Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy July 4th, Conference Call, Business Talk

Happy 4th everyone.  Hope you and yours have a wonderful one. 

George and I decided (ok it was me) to have a bacon and egg breakfast with grits this morning.  So after work yesterday, I stopped to get bacon.  I paid a little extra for "extra thick" since it's a holiday. 

I worked on my vacation planning a bit yesterday as I don't want to lose any and have not taken a lot this year.  I wish we could roll more than 40 over as I'd just save it.  But that is not the case and I certainly don't want to lose something I've earned.  

I told Katy we'd be there the week of Thanksgiving.  So soon I will turn in that week.  I've been hesitant b/c we aren't sure about George's work and it's just not appropriate to ask/plan around that.  We are also beginning our conversations around a trip to Arizona in January.  I feel certain at least I will go, and if he can get arranged, he will go part of it.  It's a business event for 3 days so I'll be tied up for a few days and will explore on the days before/after.   I have some money (coupon) in my back office account toward an event.  I just remembered that last night. 

Anyway I came home and finished up my challenge, including typing up my essay b/w 250 and 500 words.  Well you know me - I'm a wordy one.  So I had to do like 3 rewrites to get it down.   I have to submit maintenance photos, but it wasn't clear as to what time frame so I'll have to figure that one out.  I will soon begin the new one.   I think we have to wait til the quarterly judging period is over before we get our $200 in product.  But I can't submit the whole thing yet until the maintenance photos are done closer to judging.  There is a "time stamp" you can use instead of a newspaper - so I have to figure out how to make that work.  That way I don't have to go buy a newspaper at the beginning and ending of a challenge. 

We had a conference call last night with our team on Zoom.  And I allowed the camera to come through.  It was great.  George didn't do anything weird behind me.  I figured he'd come up to the laptop and show his belly button or something - lol.  We had a good call and learned about bonuses and comp plans.  It was very encouraging.  It is encouraging to see the success and $$ that is coming.  Members are like - oh my gosh the money is coming and we don't even know where it is coming from.  lol  So they reviewed the comp plan and at certain levels it starts doubling and tripling.  People are reaching levels that outpace their current positions.  At that point I supposed decisions have to be made.  They are showing us what they did.  Calls like this make me see the new RV coming into play!  Woot Woot.  There is a 10:00 conf call today.  I may join or may not.  It depends on breakfast time and what we are doing.  But they do have a conf call explaining some social media aids today and it will be recorded so I can catch later if need be.  They want our pic so after I shower and fancy up a bit - I'll have George take a pic of me - a headshot.  I don't like the way my selfies turn out.  

Anyway, fun times.  I'm thinking I will start the Mind and Body program and that is the only thing standing in my way in getting some things done.  But I believe tomorrow I'll be starting to dive into things a little deeper and stronger.  I've just been in learning mode but I think I'm at the point that I can overlay learning with sharing.  Heck people are making me share before I'm ready to - lol.  

Anyway, so excited on this adventure.  It's been slow for me laying the groundwork.  My coach, Lou says "Oh my gosh you are organized." lol.  I have to lay the groundwork on anything.  I also plan to look at the business cards today and see how that works to order those.  I really like the name I've picked out of Nutrition Expedition.  I hope I can use that.  Our team says we should have that as a wrap on our RV.  lol   I love how this is going to help me come out of my shell more in talking and connecting with people.  I can talk when I'm comfortable.  But basically I'm an introvert with extrovert tendencies in certain situations.   It bothers me that I talk slow and sometimes have to take a minute to get my thoughts out -and the vities ---and the nutrition --is helping with the middle age fog - but being from the South we talk slower anyway.  I need to learn to talk faster!  I'm listening to some podcasts that by chance - talk pretty fast - and I really like it b/c maybe it'll help me speed up what I'm saying!  Time will tell.  Oh well, most of the time other people will be doing the talking anyway - my main thing is to not be shy and reach out.  

I've been excited about this all along.  The excitement continues and I've learned and it is time to switch gears and move in.  So pray for my efforts.  This is God leading me into this.  We are doing this together.  It will help so many people.  And the income will be tithed to helping other organizations like Alzheimers Foundation and the Crisis Pregnancy Center.  Happy that George has signed on to be my accountant!  One less thing to worry with and gives me time to focus on the other. 

Well, I need to go cook this breakfast.  Ya'll have a good time.  I'm going to see what kind of July 4th play list Alexa has for us, if any.  I'll post tomorrow regarding our to do lists accomplished or not.  And on what all we did today. 



  1. IT is so exciting this new venture of yours. I can hardly wait till you get started for's nice also that George is backing you so well....your walking/running into new ground and I am sure you will succeed, it's going to be so exciting I know I will be following your every's tenor now so I am away to bed. I night night. God Bless. Xxxx

  2. Your enthusiasm is amazing. Nice to have something so positive to be involved in. It's not just a new business you are starting but a new way of life too.


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