Friday, July 13, 2018

In Control and Channeling Your Vision

Good morning!  I removed the last two posts (set it to draft only).  I want to be positive and not negative about a very needy desperate situation that is impacting me.  Sometimes I have to have that 24-48 hours to figure out something in my own mind, to either reject or grasp, have a change of plan or direction, or adjust and recoup.  Sometimes I'm in a state of fight or flight - for a while - til I wrestle with the facts, the fear, the anxiety, and how it impacts my vision, until I decide if something is acceptable or not when I examine my feelings on it.  We can choose how we react to something, but often there is fine line between allowing your feelings to occur and then being able to respond appropriately when they do, especially if you wear your feelings on your forehead, like I do.

Those in your inner circles see it first of course.  And thank goodness for understanding family and friends.  In the past at times, I've not been so lucky to have family and friends that were patient, kind, understanding, and not judgmental, or gossipy. Most everyone realizes that with every challenge in life you have to go through a process:  grief, anxiety, fear, anger, mistrust, and trying to gather facts, not having facts and guessing, and so forth.

So I've had to do a reset, and quite frankly went from over analyzing to rejecting and just not being able to process it and to just having to give it to God and tell Him to own it b/c I couldn't even think about it anymore.  Somehow he magically just made me move toward what I needed to do.  He literally placed my steps as I was too numbfounded <--- like that one lol!  I was too numbfounded to do anything myself.

But I am better now.  Amazed that God worked through me so beautifully at the asking.
I still don't know how it will turn out but I know that I own me, I own my brand (who I am and what I am talent-wise), and ultimately it really IS my choice as to how I decide it will go.  Your mind sees a vision and it will make strides toward it.

Your mind also carries with it learned notions from the past - what worked and what didn't - we can't help but have fear and anxiety and reflective moments when life begins to repeat itself. Our programmed minds pulls the cards from the memory channels as it processes what it knows already about similar situations when the current but new situation presents itself.  That kicked in for me in the recent days and made me have a fight or flight reaction that shook my world.  Sorry I'm a writer - so my words area always dramatic. :-O

So that is a lot of psycho babble, but basically I am ok mainly because I KNOW I WILL be ok because I am in ultimate control of what happens to me, as is God.  I realize now I don't have to be a victim of circumstance if I do not wish to be.  This thing is steerable in more ways than one.

So yeah.  Life is good.

I am also off today.  I have the opportunity to be able to actually have a thought to myself.  lol
I'm going to do some retail therapy, clean up on the house, do some business - some of which I have already done. I would like to do a blog redesign if not today then sometime this weekend.

Due to this week's stresses, I took a wrong turn and ate things that were bad for me. Food has often been a comfort or reward to me when I did not like a situation. While everyone cheats at some point - I ended up cheating too many times in a row and felt horrible.  Not only did it add to my already negative situation but it impacted my mood as well.  Not having the right nutrition really sets you up in a bad way all the way around.  That said, I had a TWO shake day yesterday - I think that was my first ever.  And it helped me to get through and actually enjoy the day.   At 10:30 last night I was still an energized bunny.  So I have decided that TWO shake days are not bad.

This morning I had a meal replacement bar so I could help some folks who were interested in our system and to be able to blog without having to go fix a shake.  Lazy a bit but - when you are writing or have a flow going, sometimes you don't want to break the cycle.  Momentum and streamlining your life is key - lol.  While on the laptop I just wanted to get all the computer things done and then be able to compartmentalize my day accordingly.

I have a lot of boxes to open today - about 8 of them - lots of smaller boxes coming from Target, Four Sigmatic, and Isagenix.  Often I wait til the weekend to open them all.  I look like a business.  Well actually I guess I do have a business.  That is exciting to be able to say you have a business.  I am actually shocked that I do.

Look my business cards came in yesterday.  I was so excited.

I am loving being able to share this with others.  And just the positive experience and the learning that goes along with it - is amazing. I want others to feel how good I feel!  This makes me excited about life and it helps me deal with everything else in life in a much better way.  And it's coming at a good time in our lives.  And I'm so glad George is supporting it.  It takes some time away from him a bit if I have a conference call through dinner, or a 3 way call on a whim, or getting info people need and hooking them up to information, and following up.  It takes some time and luckily it is enjoyable because I know what it did for me.  And as I was about to say it comes at a good time because with George having lost his FT job and only in a temp purchasing position - who knows what will happen.  I'm just so proud of this system and how it can help.  Being around such positive influence has also come at a good time when I need it.  It's helped me to be able to be a better me all the way around  - in my day job, as a person, and my relationships, and it's pulling me out of my shell and into a wonderful world where you can realize that dreams don't have to be dead.  That visions can and do come true.

The above is through my Mind and Body Program.  It also helped me through the recent challenge - which is still not over - but realizing that you are in control of the decisions you make in your life is key.  You don't have to settle.  You get to choose directions, set visions, and go for it.  Your brain knows nothing different but to work toward the vision you set. It's that simple.  So if you don't have a vision - go get one so you can get where you are going!

Last night George and I sat down to watch a movie.  We had talked with Katy through the cooking of dinner, through dinner, and then was about to watch a movie but we kept talking about things and laughing.  It was fun time and a much needed time for us all.  So when we got off it was late.  I was off today but George was not.  So he kept moving down in the sofa as the previews began for our movie.  And ultimately he finally said "I gotta go to bed".  As you can see the dogs had their own visions of going to sleep as well.  I tried to stay up and do a few things (remember it was a two shake day and my energy was amazing) and Maisy kept barking and putting her paws on me to hurry and come to bed, so I did.

This morning she is in her hidey hole - which is where she likes to sleep behind the sofa.  lol 

Well, I need to get on with my day.  But all going well.  Retail therapy today and a haircut.  Need some self time.  The world has to wait!


  1. Thanks for this post. We are living parallel lives right now, experience-wise. Just know your writing helped someone today...and perhaps mulling things over before/during/editing our writing helps us mull faster and progress (not perfection). Have a great weekend!

  2. So glad you've got your enthusiasm back. No good ever to focus on the negative. Being positive is something we can all benefit from. The good Lord gives us the gift of life each day we wake up and we're to enjoy each one best we can and be thankful for it. Everyday might not be a good one but there is something good in every day when we take the time to look for it. So be positive, smile and move forward !

  3. Oh Sonya, I am so very proud of you. Since you had the vision of what could happen if you tried the Isajenex and stuck with it and now although there are negative things going on around you NOW YOU ARE STRONG and know deep down that you are in charge and that with Gods help you really will get whatever you aim for....when I think back to things that were happening a few years ago and when you were almost collapsing under it all the here you are smiling your way through knowing you WILL WIN through everything. Xxxxxxx


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