Sunday, July 22, 2018

Granny Jan (George's Mom) Hospice Care & Prayers Appreciated

Hey just a pop in.  We are about to get ready and head for church unless we get a call otherwise.
Granny Jan (George's Mom) was sent back over to where she was staying in the Alzheimer's unit, but is in Hospice care and it is only a matter of time.  I got to see her yesterday and she smiled at me when I smiled at her.  I will take that gift.  She was able to make some complete sentences here and there.  Mostly in answering very short questions.  Things like "Yes I want to rest" or "I don't know". 
She is mostly just sleepy or stares.  And very very weak. 

What really can one say?  It is very difficult to watch the process.  It's been a long road from the person she was to now.  But as she starts the passage, you reflect back to the happy times and all that she was and is in our hearts. 

So I ask for your prayers that she have a gentle passing, and met by our Lord and Savior Jesus in leading her the way. 

George has been here there and yon yesterday about town in 3 separate jaunts (instead of his usual planned outing of one) to do all errands at once -and he cut the yard.  I know he is keeping busy so he is not thinking of it.  That is my guess. 

There was a catch 22 in which hospital wanted to release but Hospice was not ready and neither was Providence.  We decided to pray and then suddenly it came together. The ambulance brought her back to Providence and then we went back to our house to look at family pictures, pulling out ones for his Mom.   So then we went back over and met with Hospice when they arrived along with George's sister to sign the papers and discuss what the care was and who all was on the Hospice team. 

It was 6 or after when we finished.  George wanted to fix a chowder soup but I asked could we please just go grab something out b/c we hadn't had lunch (other than some home cooked popcorn).  So we went to Mexican (he made me decide and didn't even want to be part of the decision).  So I got a mix of steak and chicken.  It was really good.  I'd not had Mexican in a while.

We came home and talked with Katy and she told us of her travels to San Antonio and also Waco this week.  The ranch took them to San Antonio and her friend Ashton came to see her and they went to Waco to see all things Chip and Jo Jo (the Fixer Upper folks) and went to their shop, their restaurant, and bakery.  The also went to the Branch Davidian Compound, which they said was an eerie thing.  This was brought on by someone's suggestion that was a history buff.  They toured around and found various houses that were flipped by Chip and JoJo.  They were hoping for a sighting of the two but no luck, lol.

I'm not sure if we are going to church or not.  George is not up yet and I think I should let him sleep.  It is going to be a very long week ahead and he needs the sleep. 

As far as getting things done - mainly laundry, kitchen cleaned, floor mopped, some dusting - I need to get things vacuumed and dusted overall and plumped up in the event we end up having company.  We are unsure of what will happen regarding the party or plans with our friends for Friday night.  I also have a job fair Tuesday and unsure about that or any of the things scheduled this week of course. So we will have to be prepared to drop plans at a moment's notice.

Oh we also called Uncle Ken and Auntie M to check on them - Uncle K had knee surgery - the pain from that can be excruciating. 

George is up.  Not enough time now for showers.  Anyway, we have to go get some twin sheets so they have an extra set.  Even though it won't be long - they still may need an extra set.  So we will go to Walmart.  I may need to go with Susan to buy Granny's dress.

Anyway, I guess we'll stick close to home then this morning and run errands this afternoon.  I think I want to clean out the fridge if we have time as well once the vacuuming is done. 

I've done an Isagenix order this morning and added some things to the Target order. 

That is all I know for now!


  1. Will certainly be keeping you all in prayer. Both of you and Georges mom. May the dear Lord comfort you as you go through this difficult time. Sending lots of love your way !

  2. So sorry to hear about your mother in law, I've been through the same with my husband and it's a hard place to be. Praying for you and your family.

  3. My dear friend, when your heart is heavy mine is too, you have a very odd week ahead I pray that you feel the Lord there walking with you and holding you up when needed, I pray that folks at work will be understanding, share with them so they know that you can't be jumping around...take care. God Bless you and George xxx

  4. I am sorry your family and your Mother in Law are having to go through this time. Remember the happy times.

  5. saying prayers for georges mother.


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