Friday, July 6, 2018

Productive Day!

Well, G'Morning Mate!

Today we have rain coming in.  At one time it was 100% chance.  Yesterday it said 90% - we'll see.
It is looking a bit dark out there unless the sun has just not come up yet.

I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday already and then quickly realized it was not.  However, the fact that it WAS Friday has some appeal.  This week it has been a bit of a wearing of a fire suit.  Not only is it blazing outside - it seems that I've actually put out fires all week long.  It's not been a normal week.  Well some parts are, lol, but my fire hose and hat have been in full use this week.  Much of the regular program being ignored.

So I am pleased with yesterday's progress.  Well the week's progress, truth be known. I've managed to get going this week and made hefty strides toward some goals and knocked some big things off of my list.  And yesterday was no exception.  I was able to come home and get the Target order done, did my 10 minute daily Mind and Body course (which I love by the way), follow up on some connections, and some friends, and also begin reading Proverbs as a part of my summer Bible Study.  Ecclesiastes to follow.  And we are setting up for an LCR nite (Left Right Center game) with our friends later this month. So I reached out to set dates with some of our buddies.  So very productive evening.

Soon we need to plan George's birthday.  It is coming up soon.  I need to go shopping!

George fixed a really fantastic dinner last night.  It was chicken florentine (ok that was a frozen meal which is stuffed chicken we get from Aldi's) but he added sweet potato (baked) and grits that were left over from July 4th's breakfast.  We tried to watch Below Deck but as I figured it was a holiday week so it will not air til next week.  We began watching Bullet Proof with Owen Wilson (old movie) but I don't believe I've ever seen it.  If I have I've forgotten it.  However, as usual, with 30 minutes left in the movie - my eyes got heavy and I began to close them.  So George stopped the movie so we can finish it tonight.  lol

Well I better get started this morning.  Gotta go to Publix on the way in and get cake and ice cream for July birthdays at work.  I'll be eating my Isagenix lemon bar instead, but everyone else can eat the fat for those that want it.

Well, have a wonderful Friyay!  Rain and a few degrees cooler on the way for us here.  Looking forward to my shake this morning - my tummy is growling!  Going for Pina Colada this morning.  I was going to add pineapple, but I believe I'm out.  I have blackberries and blueberries in the freezer but that goes better with vanilla or strawberry.  I'm in the mood for the Pina Colada.

Ok off of here! So I can get out of here and get through the routine of the day.  Hopefully today will be better than last Friday.  Last Friday was compared to a Nightmare on Elm Street.  I can hear the music now.  lol



  1. Yay! It is Friday and hope it is a fantastic day for you. It would be nice to have a good end to your work week. It's such a good feeling when things go right. I've never had chicken florentine, I'll have to check it out next time I go to Aldi. It is much cooler here today thanks to rains last night. Still very humid though but I'm thankful for a break in the heat.

  2. dinner sounded great. glad you had time to cross a few things off of your list to do.


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