Sunday, July 8, 2018

Camping Tales

Isn't this a cute summer time scene?  Makes me giggle.  Happy fun times!  Have had some scenes like that.  I remember camping out in the back yard with a neighborhood friend and a storm came up - we ran in the house so quick! lol  

At another friend's we were going to stay in their pop up camper overnight in their driveway but we began hearing strange noises and decided not to.  She had a brother you know - so I'm thinking it was probably him. 

 Also at my Grandmother's one Halloween a friend came over and spent the night with me there and we were going to scare any trick or treaters by making ghost noises from the balcony above.  My Mam-ma knew there were not going to be any trick or treaters out there in the country so she dressed up as a man, went out the side door, snuck in the woods, and came back thru the woods in front of the house and walked down by the house, acting like a drunk man.  She came in threw off the man's jacket and hat and went to the kitchen and began working around in it so that by the time we got down the winding stair case and made our way to the kitchen - we'd had no clue it was her.  We told her about the drunk man all excited and peeked out the windows and doors and no such man could be found.  My grandmother, didn't seem to concerned about it and I thought she didn't believe us.  She finally had to admit that it was her.  lol  

IF we ever get our RV thing going, I'll be happy.  I'm sure there will be those nights though that you hear bears or worry whether you are safe.  And with me - the storms - how bad will it be.  lol

Well we had a good day yesterday.  George mowed.  He is always having to mow.  I feel sorry for him.  He can show me how if he wants.  But - it's a riding mower so he kinda enjoys it I think.  

I did all the laundry and ironing and folding and I worked on my Mind and Body 60 day program.  I mainly worked the rest of the day on the PC.  I checked out a couple of software programs.  I did my Isagenix order, ordered Mom's birthday gift, and ordered some mushroom coffee from Four Sigmatic.  The dogs trims are set.  Our party on the 28th is set.  I ordered our movie tickets through ATT benefits (buy one get on free) and we are going to see Ant Man soon.   I also did the Target order.  I've got two Target orders on the way now.  When I hit $35 I hit send.  Usually I do about an order a week, but we suddenly were getting low on a few things.  

So I also did some work on the business.   And then I decided I was working too hard for a Saturday and decided to give my brain a rest and read.  

I've been enjoying the book Mississippi Solo.  He makes me laugh as he laughs at himself trying to go down the Mississippi in a canoe.  The river goes through several lakes too and he is in some big lake with lots of wind and waves and had to get out of it.  

I've been in a fishing boat on one of the great lakes when the waves were way too high for what we needed to be in, but the person driving the boat knew what he was doing.  We had to take back rivers as far as we could but we did have to maneuver through with our life jackets on through some incredibly big waves to get back.  I remember kissing the dock!  I loved that adventure though of camping and fishing in Minnesota near the Canadian line.  Matter of fact we were in Canada for a bit, but it was a risk as none of us had Canadian fishing license, but we went there to go to a restaurant and get more gas for the boat.  I doubt it would be that easy now.  lol  So technically I can say I've been to Canada.  I forgot about that until now.  

In looking for the Kettle Falls restaurant (it may have been the hotel restaurant as it looks familiar to me)  - this was 30 years ago - but in looking for this on google, I found a picture of the Rainy Lake campground site that we were on. 

This was it.  Wow.  Remember it now like it was yesterday.  We had northern pike for breakfast.  We had almond flavor coffee.  We had Bartyles and James wine coolers, and wheat thins. lol.  We had to hang our trash on a rope in the trees b/c of the bears.  We had to lock down the eggs in the cooler b/c the skunks would get them.  The mosquitos and flies were horrid at night.  You had to hover around the campfire.  Most of the time we just ate our dinner before dark.  After dark it was miserable.  The flies actually would bite your ankles.  We wore flip flops but we also wore socks with our flip flops.  After dark it was best to just get in the tent and read by flash light or just go ahead and sleep.  

Wow had no intention of writing about that today! lol  

Anyway, it's time for me to get ready and get my makeup on and hair done.  We are going to church today.  I will work on the house a bit this afternoon.  I will also work on a few business type things and make out my list for the upcoming week.  But for the most part today I think I really want to rest my mind.  

It will be a 4 day week for me this next week.  I am looking forward to that. 

Better go.  

Apparently this was a camping entry huh?


  1. funny story about your grandma and halloween.

  2. Camping is a lot of fun. I owned a camper and so enjoyed those days. I never did tent camping at all but we had a pop up camper at one time when the kids were young and had a lot of fun traveling to different state parks on the weekends. We'd always had plans to sell the house and travel after retirement but sadly my DH died way to young and that plan never made it to fruition. I know longer camp at all but have wonderful memories of those days.
    Hold on to your dreams!


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