Monday, July 30, 2018

Internet and Laptop Issues, Anxiety Handed to God, and Proverbs Devo

I was 20 minutes early at the computer this morning and was excited to be early.  However, the internet was down so there was 20 minutes of precious morning time that was unproductive.  I am probably not far away from getting a new laptop.  I may have to start using George's computer b/c I really don't want to have to go buy one.  The next one will be a Mac - I think.  I'm tired of going through a laptop every 3 years.  A mac lasts forever right?  lol  I keep hearing how awesome they are.  However, I've not had a lot of trouble with this one until the touch pad and keyboard starting acting up. 

So yesterday, George did not want to go to church so he could get several things done at home.  I was fine with that and not having to get ready and go out so early as we'd had to do the day before.  

Every day that passes, I am sure that we will get a call about Granny.  So the call did not come.  It has been 9 days without food or water.  My heart just hurts.  She was resting yesterday when George went to see her.  She was not awake.  Her breathing was shallow.  

As the days press on, I struggle fighting the moments of anxiety that work, vacation, and funeral will clash and be trying to all happen at once.  But when that flash of anxiety occurs I ask myself why it is that I'm anxious?  Well, because I really want to be there for my family with Granny.  I really want to be there for work with all that is happening, I really want to be there for this two to three day vacation thing that is paid for.  But I keep saying that God is in control and He will be in charge of the timing.  It will be what it will be and we will figure out the rest.  I think that when you are a planner, and like to have things set and ready - it's hard to keep from being a bit anxious.  

So what am I afraid of?  What is making me try to be so anxious?  Well, we know how it can be at work when things don't go like others want it to - if you are not there to do xyz and abc time frame.  And we know how bad it makes one feel if you can't make a vacation that partly someone has paid for.  And the one thing that absolutely I don't want  to happen is not being there for family.  I will make that happen.  So it's the other two that will lose out.  Anyway I am not so anxious - but my normal psyche is trying to tell me to be.  I keep just praying and it goes away.  I'd be anxious w/o this going on anyway as so much is going on at work over and above the norm.  So I keep having to give that over to God b/c my strength alone is not big enough for that one.  I did see a Superman t- shirt this weekend that I almost bought so I could have an S on my chest, but I'll pass.  God gets to wear the t-shirt.  Not me.  Any success that comes out of a mess so big that is beyond your control in life - has to come from God. lol  

So I have read in Proverbs this morning.  

A soft answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger.  Proverbs 15:1

A gentle tongue is a tree of life but perverseness in it breaks the spirit.  Proverbs 15:4 

(If you find stray letters inserted in words or letters missing from words, it's b/c my keyboard keeps skipping me around.  Between that and the touchpad, this thing is getting hard to use. I don't always have time to proof my work til later.  So forgive.)

A glad heart makes a cheerful face, but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is crushed.  Proverbs 15: 13

A hot-tempered man stirs up strife but he who is slow to anger quiets contention.   Proverbs 15: 18

The heart of the righteous ponders how to answer, but the mouth of the wicked pours out evil things.  Proverbs 15:18

Had a mango peach shake yesterday.  It was heavenly.  I can see why it was so popular.  The good news is that it is a permanent flavor now.  

I've had to reorganize my product shelf in the laundry room.  I needed more space as my shake flavors increase.  I think the peach is my favorite, then the chocolate one - then the rest are about the same to me.  I sometimes add peanut butter to vanilla or the chocolate - or I might add fruit to have an added or varied flavor.  It does add calories if you add things.  But I don't worry about a few frozen berries here and there.  

We were bad and had pizza last night as we had one that was unbaked (not frozen) that needed to be fixed.  So I was sad, yet happy, lol.  

I have cleanse day today and need it.  

I've been doing sit ups at night and leg lifts - in bed - but it still works.  I need to exercise more but it remains hard to fit in the schedule unless we make a scheduled activity of it.  You know I'm not willing to give up the blog.  It's too dark anyway to walk at this time.  After work there is no time - especially now with trying to do so much with the new business, or running errands and such.  

Wow, Wed it will be Aug 1.  I'm glad for July to almost be over.  I hate the roads will be filled with school traffic again making it hard to get to work w/o having to fight with the traffic over a little pavement. July can be a hot month but Aug can be more humid and even hotter.  So I've never been too fond of August either - school used to be kindof exciting though.  Getting into a new routine and all.  I still get excited looking at school supplies and find myself over there myself.  I bought some pens.  

But the first of the month brings a lot of things that I have to do at work - which I do in cycles every month.  So - yeah all that will be trying to happen and of course no time to do it in b/c the earth is falling apart and about to swallow us up. lol

 I think the earth has been cracking for some time truth be known. 

Well, I need to go and get ready - but will do my mind and body program this morning.  

Here is a pic of Maisy from last night. 


  1. We just have to be flexible and go with the flow, taking what life brings our way and doing the best with what we can with what we've got. Proverbs offered some great advice about how to live our lives. I once had made great plans for a family Thanksgiving with all my family coming in to celebrate and then we had the death of one of my little grandsons and everything changed forever...Not the family gathering we had planned on at all but I did get the money back on my reservations when I let them know it was due to a death. The money went to a different purpose. We can make all the plans we want to and that's ok, but very often God has other plans. Keep the faith, God is in control!

  2. I loved your proverbs today...good we can turn to them when we need them Isn't it...I don't know how people cope without knowing or accepting our Lord...well I do know, they are unhappy, worrying, people, I know quite a few who are like that...they are really lovely but just can't and don't want to know there is someone they can ask to help give them peace.....praying thhat Granny will go to George xx

  3. As I read about your anxiety of all things pressing and the timing of events, I’m in the same predicament. Four months ago, my husband and I paid for our trip to Las Vegas for our 35th wedding anniversary. Well, I was diagnosed with cancer and had to start radiation. So I told my husband to go by himself and have fun. So far I’m tolerating treatment and have a great support system.
    I teach at a public elementary school and we start next week. I’m taking sick leave so I won’t be able to go set up my room and be there on the first day with my 5 year old students. I wrote detailed plans and have materials separated for each day I’ll be out. Then the other teacher for my grade level quit. She and I worked together for a long time. The principal interviewed teachers and thought we had the perfect one, but it fell through. So now he’s done two teachers for our grade! Not a good way to start a school year. But there’s nothing I can do except concentrate on getting healthy. What is the saying, “ Let go and let God”? That’s my mantra these days.
    I’m sorry about your family member. It’s never easy to let go of a loved one.

  4. Maisy is so pretty.:)
    Macs do not last forever. You would hope they do because of the cost. But no. I think it's a matter of preference. Good luck with that.
    Prayers for Granny & family.

  5. Re the Mac lasting forever nope on average last about 2.5 yrs if that also that have software update every September and the only reason I use a Apple product is for the os (operating system) so there is that to consider I know I suggested getting a Mac for editing vlogs but I wanted to make you aware that macs have pitfalls and that the warranty is 12 months with and option to buy AppleCare for afurther two yrs

  6. Don't worry about anything, but pray and ask God for everything you need, always giving thanks for what you have
    Philippians 4:6
    This gives me comfort.

  7. There is no guarantee of any electronic accessories. Anytime can be out of order. So, I think Mac has no lifetime guarantee. Actually, not only thinks but also our life is not ever lasting. Everything has its own dickey. So, we should not keep diving into any anxiety rather always try to take everything easy and smooth and happy with things and deeds we have.I have gone through your whole content and trailing to the end of your great story, I sucked for a while. I am excited with what you and George did and shocked with ailing condition of your Granny. Prayer for your granny and your family. Read more here

  8. life offers no guarantees about what will be or when. so we have to go with the flow. and know it's whats in our best interest at the time.


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