Friday, July 27, 2018

Too Much Going on...Life is Big

Everything seems to be all about the forest on my computer this morning - so we'll go with the forest theme on the blog.  It does look intriguing.  I'd love to be there walking through it.  It's so calm and birds would be chirping and chipmunks playing.  

My world is trying to stress me out but I'm not letting it.  There is too much going on all around me.  I look around and think "Is this my crazy life? Why on earth am I here? Did I sign up for this?" lol 
Life is too short to be stressed, to do things you don't want to do, to put up with things you don't have to put up with.  

So, I've just given it all to God.  I'm just a robot.  Here God take it.  

Granny is in bed dying and Lord bless her.  We went to see her yesterday after work.  I put chapstick on her lips.  We took the dogs and she was happy to see them.  I saw the slightest of a smile.  Not a big one, but it was there.  Roger laid his head across Granny.  Look at how Granny looks at you.  It's as though she is speaking with her eyes.  She can only give a whisper.  

Ms. Maisy had to get in on the action.  It was a special treat for all of us.  Granny we love you.  So Much!  And so do the fur babes.  

Ms. Maisy in my lap making the small journey over.  She was happy to get to go.  

There was a bright spot in the day yesterday.  We had a safety award lunch.  So nice!  

We had "Build Yo Burrito" and it was so good.  Chipotle catered it.  

And I love love love my back pack.  I've been wanting a back pack!  I probably won't carry it on my back but I'll sling it over my shoulder.  My purse is never enough.  So I always have a carry over bag. 

Just love it and love our safety team.  They rock.

Well, I have to say that I am truly glad that it is Friday.  I am rested though, unlike yesterday.  Yesterday was just a turd of a day.  Sorry it just was.  I was not rested.  But I gave it to God.  He just had to take over b/c I just. couldn't. even.  

Not sure I can today either.  I'm not sure how everything will unfold.  I have so many things going on right now at home and at work.  But I'm flowing through the moment just prioritizing - well hell - not really able to even do that - more like taking care of the person in front of me at the time. 

Out of all the 6 years I've been there at work - only a handful of days have been really bad - bad bad.  So I guess there is a season.  Why all the seasons have to happen at one time is beyond me but so be it.  Thank God for God.  I can do all through Christ who strengthens me.  Even against the devil and his arrows.  He shields. 

The timing on everything is a big mastercluck! I have no control over that either.  

The dogs get trimmed tomorrow.  
We have company (a houseful) coming tomorrow afternoon. Tonight is cleaning night. 
I need to catch up on my Mind and Body.  

I've had several power hours this week in the evening connecting and working with people on their nutrition and wellness journey.  There is so many people interested that it has been challenging just sharing it all.  It has been fun.  I have a 3 way call with a client tomorrow!  I can't think of any thing more inspiring to me than being able to help other people feel good so they can be able to go out and do what they love and conquer the world and set up some visions and dreams of their own. 

The peach shake came out as a permanent flavor with free shipping to those who were already a customer.  So I loaded up my order as the whole thing was with free shipping.  Woot! It's on the way.  I've got to add a few things to my Aug 4 auto ship (I change it around all the time).  There is one auto ship a month.  I keep my cleansing berry drink on there.  But I need to add my chocolate shake on the list.  Almost out.  I have always been a vanilla flavored gal all my life but I'm digging the mocha fudge! Yesterday I did a scoop of vanilla, a scoop of chocolate and added peanut butter powder (no oil) and it was lovelyyyyyy! 

I have vacation coming up week after next.  I was thinking of taking a chunk of the week but since work is really extra needy right now I think I will only take two days.  Since I have plans for those days and hotel booked for Global Celebration - I'll not be changing that.  Otherwise I'd move it around.  But I'm not missing that.  I've also already paid for the hotel.  It's come thru on the card already. 

And as I woke up this morning I felt refreshed.  I slept wonderfully.  And the Lord has given me a fresh new start and mindset.  And He has told me "Sonya, there are only so many hours a day and you will do the best you can with it.  You work for me.  And you will do what you can in those hours just like you do every other day in your career.  Just because you have more on your plate, does not mean that you WILL get more done - you won't - but just do the best you can like you have done every other day in your life."

It is true.  We fret over the things that sit that don't get done.  Afraid it will combust.  And well, one day it might.  One day someone may come a screaming wanting to know why it wasn't done.  And the list will come out as to why.  

Don't you hate having to defend yourself though?  All of my career I've hated having to defend myself to someone's erroneous thoughts about you as to why you don't do more and more and more and more and more.  

HR has developed into a field you have to be nearly super human to do.  I mean at first it was personnel:  time cards, scheduling, payroll and time entry, orientation, initial training and paperwork, benefits enrollments, interviewing, event planning.  

Then HR became responsible for everything else.  And what existed grew.

Legal compliance
Workers Comp & OSHA logs
Audits of all kinds
Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Investigations
Ad campaign strategies
Tracking of nearly everything
Child Support Mandates
Drug Screens 
Background Checks
Coaching other Managers daily
Policy creation
Employee Relations 
Information Center
Company Memo Center
Distribution of Benefit information 
Annual Open Enrollment/Benefits
Enroller of all new hires/terms in benefits
Columbo tracker of fake doc notes
Responsible for Everyone's Satisfaction
Counselor by default
Performance Review Monitoring (Have you reviewed your staff today?)
Birthday Celebrator
Change agent
Comp plan updater (if you are allowed to)
Culture changer (Get out the S for your chest for this guy)
Voicing Concerns for the Employees
Analysis on nearly everything  
Monitoring/Engaging the HRIS system if you are lucky to have one.  
Tracking in excel on nearly everything if not. 
Risk Management
Separation Process/Terminations
Chasing after reasons why employees leave/Exit Interviews 
Liason b/w staff and exec management
Retirement Planning

I know I'm not even touching it all with this list.  I know I have left a lot of things out.  But over the years not only are we expected to be administrative experts but also to keep everyone happy, get everything done, be creative, think differently than everyone else, create magic and all things happy.  

It's a lot of responsibility on your shoulders.  I used to be so frustrated because I wanted to get everything done.  And of course the more you do, the more others want you to do because you are dependable and have the data they need - so can you do this too - it'll help us?  It's so hard sometimes b/c you want to please in this career and help others.  So you keep doing everything to the nth degree and it evolves and gets bigger and bigger and before long its too big.  

Anyway, the Lord has reminded me that there truly is so many hours in a day.  So over the course of my career in HR, I've learned YOU WILL NEVER get it all done.  There will always be things sitting on your desk you will never do which I lovingly call the stack rot.

I try to take care of the people in front of me, take care of my bosses, meet the things with deadlines, do the things that will combust into a volcano if not done and go from there.  What more can one do? 

So it's all good.  God's got this.  

And somehow 5 or 5:30 p.m. will come and it will be the time to balance your life and spend time with loved ones and - we'll be working on our own list of stuff which we won't get all done either!  ;-)  

Life is full.  

Pray for Granny and all that we have going on everywhere.  Thanks for your support always and reading my daily drivel. 


  1. Yes, it does sometimes see as though we can't see the forest for the trees. So much happens at once. The good Lord does promise every day will be good, but He does promise to be with us through it all. His blessings are new every morning, great is His faithfulness. I like that back pack too! They do come in handy when you've got a lot to carry back and forth ! You and yours are in my prayers and thoughts always.

  2. A career as an HR sounds almost overwhelming!

    Special prayers for your grandma.


  3. It looks like Roger is trying to comfort your mil. so sweet. Dogs sense things I think. My heart hurts for you. I have watched family die and when you lose a parent it changes you forever. Makes one realize what is important in life. Family and being there with the people you love. I don't see how anyone could expect you to do all those things on the list. That is crazy. There is only so many hours in the day. Just do what you can do and leave the rest. Take care.

  4. I love that you took the doggies to see Granny. I know she had to feel the love. Prayers for all.

  5. Si love reading your daily journey..your words to and from our loving God...One day you will look back in wonderment shake your head and realise that you did ALL THAT. ,!!
    I havnt had any Facebook interaction yet ? I will e mail you over the weekend. I am going to bed now. It is almost pitch dark hoped to view the red moon tonight but to many clouds, think we may have RAIN..


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