Monday, July 23, 2018

Got Out of the House a Bit Yesterday!

Good morning!  Yesterday George slept in a bit so I wasn't going to wake him up to go to church since HE needed to rest.  We did get some things done.  He weed-eated and I worked inside.  At 11 I went to get nails and toes done.  It was a much needed break of sitting still and messaging our close friends to keep us in prayer this week. 

My friend Lisa I - told me about Chico's sale.  So I went there and found a blouse and got the 40% off.  I walked around to some other nearby stores and also to Kirkland's and then I went to Tuesday Morning and I did find a few things there and got Granny's twin bed sheets for the hospital bed.  She needed extra.  

When I got home George went to see Granny.  I asked if he wanted me to go but he was just dropping off the sheets and was going in to see her for a minute and said I should stay with the dogs.  (There is a routine to closing up and giving treats and such so it's easier for one to stay if we are not going to be out long. So we'll take it as that.)  He was back shortly thereafter.  

He fixed a corn chowder.  It was really good.  I'm sure it had a lot of calories.  :-O  

I watched Keep Your Daydream and catching up on all the episodes of Gone with the Wynns.  This is so relaxing to me to watch these sailing videos and I love being on board The Curiosity with them on their catamaran.  If I were going to sail - I think I would like that version as it really has a lot of living space.  Don't worry, sailing is NOT in my vision.  However, if invited, I might consider going along.  But I love watching and being part of it through their eyes. 

RV'ing is much more my speed.  But we have a while and a ways to get to that point.  Anyway off to work and we'll see how the day goes.  I'm afraid my laptop and I are going to have an argument.  It's hard to scroll using the touchpad on anything and my typing (words) just go all over the page and jumps around instead of going where it needs to.  A pain in the butt.  I mean I can't even highlight a word.  You know where you push the touch pad and select your word and scroll over?  unh uh.  It won't do any of that.  I'm not sure what is wrong with it.  But I'm about over trying to type with this laptop.

Catch ya later!  


  1. Glad you a had a great Sunday and even got out awhile. Not a good thing with the touch pad. Do you have a mouse you could plug in and use on your laptop instead of using the touch pad. I did that at one time. I even plugged in a keyboard at one time as it was easier to use than the small keyboard I have, but now I'm used to it and no longer need that. My laptop is 8 years old now and I've adapted to it now and love it. I only hope it keeps working a while longer. They say Mondays set the tone for the whole week, so I'm hoping you have a Happy Monday !

  2. sounds like a much needed peaceful time at home. though the blouse and shopping trip was good. sailing intrigues me, but i think i'd rather be rv'ing too.

  3. Morning will probably still be in bed its 8.20am here. Another very hot day forecast but thankfully not quite as bad as in London and the Far East coast where it will get over 31. About 90 I think...we are more in the middle south area when we look at the weather forecasters map..I think we might get up to 29 which is really toooo hot for me to sit outside.....have a good day...don't work too hard xxxxxxx


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