Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Black Clouds

One of the things that gives me a bright spot at work is whatever theme I have set in the background.  Having two monitors at times - when the other is not in use - it is beautiful to see the scenery.  It is very relaxing.  

It was cleanse day Monday and it went well.  I'm able to focus well on a cleanse day so a Monday is a good day for that.  However, by day's end - you can still focus but just don't want it to be too heavy.  Many do things like get their nails done, take long bath and read, or pamper themselves on a cleanse day.  I enjoy coming home and having the last berry drink of the day in a wine glass (there are 4 times a day you get it).  


I pour it at 6 p.m. And I really enjoy sipping it and then crunching on the ice until 7 when I get my sour cream and onion whey thins!  
At 7 with my whey thins, I sit back in the recliner and pick a You Tube Channel (see side bar).  

I'm not sure if George likes my YouTube channels or not.  I think he just tolerates them.  Kindof like a cat tolerates a dog being around or vice versa.  lol  However, as he sat down with a plate full of pizza, I put on a show for him - the pizza smelled good but I was glad I was on cleanse day so I could avoid the fat.  That is glad attitude if I do say so myself. lol  And one that has taken me a while to get to.  So after we watched a show or two of mine, I put it on Carpool Karaoke.  He loves that!  It is fun to watch on the Big TV.  

Then it was time for bed.  I was not particularly sleepy.  But knew I needed to get to bed since the 4 a.m hour comes early. 

So news on Granny.  Both George and his sister went to see her yesterday.  And her blood pressure was holding steady and George said she was actually more awake and wanting to talk some although you cannot really hear her.  Folks yesterday was the 10th day of no food and water.  I keep saying this but this is a testimony to her strong willed spirit.  

There is a big dark cloud over everything at times.  I mean it can't be helped really.  There is a dark cloud hanging - as there should be - when a prominent family member and one with such influence in your life passes.  And even bigger so for George and his sister.  

There is a dark cloud over work it seems too.   So it seems only natural to long for different days and different times.  So I try to live in the moment, seek happy thoughts, share happy moments, and think of the happier vision I have ahead of me that provides hope and happiness.  

So anyway, we wait and see what each day brings.  And the Global Celebration I am looking forward to also has a big black cloud over it.  

I'm not complaining - don't get all judgmental on me!  I'm just reporting what I'm observing.  I am afraid to get excited about the Global Celebration at this point b/c at this point, it's likely that our plans could be spoiled.  But as I mentioned before, it is all in God's timing. And of course family will come first.  So it will be what it will be.  My heart is sinking with disappointment though as it becomes more of a reality that I won't get to go on our planned vacation outing.  And if so I hope I can get my hotel money back.

Well, off the subject.  

So in response to comments yesterday: 

I was surprised to hear the Macs do not last any longer than a regular laptop.  Really surprised.  I just have heard people rally over it so much.  So thanks for that information.  Since it's so much more pricey - I think I will stick to the norm then - a non Mac. lol  Honestly I really would like to get something with a normal keyboard and mouse.  Maybe a laptop with a docking station?  A normal keyboard and mouse would be great.  I do love my touch screen though.  I don't know.  We'll see.  I will probably just use this as long as I can.  Although it aggravates me so.  

Angie, I will keep you in my prayers!  May the Lord bring peace and comfort to you as you try to deal with everything.  But you are right - focus your concentrations on getting well and on happy things and relaxing things!  Thanks for commenting!  

Ma, that LCR game comes with "chips".  You could play it with anything - shells, screws, peanuts (although someone may eat them), candy (that would be fun).  You could get creative. 

So I will leave you now and get on with the day.  401k auditors coming at work and a stack of to do's as big as Mount Everest.  So off we go to try to conquer the world and make it a better place which gets tougher and tougher to do.  

Proverbs 16:1  The plans of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the Lord. 

Prov 16: 3-4   Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established. The Lord has made everything for its purpose.

Prov 16:7 When a man's ways please the Lord, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him. 

Prov 16: 9  The heart of a man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. 

And that is that!


  1. I love the Proverbs verses that you are putting in your blog. Great thoughts to end with. Waiting is so very hard, especially in your case, never knowing what the new day may bring. I do know that my Mac which is a lap top is going on it's 8th year which is not too shabby, I did have to have the hard drive replaced but it is still working just fine. Thanks to 2 of my sons that did the work. I love it! You need something new soon. Hoping you have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. So sad about your mil. I can't imagine going without water or food that long. Do you think she might be holding on waiting to see your daughter one last time. My Mother did that after her grandson came to see her she passed. Hardest part of getting older watching those you love die.

  3. My tablet died and I was going to purchase another one. I was not happy that I could not put additional memory in the new one. I ended up with a Surface by Microsoft. It is docking and I can use it like a table. I has all the advantage of a cull computer, etc. It has a touch screen. More expensive than the tablet but I have been very happy with this choice.

  4. The thing with any laptop, it really does not matter what kind it is, is to have keyboard covers. Laptop keyboards generally don't last long because stuff - dust, finger oil, humidity, food and drink etc gets into the keyboard. Even if you never eat near it, even if you wash your hands every time before you touch it, generally my experience has been the first thing that dies on a laptop of any kind is the keyboard. Macs just have a bit less tolerance for the stuff that can get into the keyboard.

    But the mac I had with a keyboard cover lasted many years and in fact is still in use now, though The Other Half is using it these days, and I have a new Lenovo gaming laptop. Mine has a backlit red LED keyboard but I really wanted the rainbow one, that constantly changes colour. That was super Up Money, though! :)

    When I bought my most recent computer, I ordered silicone keyboard covers for it on Ali Baba. They have covers for pretty much every current model computer.

    I don't use the built in mouse at all, I am useless with them. I have a wireless mouse that has a USB plug. Maybe in the meantime a wireless mouse will solve your issues? :)

  5. So sorry I didn't get commenting last night..I had a friend of Marys visiting and I was so tired last night I could hardly keep my eyes open....I even went to bed at 9.30 and actually slept like a log. Sorry that Granny is still hanging on, You have all been so good at visiting etc. You should have no regrets when she does pass on. I agree with above...about perhaps waiting for Kate pity she is so far away.....night night. God Bless

  6. your screensaver is lovely. it would definitely put me in a good mood.


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