Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July 4th in the Past, Plans Tomorrow, and Working on the To Do List

Happy 4th coming up.  I hope that you and yours have a wonderful day tomorrow.  Likely I will blog, but in the off chance I decide not to - I wanted to be sure and wish you a good day.  

It is nice to have a day in the middle of the week to be off.  Especially this one.  As far as holidays go, July 4 has not ever been my favorite. Mainly b/c it is so dang hot and usually storms.  I'm all for what it stands for of course.  Growing up we usually had burgers and beans and potato salad and corn and maybe some ice cream or pie for dessert.  It was a fun time to get together.  After I left home, it didn't happen anymore much that I remember anyway.  I think we began making our own plans.  Many times we viewed the fireworks in downtown Nashville.  Back when there was less of a crowd.  Now you couldn't pay me to be in the mess.  lol 

Most of the time now we plan to stay home or go to a friends. The dogs are extremely uncomfortable when fireworks go off and I like to stay home with them when I can.  Maisy I have discovered is horrified and runs and hides.  The night before last I had to console her.  She does not like to snuggle like my Tugie used to.  But she snuggled the night before last and was cradled in my arms as we fell asleep.  I told her later "the fireworks are over and you can scoot over if you want, it's up to you".  She scooted over.  I swear they know what you are saying.  

I do think of hot dogs and burgers on the 4th.  It always seemed we should have a cookout here but we rarely do.  George does not like to grill.  I'm scared of the grill when it goes poof!  lol  So I never get grilled food anymore.  I think when we get the RV, we'll do the charcoal kind and do a good ole fashioned grill out.   I may have to learn to grill. lol And that is ok.  

When Katy was really little, Granny and Granda would have all the grandkids over (parents too) and had a little kiddie pool, water melon, and burgers and dogs and tater salad and beans - or whatever we were having.  Might have been chicken a time or two.  But I remember flying a kite successfully for the first time.  I was delighted and awed.  I'd always wanted to but had never been shown how.  I think I had a kite as a kid but it would never go up and we had too many wires and trees anyway.  But it soared one July 4 as a thunderstorm rolled in.  Granda showed me how to fly a kite!  lol I was the biggest kid of all.

George always liked to take Katy to the fireworks and I would stay home with doggies and be happy to do so.  Now he's MINUS his fireworks buddy. As she is in Texas. But we do have some special plans for tomorrow - although home most of the day - and I'll share that on Thursday.  

I'm thinking I'd like to fix bacon and eggs for breakfast tomorrow.  If so it means I'd have to stop at the grocery on the way home tonight.  I bet that will be a madhouse.  lol I noticed this weekend that you couldn't hardly even shop without being in someone's way.  That gets on my nerves big time - when you are trying to shop and have to keep moving for everyone to get through just to pick out one item on the shelf.  Or you are trying to find your item and feel in a hurry because others need that same space.  It was like that on Saturday.  We ran into two people at Krogers and got into conversations with each and it didn't matter how many times we moved over (three or four at least) - we were always in someone's way.  lol  But they are just trying to shop too.  

Anyway, I'm going to get off of here and go fix my shake this morning.  I'm sipping coffee instead of doing my shake right now as I type this.  But my body is ready for nutrition.  The cleanse day went well yesterday.  You do get hungry a bit right at the time it's time for the next thing - whether it be the deep colored berry juice, or the chocolate, or the two little snack "buttons".  

Last night I came home and watched a couple of my You Tube Shows.  I know I promised to put links to the shows in the side bar and haven't yet.  There is a lot on my list to do.  I have noticed on cleanse nights by 6 or 7 - I'm pretty much just not interested in doing much.  I want to sit and be entertained watching beautiful scenery - like sailing.  So I watched "Have Wind Will Travel" last night and "MJ Sailing" as they sailed solo through the devils backbone.  Pretty waters! 

It excites me that today is our "Friday" of sorts.  lol  And then Thursday will be sort of a Monday again but not really.  Makes for a short week. I'm looking forward to having a "bit" of time to cross some things off my list.  

So far it's been a slow Monday of getting things done yesterday.  At lunch I managed to get our reservations pinned down and the timing for an outing this week and also get a confirmation from my sister and Mom for Mom's birthday.  But need to get the reservations squared away for that. 

I was going to do the Target order and finish my challenge last night.  I decided that a cleanse day, at 7 p.m. was NOT the time to be writing an essay and be most effective.  So I plan to do that at lunch time today.  I did look up what all needed to be in my essay at lunch yesterday and took notes on that.  

Oh I also read a bit last night in my Mississippi Solo book.  It's going to be a good one.  It is also a good read for during the week - short chapters and an easy read.  So I need to finish a book this month and a book in August to meet my goal.  I realize I do have a lot going on.  But we are having fun.  Having the goals and to do's we have is like saying "Let's hurry up and have fun".  Well yeah there are some not so fun things - like doing windows - they never get checked off the list either. lol  But I'm pushing for it!  

Lisa and Lou mentioned us going to Phoenix, AZ after new years for the next event.  They have a VRBO place booked with 4 bedrooms for their team.  George says he's up for a trip to Phoenix.  So I'll be planning out my vacay days and figuring out what I can do here in the next little bit. We'll talk it over.  I have some miles on my Southwest that could apply.  But I'm not sure b/c of the dogs.  I just don't know.  We'll have to discuss it.  I do have a couple of options for the dogs I think. We could hire a house sitter.   Or we could break down and board them but I don't really want to do that.  Lots to consider. 

Well, I am going to get off of here and get ready for work.  I'm ahead of schedule today as I went to bed at 8.  Heck it was still light outside.  I slept good last night.  I did wake up early since I went to bed early but I snoozed til my normal wake up time.  

George just confirmed that a special breakfast of eggs, bacon, and grits and toast was good tomorrow!  So we'll do that in the morning. 

Ya'll have a good day. 

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  1. Yes, the 4th is a special day and you do have a lot of good memories. It's going to be a quiet day for me as all my family are on vacations. It's sorta nice having 2 Fridays in one week. When I worked I'd take vacation days to make it a long weekend. Hope your have a fantastic Friday on a Tuesday!


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