Thursday, July 19, 2018

Reviewing the To Do List & Pondering Negativity

Well, the week has gone by fast but yet slow.  Hard to explain.  Most of my "to do list" for the nook and crannies of the week have once again fallen by the wayside.  Things I was going to at lunch and so forth.  But I did get a few things done this week.  Hold on:

ARGHHHHHHH!  My keyboard is driving me crazy.  I'll be typing and then it will start typing in one of the sentences above instead of where it needs to be.  I don't understand what is happening to it.

Ok back to my story.  I did get Mom another gift bought - but sadly not for the same investment amount.  :-(  I am going to just use the shake I bought her and decided to use the blender as well and that way I have one for work.  I need the extra glasses anyway b/c the shake glasses for the blender are used so frequently that I never have enough w/o having to rewash every morning.  Most of the time they are sitting in the dirty dishwasher, have to be retrieved and then washed by hand - so this gives me two more and now they can be run through the dishwasher.

I did get my flat iron ordered and it should arrive today.

I did get a Paparazzi jewelry person in the line up for my Sip and Shop in October.  I have Trades of Hope coming, a Lula Roe person coming and friend and partner Lisa and I will be doing our nutritional system.  So we are all booked for the vendor line up.  I'm looking so forward to doing this for my friends and neighbors.

I did pick up my Rx (BP meds) this week and ordered something for George's birthday.   I did read some in my Mississippi book and spent some time with George watching a movie he wanted to watch.  It took 3 nights though, lol.

I am behind on the Mind and Body thing.  I think I have 3 days to do.  There is only so much you can pack in a day with working all day, building a business on the side, and then still being married, lol.  Luckily I do enjoy most of it.  But the day runs out quickly.

I did listen to podcasts - some really good ones.

So we are here at Thursday already.  Friday's sister.  Tomorrow is Mom's birthday party.  Looking forward to our plans there.

I did get my hair colored last night.  It wasn't written on my list but it should have been.

Rogers Rabies shot is scheduled for Saturday.

We have also been working on our LCR Game night here at the house with friends on the 28th.  We normally go all out for food.  George says keep it simple.  So we are having pizza as the meal.  We are getting caulipower (the cauliflour pizza) for the ladies who are watching their wastelines.  ;-)   We are cooking the pizzas ourselves which will cut down on the cost.

Katy is in Waco with a friend that flew out to visit her.  I feel so bad.  Every time she calls I'm hugely busy at work - and yesterday I had lost something that I needed for a meeting.  I was looking for that while she talked about Waco.  I have had SO MANY projects/papers on my desk that things start to get lost in the shuffle and it gets frustrating.  I was in a panic looking for something.  So I was not at my best attention span.  So I need to get back with her when I'm not at work spinning my chair around like Sybil from the Exorcist.  No relation to our beloved Sybil that is my support unit- my angel that watches over the blog!  ;-)  I miss her of late this week.

It has truly been a frustrating couple of weeks - a downspout of a time for me.  I had been so delightfully happy since March, when I dove into my nutrition plan and began to feel so much better.  But then some unhappy spots of my life crept up from an external source.  What once was an enjoyment turned into a big question mark and a big ball of negativity.  Negativity is everywhere and it is hard to get away from it.  I feel threatened by the situation  - perhaps it is only me that is doing that to myself, but having been the butt of people's false perceptions before - feel like it's happening once more.  I have a very deep sense of perception and can feel it.  Sometimes one can sniff failure in the air.  One can only do so much to help a situation or to help it help itself.  And I don't even want to talk about it anymore.  lol  Life is too freaking short to be unhappy and dread things, you know?  It really makes one think.  I hate that I let things bother me.  I am human.  I like to see things work out.  I hate it when things just don't work out.

Well, that's all for today.  Always on the move, always the rush to the next thing.  Lucky me.  ;-)


  1. We cannot let others expectations control us just as we cannot let our expectations of others control them. It's our choice. If we could just accept each other as we are life would be a lot simpler. I always made a rule that my family would not call me at work. It was always busy there and unless it was an emergency I had no time for personal calls at work at all. I'm sure your gal understands how busy you are at work. It sounds like you have some good times coming and lots of positive people in your life. Make the most of what makes you happy and it helps to carry us through the rough times. Hope you do have a happy Thursday!

  2. love the cartoon at the opening of of your blog post. glad you were able to find something else for your mother's birthday. good thing the original items won't go to waste.


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