Thursday, July 26, 2018

Not Thinking About Anything Day

Well, so far Granny still hanging in there.  And yesterday was kind of a hard day for me after seeing her the day before. 

So is it really only Thursday?  It feels like it should be Friday or Saturday already.   I did not get enough sleep last night either.  How did this week get so long?

We talked, watched below deck, and had fish for dinner.  It was all good. 

But...honestly, I am just done for the week!  Well I'm not but I just want and need more rest.  Can I not please just go back to bed?  lol

I don't want to have to think about anything right now.  And so I'm not.  I've officially declared it as "not thinking about anything day". 

Waiting for the coffee to kick in.  So far it has not.  Making the "not thinking about anything day" so much easier.   I'm on the 2nd cup.  Nada. 

So...since I'm not thinking about anything, I don't have a lot to say.  I just want to go back to bed and wake up without an alarm going off at 4:10 before I'm ready to get up.  One day it won't.

Ya'll have a good day as I try to go get ready without thinking about it.  I'll probably have eye liner on my ears.


  1. It's good to give your mind a rest just as it is for us to give our bodies some rest. Not thinking, sounds like a great way to spend your day. If you must think of anything at all, make sure it is about something good ! A positive thought chases the negative ones away! Hopefully the coffee will kick in soon ! Fridays do follow Thursdays!

  2. Hope after your third coffee you might feel slightly more...alive....and that the day went a bit better than it started. Take care love and keep smiling xxxx


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