Saturday, July 28, 2018

Cracker Barrel lunch and Today's Party is ON!

Yesterday was a good day.  Shh don't tell anyone.  I truly think there are folk out there that it would make mad if they thought you had a good day. They'd wonder what you were up to and that it must be no good.  lol   Isn't that sad?  

It was a peaceful and fun day because I gave all the worries to God and let Him take it.  There is no point in fretting and worrying over so many things that are over and beyond your control and over and beyond what you can do.  So I did the best and went on at getting through the day. 

A group of us went to lunch - but shhhh - people probably think that is folly so don't tell anyone that either.  lol Cracker Barrel was wonderful.  I had grilled fish, potatoes and green beans.  Sadly, (or happily) I did eat my biscuit and put honey on it.  I couldn't help it.  I try to stay away from the white foods but I had not had mashed taters in a while and they looked good and the biscuit was calling! 

Cracker Barrel's green beans are awesome. 

Anyway it took a while to be seated so 3 of us 4 girls actually bought clothes while waiting.  lol  

The hat in the picture above was cute.  I almost bought it.  But I'm not really a hat person.  But it did look cute.  

So after work yesterday, I came home and George went to the store and to see Granny.  He said that she seemed like she was very very weak and would expire at any moment.  It has now been a week without anything going in her veins - no food or water - since she cannot swallow, and I'm very surprised her body has lasted so long.  But it does go to show just how strong of a person she is. 

While George was out I began the laundry, working on the kitchen, and reviewing some material I would likely need for a call today.  I have another client wanting more information also.  I've not enrolled anyone yet but getting very close.  So I am anxious about the first one.  It should be a matter of just entering it into the website though.  So it should be good.  At this point there is more interest than I have had time to follow up on - that is a good sign I suppose.  Once I get my first two enrolled, I'll start getting paid! ;-)  At this point I'd pay double for what I know about this system! So to get paid is just awesome. 

Anyway, I've spent so much time learning and prepping - so I'm enjoying the transfer to the next steps of sharing and actually talking to people and connecting.  It's exciting.  I have had several "power hours" this week in sharing. Only two calls though - so I need practice at that. 

I read this, this morning and shared it with my friend and a partner in this business - Lisa J - and we both got a chuckle over it.  

George and I were talking last night and I told him to look out b/c our RV time will be coming soon. He smiled.  Once I get over the fears of learning and not knowing what I'm doing yet- there will be no stopping me.  It takes about 3 years to build the business to six figures.  And how awesome is that?  More incredible, how awesome is that it is also actually helping people to feel better, lose weight, put nutrition in their bodies, lose inflammation, lose fat, get the vitamins they need in a natural way, come off the meds, and live their dreams and do things they never could do before.  Transform their life! Take twenty years off? (That is how I feel). Sounds good to me!  I love this. 

So I got off on that and got excited sorry!  I do that.  

Anyway, I vacuumed and George also came behind and ran the carpet cleaner over a few places.  I cleaned up the doggie beds with new blankets on them and straightened up a bit.  George bought a rotisserie turkey for dinner and we had corn and green beans with it and cranberry sauce.  So a nice healthy dinner.  We watched "We are the Russo's" and "Sailing Uma".  

And I did a few more house cleaning things and then went to bed.  I was looking forward to sleep.  At 8:15 I began feeling weary and sleepy and looked and it was 45 minutes to bed time.  I was happy.  Sleep was good. 

So today? 

Well we have dog trims.  And they are smelly and hairy so I'm happy they are going for their grooming and trims.  

I have a 10 a.m. 3 way call for the nutrition system to share with someone in trying to help them with their goals. 

We have company coming over at 4 for the evening.  We are having pizza and keeping it simple.  George had an appetizer he wanted to make.  It's mainly a game night so we'll eat and play Left Right Center.  

The house is in good shape.  I just need to make the bed after I change the sheets today.  And spray down the surfaces and perhaps touch up on the dusting.  So that is good.  I plan to spend some time on the business this afternoon, my orders are already up to date (Target and my Isagenix order).  I need to catch up on the Mind and Body Program.  And I may fix popcorn and watch a show on You Tube or perhaps read.  

Looking forward to our evening with friends.  It's been a bit since we have seen them.  

I know any minute we'll be hearing news on Granny.  The funeral home service is planned for the most part, and Hospice takes care of the initial onset of things.  From there the family will set the visitation times.  It is sad but expected, soon.  Katy has looked at flights and they have a plan in motion once the word is received.   

But our party is ON. 

Ya'll have a wonderful weekend.  I'm off to the shower and we'll be taking the doggies soon for their much needed spa! 

Ya'll take care! 


  1. So good to hear you had a good day ! Although this is a difficult time, you are doing good with it all as far as keeping your spirits up. Hope your Saturday is a great one too!

  2. You need to go back and buy that hat! It's you. :)
    Praying for all. God bless Granny.

  3. You need to go back and buy the hat! So cute and would look great with a black winter coat.


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