Sunday, July 15, 2018

Jambalaya, Chrome Casting, and Lazy Dogs and People

George fixed a jambalaya this weekend.  It had shrimp and sausage.  It was over white rice Friday night.  I had to give him that one.  But, last night was over yellow grits.  We liked that the best.  It was really good.  

Last night I learned how to Chrome Cast.  I even got my blog up there at one point.  But it was fun putting the web cams up there.  This is the Destin Harbor - I watched the sun go down, dolphin tour boats come in, yachts, and sail boats of all kind.  Then I switched the New York skyline and watched the sun shine against the sky scrapers and settle and the lights of the city came on.  It was beautiful.  Go check out these links of webcams in my side bar.  

I love the Chrome Casting ability.  

I had to post this.  It's just an old log cabin camp site.  Sometimes this has appeal.  All in all I think it's just the escape that has the appeal but I do love nature as long as I'm not next to a spider or snake or in the raw elements for an extended period.  I'll take a lush luxurious cabin any day, turn on the fire place, read, peek out at nature, sit on the porch swing, shoot the b b gun at tin cans, fix dinner over a fire or in a cast iron skillet.  mmmm

Ok back to the real world. 

First of all my laptop is about to drive me crazy. The touch pad is starting to go out.  Grr.  At that point I will be having to get another one.  And I have already informed George that I want a Mac.  This having to get one every 3 years is for the birds.  I'll be typing along and then realize it has started typing in other places on the page.  So I really have to watch it.  It's weird.

Last night Roger was sleeping good.  Love the boy.  His tongue (missing teeth). 

So it is thundering and raining this morning.  I had hoped for a storm last night to cool us down.  Maisy is scared and is under my feet under the desk.  My goodness.  I hadn't realized she was so afraid of storms but I think she was caught out in it - I know our neighbor rescued her from the intense rain from a storm about a year ago.  I'm so glad she is ours. 

Anyway, a good night's sleep.  Changed the sheets and read from the Mississippi Solo book.  That is just relaxing to me to read about adventures.  The love stories and romance books that I once enjoyed and got into just seem to fall by the wayside.  Phbbbttt on romance.  lol 

I rarely get to read but about 2 to 3 chapters a week.  So it is always a slow go.  We pack too much in our lives.  But I love our life.  

Anyway, I am going to have to stop here and get ready for church.  I guess we get to ride in the rain and storms.  Lucky us.  

We will go by and see Granny today and I will come home and do some orders.  I need to iron up a few things, clean up my desk area, do some more laundry, work on the kitchen some, mop the kitchen floor, and make my plan for next week. 

I am still raw about a few things I'm dealing with.  All I can say is that I do have some abilities within me that works in my favor any time something like this happens. And as previously said "God has control, therefore do I".  

I struggle with my ability to be stubborn versus my ability to utilize my servant heart.  I suppose both work in my favor.  We always take steps toward our ultimate goals and that is what really matters in the end.  

Bless their hearts.  ;-) 

Have a good Sunday!  


  1. Sounds like this 3 day weekend has been very good for you. 2 days off and you still have Sunday! Relax and enjoy!

  2. I am so pleased to have my happy Sonya have changed so much this past few months maybe you don't see it as much as we do who look in on you nearly every day....hope church was good and that Georges Mum was ok.its so sad when they get to that...far
    Hope the week ahead goes you YOUR plan. Maybe you could send some of your rain to us, we are still having it very hot, we are just not used to these hot and worse sometimes humid days...they keep saying we may have rain but it never arrives...well it did yesterday for about ten minutes !! It's 7.30 now and I think I will be able to sit out shortly there's a wee breeze blowing up now as I sit by the open door, it feels lovely. A neighbour Val was coming to take Masy for a wee walk when it got cooler, but she hasn't come yet......night night. God. Bless. Xxxx

  3. I can see that little Roger is spoiled rotten. He looks like he is cutting up for you. so cute. Sounds good you got some extra time off.

  4. i was going to say the same thing as ma. that 3 day weekend has worked wonders for you. poor pup scared of the thunderstorms, so is my kitty mira.


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