Thursday, July 5, 2018

Our July 4th Day: Some Work and Some Play

Good morning!  Day after July 4th here.  We got to talk to our girl in Texas!  She has texted and called a lot lately and we appreciate that.  
I was getting up from the blog to cook breakfast yesterday and George said "I'll do it".  So there was no contest from me on that.  It was a great breakfast.  And it was nice to eat a normal breakfast of bacon and eggs and grits and we also had salmon leftover from the night before.  A huge breakfast that we can't enjoy on a normal workday.  So this was nice.  We both snarfed it up - practically inhaled it.  lol  

My little Maisy girl is horribly afraid of fireworks.  She has not even wanted to go outside for business and I have to make her go.  She refused to get out of bed this morning for the longest.  Finally she got up and retreated to my closet.  Then to the back of the sofa - she often stays behind the sofa to sleep as a habit (during the day)- for fear of the other dogs when she first moved in.  But I had a time getting her out this morning and she didn't want to eat her food even.  But finally I coaxed her out by reclining in the chair and acting like I was going to watch TV.  She came to my lap - then I hooked her up and took her outside and gave her breakfast and finally got a tail wag.  Bless her. 

So yesterday I had a VERY productive day making some headway into Nutrition Expedition - well that is what I will call it.  It was a fun day but a work day - but I don't call it work.  I enjoyed myself. I ordered business cards - something happened in the system and it wouldn't save so I had to do it again.  That part wasn't fun.  So I thought I had to have a name for the business no the card, but I don't - it's just Isagenix - so no subname.  That's good.  I wasted all that time waiting to come up with a name.  lol 

I also started the "Mind and Body" program which is a training program of sorts to discipline you for nutrition, fitness, exercise (I need that part, lol) and leadership.  It's a program that you do for 10 minutes a day for 60 days.  

In addition to business cards I ordered a few brochures, order pads, and tools to help me.  Maximum expense around $100.  Someone had commented about not wanting to be a Debbie Downer and that they saw a friend fail in a business and lost money and so forth.  At least with this business you don't even have to make an investment - except as to what you want.  You do need to buy the product and use it if you like it and want to share it - you can do so and get paid for it - or not do so as you wish. There is no investment required but some minimal things are there for you in your back office IF YOU want them.  Many just print them out and make copies of order forms.  I just ordered a tear sheet of them for my convenience.  I don't have a copier here.  The printer is not the best in the world.  So I opted to do that.  That is the beautiful things about this.  You can do it or not and there is no investment unless you want to.  Yes I bought business cards, yes I bought a hotel room in Nashville.  Yes I bought a seminar for $50 that I'll get paid back in food product.  Yes, I bought some order pads.  Even if I quit wanting to share this before all that happens, I will say "that was incredible".  I would be willing to pay for what I have learned and how it is changing my life and what I know now and with the friends I'm making.  So I didn't post the Debbie Downer comment b/c it was Anonymous.  I figure if someone needs to say something that is worth saying they can own it and not be embarrassed to show their name.   But I'm happy to relieve your concern.  Any investment I've made has been minimal.  The larger expense of a hotel room here and there and any travel - can be chalked off as "fun and entertainment" if I totally quit afterwards.  But, even if my expenses of that business (but fun) travel trip outweighed any money that came in - and my business was a loss on paper - that is not a big deal to me b/c - there was no investment except what I wanted, there is no pressure to succeed except for what I want to do, and the biggest thing is there is a tax break and I would have enjoyed the travel.  Any work done is learning and sharing and helping others.  It's caring about people and helping them reach their goals.  And anything coming from it also helps other groups as well that cannot help themselves, like the elderly.  So there is no losing.  The only way to fail is to quit.  So we are good.  I had to smile at the comment though.  Because that just meant I am on the road to success.  How many successful people had people warn them.  So thanks!  I'm good though.  I see how this has helped me and I want to share it.  I'm not investing anything I have not wanted to.  I don't even have to have business cards.  But for me, I decided I wanted them.  I picked it as a tool to help me.  So "Anonymous" - it's all good   But I truly appreciate your concern.  Had it been any other business in the world - there would have been an investment.  My investment was buying the product for myself.  And oh what a good investment that was.  I wish I'd known about this long ago.  It has solved my main issues that I've had for a long time and for the same price as what I was spending on groceries and eating out. 

Well, so on to the rest of the day....we met friends at Opry Mills Mall to eat at Claim Jumper.  Oh I wished we had picked something else.  Service was slow.  The salad was soggy and horrible.   I did not want to complain but someone from our table had the manager come over and I told them.  We got my salad free.  $16 for a soggy salad is a lot to pay.  I did not eat it - except for the chopped chicken bits on top.  My dinner was part of a popcorn box at the Opry.  Can't win them all.  But our choices were limited on July 4.  

Then on to the Opry.   Wade Hayes, Riders in the Sky, Mandy Barnett, Jeannie Sealey, Flat Lonesome, Don Schlitz, Jimmy Somebody (lol) and Joshua Hedley.  I'm sorry I don't have time to research and tag all these and I cannot remember all of their names.  No time to look them up.  I need to go but I'm leaving you with pics.  

Ranger Doug below.

We saw fireworks as we drove home and had to coax Maisy outside for business.  

Bed felt good.  I'm happy with all that was accomplished yesterday.  I also downloaded an app and set it up to help with the business.  Getting ready to run with it!  
The only way to fail is to quit!  

So you all have a lovely day - got to get off to the day job.  The other one is just the fun job.  

Ya'll be good.  

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  1. A little work and a little play is the best way to live. If you love what you do it is never work anyway. Your positive attitude is really shining through these days! Happy Monday on what really is a Thursday. Hope today is wonderful one for you !


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