Sunday, July 29, 2018

Dog Trims and LCR Party

Well, good morning!  I have been working on the blog a lot - too much actually as far as time goes.  I was wanting a more sleeker modern look than the previous version.  I like changing it around.  But the forest look is just wonderful as just looking at it takes the stress off.  

Our doggies are fully worn out after yesterday.  They went for their dog trims.  George and I went to the grocery.  I stocked up on Lean Cuisine lunches for work.  Cauliflower pizzas.  And he bought some things for the party last night. 

We went home and began cleaning the house and picking up a bit.  

I began working with one of my blogger buds from another country on our nutrition systems.  I won't say who as it is personal, but in doing so I went international with my business branch out.  Paid a small fee for access to products and pricing in other countries.  I also remembered in a podcast that the Marco Polo app was used in business b/w associates and also customers.  Oh my gosh I agree!  I've been trying to figure out a way to communicate overseas without an extra cost.  This is going to be great.  I have included my close friends and family on it as well.  

I was pleased at how much Mom enjoyed it.  I think that we can use this to touch base with each other.  It's just a video message (instead of a text message).  However the video can be as short or as long as you want. Instead of me having to wait til I have a chunk of time to talk we can send a video message to each other - little clips here and there - and when we have time we can answer.  It is so much better than texting!  And we'll actually touch base more often.  You almost have to experience it to see how quick and easy it is.  I love it!  Wish I'd known about it sooner.

So go check out Marco Polo app if you haven't already.  

We got ready for the party - mainly the clean up as George wanted pizza and very little to prep.  I kind of feel like a robot these days - just on to the next thing.  I was so looking forward to having people over.  And wanted the house to be clean.  Pets were all groomed so that was a plus.  Everyone arrived and it was so good to see everyone!  

We had pizza - thin crust.  We had cauliflower pizza also. George made a potato and artichoke appetizer.  Our guests brought wings and a island mixer drink that was fun - it was blue!  
Also brought was a broccoli salad and a pasta salad.  And the dessert was amazing that another friend brought - oh my!  It was graham cracker crust, lemon cream mousse, whipped topping and blackberry and a blueberry on top and a lemon slice as garnish. 

Oh my!  Oh my!  

We actually play with $20 worth of quarters.  We play until we are tired.  lol 

So you pick your starting amount - like we start with three quarters - 75 cents.  And you roll the three dice. Here is what happens if  you get these on your die: 

L - give a quarter to the person on your left
R - give a quarter to the person on your right
"dot" - You are safe and get to keep the quarter
C- goes in the center community pot

So of course you only have 3 stacks of coins.  We start with 75 or a quarter each and then go up - so mostly last night we played with $1 stacks.  Or $3 as a whole for the game.  You roll the three dice and it tells you what to do with each of your three stacks.  You keep going around the table until it someone is finally the last person in.  And they win the community cup and they set the amount for the next game.  

Yes, it's gambling but we only do $20 of quarters per couple for the entire night (or you can do a combination of ones and quarters) and of course we spread the love around so we know someone in our group is going home with some of our money and it's ok. It's actually very fun entertainment and a much cheaper evening than going out on the town to a concert or even dinner.  

We laugh and eat and catch up and just enjoy being together.  Some good bonding.  Good jokes, etc.  
Good time by all.  And we were all sleepy and tired by 9:15 or 9:30.  I went straight to bed!  Well, I cleaned up some - not much.  This morning I've been on the blog and George has been in the kitchen so he beat me to it.  I need to do more laundry, a devo, and do my Mind and Body, fix lunch (leftover broccoli salad), and plan the week out and also begin figuring out what to pack and wear to celebration, and look at the agenda.  I'm starting to stress over the timing of funeral, critical needs of work, and my vacation days with the booked hotel and ticket to Global Celebration.  I keep having to remind myself that God has this covered on the timing thing and for me not to fret.  I'm a planner and to me it all seems like it's about to crash into all the same time frame but not everyone is going to win I don't think.  I cannot physically be in three places at once.  Again - no fret.  God has this.  He's bigger than me and he'll see to it that whatever needs to happen happens. 

I am going to get up and go get a few things done here.  I cannot believe it is Sunday already.  It is unacceptable to me that the weekend has flown by.  Yeah - God just has to take this.  I don't have an S on my chest.  And I never will.  The week is getting to be quite stressful being pulled in so many directions and trying to get everything done.  It's always more and more and more and more and more and more - until you are stretched so thin you have to give your hands up in the air and just say God take it b/c I. Can't. Even!

Ok off of here.  Hope you all are having a great Sunday!  
Leaving you with Maisy after her trim yesterday.  She was a big hit with her little bow.  Sorry I think I only video'd Tugie.  I'll try to get a pic of her today.


  1. Before I forget a BIG thank you for yesterday cute Maisy is so glad she got her trim and as did Tuggie, my Masy had hers done last Friday, she looks quite smart as well, I am lucky that the lady who comes to the house to do Masy does a good job it takes almost two hours but only takes £25. exchange rate is 1.32 to the $ ....I hope to visit a friend in the USA next April so I keep my eye on the exchange rate.....your party sounded good fun. I like the sound of that game, what is it called ? Praying that you have a week that won't be too stressful. Xxxx

  2. That games sounds like a lot of fun and one my family would enjoy. Although we would probably use pennies and not quarters! Ha ! A fun evening like that is just what you both needed right now. And that dessert looks wonderful !

  3. Looks like you had an amazing time organizing such a fun party. The awesome food and entertaining games must have made the party very enjoyable. I also had a great time celebrating my best friend’s birthday last night as she had arranged a wonderful party at one of the best Chicago venues.


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