Monday, July 16, 2018

Adjusting the Sails, Weekly To Do List, and Instagram

Sometimes we like to have a little wind in our sails. As we can get where we are going.  But then sometimes it is  nice to just have peace and calm.  And in my case - catch up!

So, also sometimes we are on a journey to some place special and changes come on around us - like the weather, wind and waves.  We may have to adjust our sails a bit.  We may have to tighten everything down and move things around.  We may even have to fight with all we have to keep afloat - but unless we let it take us down - then we are still on our journey to where we want to go.

So while we may be fearful of the storm, the Maker is really at the helm.  He keeps us afloat with our faith. And He calms the seas.

So it was good that I had the three days off.  I have been pretty busy doing a lot of things around here that were important to me.

Yesterday we went to church and then came home.  I wanted a salad out at Ruby's but did not ask for it.  George fixed a Chinese dish for dinner - chicken over red rice with a bean sauce.  It was good.  My only problem with it was it was too salty.  That was probably in the bean sauce in combination with any other sauces added.

I did the ironing and finished most of the laundry.  I don't think we ever really finish with the laundry.

I read a bit and made my weekly focus worksheet.  I had to laugh at last week's.  I made the worksheet but not even half of what was on it was checked off.  There is not enough time and nook and crannies to get it done.  Even with an extra off day.  So "Focus" is definitely a key word here.
Of course last week we were gone the first two nights of the week.  This week no plans which makes things much easier.

Yesterday I cleaned my desk area and did my Mind and Body program.  And also checked on my Global Celebration Tickets and downloaded the event app on my phone.

I listened to a podcast about Instagram while ironing and set my Instagram account up as a business account. An entrepreneur.  I've always had an entrepreneur spirit!  An unpaid Instagram account though at this point.  It tried to create a facebook page for me.  I didn't allow it to finish.  Looks like it's an extra fee and that is where the paid part comes in.  I'm not ready to commit to that yet.  Close but not yet.   It is set up though for what I need for now.  I'm just a very methodical person and I'm setting up base camp and have been for a while.  But things are at least starting to come together.

I'm going to start working on some very specific campaigns - planned out by month.  I have no idea what I'm doing yet, but very excited about it.

Got Mom's birthday gifts wrapped.

Part of what I'll be doing this week:

____Following some of the successfuls on social media and do what they do.

____Check on the reservations for Friday and remind everyone

____Check on Mom

____Check on Katy from their trip

____Order George's birthday gifts

____Plan George's birthday outing

____Wrap up scheduling details for Celebration coming up in August

____Get Roger's Rabies Shot (Weekend)

____Work on the Sip and Shop set up for October (More Vendors)

____Mind and Body Program (Daily 10 minute program)

____Follow ups as scheduled

____Conference call Tuesday night with my team

____Proverbs - continue daily Bible Reading

____Vimeos and Podcasts on the commutes


____Watch Below Deck and favorite videos

____Give Tugie some more ear meds

____Order Flat Iron (I hate to spend the money)

____Extra household:  Mop kitchen floor and clean a window :-(

____Shop for more tops

I think that is enough to keep me busy.  My housework is suffering a bit due to my being on the computer all the time - learning, setting things up, following up.  It takes a lot of time and while I love it, I feel a little guilty but I'm trying to spend time with George.  We spent a lot of time together the first part of the week, so I kinda needed most of the rest of the week to do things on my list and have some downtime. He spends a lot of time in the yard and in cooking.  I spend a lot of time in the laundry room, getting ready for the work week, and in changing sheets, vacuuming, restocking and ordering things.  And keeping up with the calendar and the business.

Busy but happy.  I love most all the things of my life except for a couple of things that *seemed* out of my control but I realize it actually is not.  God and I have a plan.  

What I love is that we are our own Brand in life as people.  You are YOUR own Brand.  Your skill set is YOURS.  Never forget that.

Anyway, have a great Monday.  It's cleanse day for me!  I'm looking forward to it.  I love the way it makes me feel. And I don't get hungry or miss food b/c I get something every hour on the hour just as I'm ready for it.  It's so perfectly set up by the Scientists.


  1. I have to focus on the important things just to keep myself on track most days! Nice you had the extra time to get a lot done towards your goals. That will help keep your focus where you want it. I'm hoping all goes well at work for you. I always figure we can handle most anything with God's help. Happy Monday !

  2. A flat iron is a great investment. I love mine and use almost every day. I know what you mean about laundry, it seems like I do it almost every day. I don;t know how big families keep it up. I like chinese food but the sodium is high. I cook chicken in my instapot and then make a sauce. It is really good over noodles or rice. That is a fast way to cook and not much clean up. Husband And I both use. We are trying to eat healthier as we get older.

  3. dinner sounded good. sounds like you got alot accomplished even though it wasn't everything on your list.


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