Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Job Fair, Granny, and Sushi Dinner Out

Well I had permission to post this yesterday - it was from our job fair.  There is my assistant with me, Christina and also our VP of Ops, Don.   We had a good day talking to folks and I'm very appreciative to have had all the help!  

Afterwards Christina and I hit Ruby Tuesday's for lunch at 2:00 - we were really hungry by then. 

After that, back to work and left around 5:15 and then back home - and then out again to see George's Mom and get a brewski and sushi and Asian dinner with my SIL and BIL, Susan and Kevin.  We went through and picked out older pics for the funeral home.  The service is prepared in advance since we know it is coming soon.  She is still hanging on.  She looked so pretty in her new pink sheets.  And my SIL Susan combed her hair, put chap stick on her lips, and sang "You are my sunshine" to her.  Granny's eyes were beautiful but tired.  She had a look of love in her eyes as she looked around at each of us.  I held my tears til I left the room.  It was a sad time but a beautiful time.  Then on to the restaurant.  

Here was the restaurant we went to - Oishii which is a favorite of mine.  I love their hot tea.  I had a beer first and then got tea.  Brown rice tea. 

Here is George with his Mom and Dad when he was little!

Here's the sushi fun below: 

I'm going to a Global Celebration event soon and I believe this is foretelling!  I'll be meeting with some folks that will be helping me change my life and reaching some dreams.  ;-) 

I have been working on the business this morning.  It's kindof starting to explode a bit which is very interesting.  Anyway, gotta go do the day job.  Please pray for Granny.  And for us! 


  1. Dinner looks nice. Glad your job fair went well. Sending prayers your way.

  2. You all are in my prayers as you go through these difficult days. Glad you have family close by and are not in this alone. What a sweet picture of George and his mom and dad. Hope that job fair brought in some new recruits for you. It's over the hump of the week we go today....

  3. I am sorry Sonya. Life is just too hard to bear when we have a loved one sick or suffering. I love the picture of your husband with his parents. You can see the love on her face looking at him. He was cute. The Dad looks so proud and happy. Old pictures really do tell a story.


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