Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Fun Evening with Friend's at an Employee Appreciation Event

Yesterday was not too bad for a Monday.  The day was sunny and not too terribly hot.  Hot enough though.  Was able to get a few things done.   Decided to take a selfie.  Had my nano itunes plugged into the left ear.  When I'm working it's very soothing to have anything from Classical to Dylan to even AC/DC playing in at least one ear.  The other is open so I can hear phones and people.  

After work we went with friends to the Opry House.  Thank goodness they had a respite from the heat and had part of the event inside.  The other part was outside.  It was catered with BBQ and the fixin's and was called Roy's Backyard Bash.  There was a band outside and music videos inside.  

On the way to the Opry, we left a car here at Opry Mills for a few minutes and all rode over to the Opry House.  All the ducks you see here came over to see us.  

I quickly got in the car.  They can be mean if they want to.  But it was quite exciting seeing them all waddle over.  

I took 75 pictures last night.  We got to go backstage at the Opry but I can't show any of them.  I was bummed.  I even got to hold the microphone and stand on the circle.  I figured I wouldn't be reprimanded for taking these pics below since they are not within the inner sanctuary.  But it was awesome to go in the dressing rooms where so many artists are.  

Sneak peek of party - looks like everyone dancing but they are not they are mingling.  It is a room full of tables.  A bit earlier most were seated.  I loved this room.  Very nice atmosphere.  The colors and lighting was great.

George had some crawdad's and might have played with his food.

I did take a pic of the back "artist" entrance.  Actually this was exiting. Surely these won't land me in trouble.   

This is Minnie Pearl's fountain given to the Opry.

Love the flamingos.  lol

And the sidewalk.

           And our wonderful friend Ron and Naomi who made the evening possible and invited us along to his employee event.  It's like an employee picnic.  We used to have those at the envelope plant until it's downturn, as an employee appreciating event.  It's very touching that a company still does this.  A lot of employers have gotten away from this due to lessening profits.  But it is a very nice touch.  And really nice that they could bring friends.

I'm sorry but if all I can show are these pics and a cone, then by golly I'll do it.  Here is the traffic cone with GOOH, Grand Ole Opry House on it.  Can't get any more exciting than that.  lol 

It's a shame I cannot share the pics of George and I at the microphone on stage at the Opry.  Or that I can't show our pics on stage at the Opry with Titan Cheerleaders, lol. The pics came out great.  I did share with Katy and Mom.  The dressing room and behind stage photos were great too.  

Well, I need to go and do some other things this morning that I didn't get to do last night as we were out having a good time.  

Today is a busy one.  I have a conf call and a training class.  Which means we get pizza today.  Was going to go and pick up KFC but honestly I don't think there will be much time for me to do that.  The class starts at 11 (instead of 11:30 like it used to) so I think we'll order pizza and do the class and when the pizza arrives we'll pause and eat and then continue on.   I'm not sure what time KFC opens nor when the pizza place does but it's easier to have something delivered than to have to go pick it up and then have to set up for both meal and training.  So pizza it is. 

Then butt loads to do when I get back at the office.  

I need to check on the kids in the cave in Thailand.  What a nightmare.  I hope they all get rescued.  We have been praying for them fervently.  

You all have a good one!


  1. What a wonderful night out and so nice to have friends that include you in their celebrations. I did see on the news that everyone was rescued from that cave. Thank the good Lord ! I have a few in my family that love crawdads. I could never even try them myself. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday !

  2. sounds like you had a good time at the Opry. happy to hear all the kids were rescued from the cave.


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