so many people interested that it has been challenging just sharing it all.  It has been fun.  I have a 3 way call with a client tomorrow!  I can't think of any thing more inspiring to me than being able to help other people feel good so they can be able to go out and do what they love and conquer the world and set up some visions and dreams of their own. 

The peach shake came out as a permanent flavor with free shipping to those who were already a customer.  So I loaded up my order as the whole thing was with free shipping.  Woot! It's on the way.  I've got to add a few things to my Aug 4 auto ship (I change it around all the time).  There is one auto ship a month.  I keep my cleansing berry drink on there.  But I need to add my chocolate shake on the list.  Almost out.  I have always been a vanilla flavored gal all my life but I'm digging the mocha fudge! Yesterday I did a scoop of vanilla, a scoop of chocolate and added peanut butter powder (no oil) and it was lovelyyyyyy! 

I have vacation coming up week after next.  I was thinking of taking a chunk of the week but since work is really extra needy right now I think I will only take two days.  Since I have plans for those days and hotel booked for Global Celebration - I'll not be changing that.  Otherwise I'd move it around.  But I'm not missing that.  I've also already paid for the hotel.  It's come thru on the card already. 

And as I woke up this morning I felt refreshed.  I slept wonderfully.  And the Lord has given me a fresh new start and mindset.  And He has told me "Sonya, there are only so many hours a day and you will do the best you can with it.  You work for me.  And you will do what you can in those hours just like you do every other day in your career.  Just because you have more on your plate, does not mean that you WILL get more done - you won't - but just do the best you can like you have done every other day in your life."

It is true.  We fret over the things that sit that don't get done.  Afraid it will combust.  And well, one day it might.  One day someone may come a screaming wanting to know why it wasn't done.  And the list will come out as to why.  

Don't you hate having to defend yourself though?  All of my career I've hated having to defend myself to someone's erroneous thoughts about you as to why you don't do more and more and more and more and more.  

HR has developed into a field you have to be nearly super human to do.  I mean at first it was personnel:  time cards, scheduling, payroll and time entry, orientation, initial training and paperwork, benefits enrollments, interviewing, event planning.  

Then HR became responsible for everything else.  And what existed grew.

Legal compliance
Workers Comp & OSHA logs
Audits of all kinds
Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Investigations
Ad campaign strategies
Tracking of nearly everything
Child Support Mandates
Drug Screens 
Background Checks
Coaching other Managers daily
Policy creation
Employee Relations 
Information Center
Company Memo Center
Distribution of Benefit information 
Annual Open Enrollment/Benefits
Enroller of all new hires/terms in benefits
Columbo tracker of fake doc notes
Responsible for Everyone's Satisfaction
Counselor by default
Performance Review Monitoring (Have you reviewed your staff today?)
Birthday Celebrator
Change agent
Comp plan updater (if you are allowed to)
Culture changer (Get out the S for your chest for this guy)
Voicing Concerns for the Employees
Analysis on nearly everything  
Monitoring/Engaging the HRIS system if you are lucky to have one.  
Tracking in excel on nearly everything if not. 
Risk Management
Separation Process/Terminations
Chasing after reasons why employees leave/Exit Interviews 
Liason b/w staff and exec management
Retirement Planning

I know I'm not even touching it all with this list.  I know I have left a lot of things out.  But over the years not only are we expected to be administrative experts but also to keep everyone happy, get everything done, be creative, think differently than everyone else, create magic and all things happy.  

It's a lot of responsibility on your shoulders.  I used to be so frustrated because I wanted to get everything done.  And of course the more you do, the more others want you to do because you are dependable and have the data they need - so can you do this too - it'll help us?  It's so hard sometimes b/c you want to please in this career and help others.  So you keep doing everything to the nth degree and it evolves and gets bigger and bigger and before long its too big.  

Anyway, the Lord has reminded me that there truly is so many hours in a day.  So over the course of my career in HR, I've learned YOU WILL NEVER get it all done.  There will always be things sitting on your desk you will never do which I lovingly call the stack rot.

I try to take care of the people in front of me, take care of my bosses, meet the things with deadlines, do the things that will combust into a volcano if not done and go from there.  What more can one do? 

So it's all good.  God's got this.  

And somehow 5 or 5:30 p.m. will come and it will be the time to balance your life and spend time with loved ones and - we'll be working on our own list of stuff which we won't get all done either!  ;-)  

Life is full.  

Pray for Granny and all that we have going on everywhere.  Thanks for your support always and reading my daily drivel. 

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Not Thinking About Anything Day

Well, so far Granny still hanging in there.  And yesterday was kind of a hard day for me after seeing her the day before. 

So is it really only Thursday?  It feels like it should be Friday or Saturday already.   I did not get enough sleep last night either.  How did this week get so long?

We talked, watched below deck, and had fish for dinner.  It was all good. 

But...honestly, I am just done for the week!  Well I'm not but I just want and need more rest.  Can I not please just go back to bed?  lol

I don't want to have to think about anything right now.  And so I'm not.  I've officially declared it as "not thinking about anything day". 

Waiting for the coffee to kick in.  So far it has not.  Making the "not thinking about anything day" so much easier.   I'm on the 2nd cup.  Nada. 

So...since I'm not thinking about anything, I don't have a lot to say.  I just want to go back to bed and wake up without an alarm going off at 4:10 before I'm ready to get up.  One day it won't.

Ya'll have a good day as I try to go get ready without thinking about it.  I'll probably have eye liner on my ears.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Job Fair, Granny, and Sushi Dinner Out

Well I had permission to post this yesterday - it was from our job fair.  There is my assistant with me, Christina and also our VP of Ops, Don.   We had a good day talking to folks and I'm very appreciative to have had all the help!  

Afterwards Christina and I hit Ruby Tuesday's for lunch at 2:00 - we were really hungry by then. 

After that, back to work and left around 5:15 and then back home - and then out again to see George's Mom and get a brewski and sushi and Asian dinner with my SIL and BIL, Susan and Kevin.  We went through and picked out older pics for the funeral home.  The service is prepared in advance since we know it is coming soon.  She is still hanging on.  She looked so pretty in her new pink sheets.  And my SIL Susan combed her hair, put chap stick on her lips, and sang "You are my sunshine" to her.  Granny's eyes were beautiful but tired.  She had a look of love in her eyes as she looked around at each of us.  I held my tears til I left the room.  It was a sad time but a beautiful time.  Then on to the restaurant.  

Here was the restaurant we went to - Oishii which is a favorite of mine.  I love their hot tea.  I had a beer first and then got tea.  Brown rice tea. 

Here is George with his Mom and Dad when he was little!

Here's the sushi fun below: 

I'm going to a Global Celebration event soon and I believe this is foretelling!  I'll be meeting with some folks that will be helping me change my life and reaching some dreams.  ;-) 

I have been working on the business this morning.  It's kindof starting to explode a bit which is very interesting.  Anyway, gotta go do the day job.  Please pray for Granny.  And for us! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

More Weight Loss and Learning to do Power Hours!

Good morning!  Well, I'm posting pics of flowers this morning since Granny loves them so.  Hospice there with her yesterday.  Family going through pictures and funeral prep.  Gathering with the family tonight over dinner to go through more pics.

I have a job fair today.  So it will be a busy one.  We will see what the day brings.  Our Granny (George's Mom) she is a fighter. 

I weighed in this morning.  I'm down another 5 lbs.  So a total of 23 all together! 

A great cleanse day yesterday.  I had to run some company errands as well as personal errands around mid-day.  The day went fast.  I had an e-shot in the afternoon and that made a big difference - at 9:30 last night I was still going strong.  The e-shot is about the strength of a cup of coffee - it's not like other energy drinks.  It has adaptogens in it to aid with stress.  And so at 9:30 on a cleanse night of all things I was still going strong.  My eyes were sleepy but my brain was still moving.  

I still slept good when I went to bed though.  

I had power hour last night on Instagram.  Sharing and connecting.   I've decided that this is quite fun actually.   And I'm learning and seeing some success in the right direction which is encouraging.  Baby steps but leaps of faith.  And God led.  Once again let me say - last night was highly encouraging to me!  Truly it was.  I enjoyed connecting with so many.  This is a ceiling break through folks.  

I'm getting back to me and over a hump I think. 

So I'm off to get some things done before I head out this morning.  I am excited that the peach mango shake is back as a permanent flavor!  Gonna have to order it!  ;-) Woo Hoo!  

Haven't decided on my flavor this morning, coming off of the cleanse.  Perhaps I'll do vanilla with frozen peaches thrown in.  The job fair is from 11 to 2 so right during lunch time.  I'm taking a meal replacement bar so I'll have something at least.  I don't think I can wait til 2 to eat.  We have to be there at 9:30 to set up and I guess will leave around 2:30.  

In the mean time emails and to do's will stack up through the day that will have no choice but to wait til we are back in full service tomorrow.  Who knows when the call will come on Granny.  

Well, ya'll have a good day.  More later.  

Monday, July 23, 2018

Got Out of the House a Bit Yesterday!

Good morning!  Yesterday George slept in a bit so I wasn't going to wake him up to go to church since HE needed to rest.  We did get some things done.  He weed-eated and I worked inside.  At 11 I went to get nails and toes done.  It was a much needed break of sitting still and messaging our close friends to keep us in prayer this week. 

My friend Lisa I - told me about Chico's sale.  So I went there and found a blouse and got the 40% off.  I walked around to some other nearby stores and also to Kirkland's and then I went to Tuesday Morning and I did find a few things there and got Granny's twin bed sheets for the hospital bed.  She needed extra.  

When I got home George went to see Granny.  I asked if he wanted me to go but he was just dropping off the sheets and was going in to see her for a minute and said I should stay with the dogs.  (There is a routine to closing up and giving treats and such so it's easier for one to stay if we are not going to be out long. So we'll take it as that.)  He was back shortly thereafter.  

He fixed a corn chowder.  It was really good.  I'm sure it had a lot of calories.  :-O  

I watched Keep Your Daydream and catching up on all the episodes of Gone with the Wynns.  This is so relaxing to me to watch these sailing videos and I love being on board The Curiosity with them on their catamaran.  If I were going to sail - I think I would like that version as it really has a lot of living space.  Don't worry, sailing is NOT in my vision.  However, if invited, I might consider going along.  But I love watching and being part of it through their eyes. 

RV'ing is much more my speed.  But we have a while and a ways to get to that point.  Anyway off to work and we'll see how the day goes.  I'm afraid my laptop and I are going to have an argument.  It's hard to scroll using the touchpad on anything and my typing (words) just go all over the page and jumps around instead of going where it needs to.  A pain in the butt.  I mean I can't even highlight a word.  You know where you push the touch pad and select your word and scroll over?  unh uh.  It won't do any of that.  I'm not sure what is wrong with it.  But I'm about over trying to type with this laptop.

Catch ya later!  

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Granny Jan (George's Mom) Hospice Care & Prayers Appreciated

Hey just a pop in.  We are about to get ready and head for church unless we get a call otherwise.
Granny Jan (George's Mom) was sent back over to where she was staying in the Alzheimer's unit, but is in Hospice care and it is only a matter of time.  I got to see her yesterday and she smiled at me when I smiled at her.  I will take that gift.  She was able to make some complete sentences here and there.  Mostly in answering very short questions.  Things like "Yes I want to rest" or "I don't know". 
She is mostly just sleepy or stares.  And very very weak. 

What really can one say?  It is very difficult to watch the process.  It's been a long road from the person she was to now.  But as she starts the passage, you reflect back to the happy times and all that she was and is in our hearts. 

So I ask for your prayers that she have a gentle passing, and met by our Lord and Savior Jesus in leading her the way. 

George has been here there and yon yesterday about town in 3 separate jaunts (instead of his usual planned outing of one) to do all errands at once -and he cut the yard.  I know he is keeping busy so he is not thinking of it.  That is my guess. 

There was a catch 22 in which hospital wanted to release but Hospice was not ready and neither was Providence.  We decided to pray and then suddenly it came together. The ambulance brought her back to Providence and then we went back to our house to look at family pictures, pulling out ones for his Mom.   So then we went back over and met with Hospice when they arrived along with George's sister to sign the papers and discuss what the care was and who all was on the Hospice team. 

It was 6 or after when we finished.  George wanted to fix a chowder soup but I asked could we please just go grab something out b/c we hadn't had lunch (other than some home cooked popcorn).  So we went to Mexican (he made me decide and didn't even want to be part of the decision).  So I got a mix of steak and chicken.  It was really good.  I'd not had Mexican in a while.

We came home and talked with Katy and she told us of her travels to San Antonio and also Waco this week.  The ranch took them to San Antonio and her friend Ashton came to see her and they went to Waco to see all things Chip and Jo Jo (the Fixer Upper folks) and went to their shop, their restaurant, and bakery.  The also went to the Branch Davidian Compound, which they said was an eerie thing.  This was brought on by someone's suggestion that was a history buff.  They toured around and found various houses that were flipped by Chip and JoJo.  They were hoping for a sighting of the two but no luck, lol.

I'm not sure if we are going to church or not.  George is not up yet and I think I should let him sleep.  It is going to be a very long week ahead and he needs the sleep. 

As far as getting things done - mainly laundry, kitchen cleaned, floor mopped, some dusting - I need to get things vacuumed and dusted overall and plumped up in the event we end up having company.  We are unsure of what will happen regarding the party or plans with our friends for Friday night.  I also have a job fair Tuesday and unsure about that or any of the things scheduled this week of course. So we will have to be prepared to drop plans at a moment's notice.

Oh we also called Uncle Ken and Auntie M to check on them - Uncle K had knee surgery - the pain from that can be excruciating. 

George is up.  Not enough time now for showers.  Anyway, we have to go get some twin sheets so they have an extra set.  Even though it won't be long - they still may need an extra set.  So we will go to Walmart.  I may need to go with Susan to buy Granny's dress.

Anyway, I guess we'll stick close to home then this morning and run errands this afternoon.  I think I want to clean out the fridge if we have time as well once the vacuuming is done. 

I've done an Isagenix order this morning and added some things to the Target order. 

That is all I know for now!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Saturday Morning "State of the Sonster" over Coffee

Good morning!  Yes, often I've been called "The Sonster"..... in case you were wondering.  I guess it goes back to the Saturday Night Live days.

Well, here is what I know.....

Mom sent a message for me to call her.  So I called before I left the house.  She wanted to cancel the birthday party due to the threat of severe weather.  So I cancelled the reservations.

Then George sent a message that his Mom was going into Hospice care and that he could go to dinner now.  So I told him there was no longer a dinner.   So in my head I was thinking that George and I would just eat together since he was free.

Pause blog for reality moment:  Mmmmm...the coffee is good this morning!

So worked all day and then called Mom and wished her happy birthday.  No rain around us anywhere, but oh well.

Got a text from George when I got home that he would be at the hospital again.  I texted "I thought you were free" but no he wasn't.  So that was ok.  That meant I had a night to myself at home to get started on the weekend.  Granny doesn't know anyone, not even her own name, so I did not go to the hospital.  I just came home to eat and be with the doggies.   I had a panini roast beef sandwich with herbed cheese and dijon mustard.  I'd not had a sandwich in a long time.  Whole grain, and meat that was free of hormones and nitrates and such.  I actually ate a few pringles.  Outside my "eat this" zone but I wanted the crunch on my sandwich.

So my flat iron came in.  And I tried to style my hair with it.  Oh my.  I think that is going to take some practice.  I just have used a curling brush for so long.  So I watched some You Tubes on how to style your hair with it.  I guess I need to watch some more.  I need to wait til the spray comes in that you spray to protect your hair.  I will watch some more YouTube videos as well as I'm not sure I have it down yet anyway.

So it appears that Hospice will be able to attend to George's Mom at the Providence place that she is in.  They have to remove the bed - so George and BIL Kevin went over last night to Granny's room and took out the bed so that the hospital bed can be brought in.

So the storms never came and it will be a while before we plan the next try at doing a birthday dinner.  Our weekends are booked for the next three weekends.  It is possible that we can do another Friday night or Sunday.  But honestly I really don't want to make any more plans yet, just so they can be cancelled.  We don't know what is going to happen with George's Mom.  Well we do, we just don't know when. I'll have to find a time when we can all get together.  I have to get with George, get with my sister, get with Mom, call the reservations, check on the reservations - but we'll wait to do all that again til as it is in George's Mom's last days.  We are pretty much booked up for the next few weeks.  Next weekend we have dog trims and our friends are coming over.  The next weekend is George's birthday weekend which he has all planned out, and the next weekend is the Global Celebration event starting up.

Such as is life. I've had to take a little time off the last couple of nights.  My brain is fried from crazy stupid busy days and lots going on at work and home - so while I've had time at home the last two nights - I've just rested my mind for sanity sake.

Did I mention how good the coffee is this morning!

I'm sitting in the sun room and enjoying the coffee and the cool air from the cold front coming through the screens.

So what to do today?  The normal Saturday stuff.

____Clean house

____Change sheets



____Try to cross some things off the Summer Bucket List

____Update the private blog

____Look up some recipes

____Get caught up with the Mind and Body course

It's been a rough time lately on my psyche.  Just things I'm having to work through or decide about - what is acceptable, what is not, what do I really want here and there and so forth.  But I think all in all I just need a mind rest - too many things going on and not enough of me to go around.  And that makes me freeze up all over the place.  When you get too many things going you become paralyzed and have to find a balance.  So I shut down at that point til I get a balance.  No one is happy around me either til I do.  lol

So I get this big to do list going at the beginning of the week to get me focused.  And then life happens and before you know it's Friday, the list is forgotten - maybe 1/4 of it checked off - maybe 1/2.  But all in all probably more checked off having the list than if I didn't have the list.

I'm disappointed in myself for letting life in the past two weeks get me down.  I had been so happy.  Was I so happy that I thought I wasn't ever going to be unhappy or moved again by anyone or anything else?  I guess so. lol  But when things happen that make you sad, mad, disappointed - you can't control your feelings - they just have to happen.  You can control your reactions to a point.  My problem is that it eats me up til it is solved.  I don't know any other way to get past that.  I did give it to God and let Him handle it.  I can rejoice in that and He did handle it.  Pretty quickly.   But the funk has remained as I pull out of the averted crisis.  I've just been sad really - I keep using the word traumatized - that is a strong word but I can't think of another word or phrase except maybe "continued to be bothered by" or "continue to be worried over" that said thing will happen again.  Anyway it's taken a lot out of me- made me unhappy.  And then it's just kinda made the rest of life dull I guess and zapped my fervor over life.  And that spiraled downward on me b/c it just casts a shadow on everything.  I know I have to speak in code on here in the blog and can't really say a lot but I'm saying what I can the best way I know how.

I'm pulling out of the funk though.  I can feel it. I think it has almost led me into a depression of sorts. Not a bad one, but I guess my spirits are just down right now.  I know that the weather is not helping.  But this mornings chill in the air after a cold front is helping me quite a bit.  I'm disappointed over a few things but it's ok.  Never hurts in life to have a reality check.  And that has really what I've been going thru.  I'll be back to my sparky side before long hopefully.

And we never had any storms around these parts anyway - one got close to us this morning while I was asleep but missed us.

And that is all I know on a Saturday morning.  Wonder what the day will bring.

Friday, July 20, 2018

A Night Off and George's Mom is in the Hospital

Friday is here.  I am swamped.  Such as is life.  Anyway, life is busy all around.  But yes, Thank the Good Lord that today is Friday.  And it's Mom's birthday.  And we are meeting, Lord Willing, tonight for her dinner.  Except George will be going to the hospital to see his Mom and won't be able to join us.

George's Mom had a mini stroke.  I don't know much other than she is in the hospital.  Very little information coming my way about it.  George's sister was with her yesterday - while George continued to work the temp purchasing job at the zinc mine and George was at the hospital last night after work.  He got  home close to 10.  I asked if he wanted me to come and he said he didn't need me there so I came home.  She is not talking a lot, staring a lot, and kidney function not working properly.  That is all the information that has been released to me.

Our kitchen was an absolute mess so I spent about an hour cleaning it up.  I fixed a salad for dinner.  I had the TV to myself so I caught up on Below Deck Med, and the You Tube Shows - the Sailing ones.  So calming.  These are in my sidebar also to their links.

I am behind getting my Mind and Body program done- several days behind now and also have not worked on the business much either.  I've needed some down time where I'm not just constantly working on something.  I think it's usually the weekends when I get things done anyway. The day job has also been so stupidly stressful which is very draining to not just me but several. So I allowed myself time to not rush around and not be pulled in 40 directions last night.  So many other things that needed to happen this week anyway - orders that needed to be placed, birthday gifts to shop for, unwrapping Mom's gift, wrapping another back up, going to the store, coloring my hair.  All of that had to happen after work this week- then by the time we eat and have our time together - the evening is done.  But we knew it would be that way.   Some weeks are better than others.  But the good thing about my business is that I can pick it up and work on it when I want, and let it go when I'm stressed.  Good thing I enjoy it!  It's fun being around positive influences.  But last night was a night off for me to not focus on ANYTHING and let the mind rest.  I feel much better for it this morning.

Supposed to have Severe Weather today.  Hope all turns out ok.  Looks like I'll be driving in it this evening.  Even hail and tornadoes expected.  Yikes. Prayers please.

Off to try to get a couple of things done this morning!  Ya'll have a splendid day!  TGIF! 

Wondering how George's Mom is doing this morning.  And what the deal is.  :-(  Prayers for her as well.