Saturday, July 7, 2018

Weird Clouds, Weekly Worksheet, Business Thoughts

Well on the way home yesterday the sky became very interesting.  I wasn't too concerned as I had my phone and no warnings were going off, but there was an outflow of air pushing through and making the most interesting ripples. 

There were swirls of clouds looking like it wanted to rotate - and it did a little but there was not enough energy for it to do anything.  There was lightning here and there behind this but not right where I was.  I was, however, glad to almost be home as it was really dark behind this.  We had a few sprinkles and bumps of thunder but all in all for a 100% rain chance - where I was in two places in Nashville - neither places got much when I was there. 

Yesterday was a good day for a Friday.  I can't say it was exactly calm but it beat the heck out of the Friday before.  lol  It was a quick and short week, but still felt long if that makes sense.  Anyway all I can do is the best I can do wherever I am working - whether the day job, at my home, doing things for family, or helping others through the business.  

I do realize how challenging, but how fun it has been - making my goals, seeing my vision, getting organized and learning - and there is much more to learn.  I begin now morphing into trying to help others and need to get past my fear of connection. I think George is right.  This is going to be the harder part for me.  The good news is that I'm willing to push past my fear.  I've always said that I can talk when I believe in what I'm talking about, or excited about what I'm talking about.   I have made it a personal goal to reach out more to others and just talk- as we dive into social media and blogging - and have for a while now - it has made the art of talking a harder concept for me.  We have become a selfish society.  This nutrition group, products, and business, I truly believe, is God's way of leading me into so much - a positive lifestyle which I needed, weight loss and health, which I needed, and has led me to focus on spiritual things - of all things surprisingly, because I made GOD part of my vision.  It's bringing me to a group of people who are becoming my friends.  It's causing me to focus on helping others.  My Dad had a passion for helping others and I was always afraid that I didn't have that same drive.  For so long I guess it's easy to allow the negativity you get from so many years of dealing with problem employees, and dealing with defensive people who are deadset in challenging you - and all that you deal with in dealing with the public or upset people all the time - it really makes a callous upon you.  This has bothered me for some time.  But I'm happy to say that this business is helping me to look past the negative and see the good people, the good things, the positive things, and to want to help people - whatever job I'm doing at the time.  

I am just so astounded that this has been SO MUCH MORE than nutrition.  I'm just floored!  It's changing everything!  

You can probably see it in my blog.  I realize so many things.  Life is opening up for me.  Anything is possible now, and anything is within reach.  I'm not bound to certain lines of boundary.  And realizing that is everything.   Possibilities are endless. 

So it's been a good productive week and many to do's crossed off.  And this Weekly Focus Worksheet has helped me focus to the "nth" degree.  When life is busy already, it's easy to relax and not get stuff done in the nooks and crannies of the day where extra time can be found (drive time, lunch time, before work and after work, and so forth).  In becoming reunited with Stephen Covey and his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I've derived my own version of his Weekly Calendar.  I already have my calendar system. So I didn't need that part.  Matter of fact I have three planners, but that is a long story for another day (short story version:  one for work, one I bought and one Katy gave me).  I use all of them in different ways.  I am back and forth using my phone calendar. But honestly it's just easier for me to have the written one.  

So I start with this and then figure out on my planner how to fit everything in the schedule.  
This is an "accountability planning chart" of sorts.  You start out with everyone in your life that needs something from you.  Now for my day job I have a different way of working based on due dates, and putting employee needs first, and prioritizing the tasks. But this form below is my personal life's organization of to do's for the week.  

This is a weekly worksheet, so on Sunday I complete the new one for the next week.  
I list the roles (wife, Mom, daughter, pet owner) - well actually I end up just listing the person I'm serving to be quite honest.  But you get the picture.  For example this week.  I had Tugie on the list and under goals was to "give her ear meds".  I listed all three doggies and their goal was to "set trims".  For George it was "birthday planning".  For Mom it was "calling her, and also setting up her birthday dinner and reservations and shopping for her".  I listed my business on there which I'm calling Nutrition Expedition for my own fun at this point.  I did the weekly conf call, and ordered business cards and business brochures and got some things lined up there.  I also have roles of household, spiritual and a separate "Mind and Body" role so I don't forget to do that every day for 60 days.  Spiritual is Bible Study and praying.  Household is things like "Target order, or household task that is critical".  

The form also has section to write "focus for this week".  It's a good place to write down things that don't really have a role or a person that you are serving.  It might be for yourself or a project, or it might be an errand or just something you need to be thinking about, a party you are planning or reminders of things to do this week.  It's a catch all place. 

And the Goals for the Month section is there.  It's good to list some things that are coming up in the month so you can give thought to them.  For example, we have a party coming up on the 28th.  I can list that on there so I'll be thinking of what food and mentioning it to those that we want to invite and so forth.  I also have reminders of my bucket list I'd like to finish and a reminder to look into a few things, a few websites, finish a book and so forth.  

So as I add in trying to do my own business when there is a time crunch anyway, and I ran across this idea - I thought it was perfect for me.  If you want me to send you a copy let me know.  You can email me at the address below and I'm doing it different so that bots won't pick it up or whatever you call it.  






So all of this is coming together and now it's time to morph into sharing more and I'd like to have two people under me also sharing.  And I'd like to have some customers.  My first goal is to help others and in doing so get my food paid for.  And so right now my title is Associate.  Once have two customers buying product, I will be a Consultant.  I am elated, scared, uncomfortable, but excited.  I've asked God to help me find these two people.  I know he will.  I know there is someone X 2 out there that is like me that wants to lose weight, feel better, and have a positive lifestyle, develop some extra friends and be apart of an exciting new life of hope, transformation, vision - reaching goals, helping others, and growing out of the box that we and others have put ourselves in.  So pray for me in this adventure.  I know it will happen.  Somehow it will happen.  The hardest part is that people do not realize that they buy their groceries in advance the first month and so it's hard for people to do that.  It was hard for me.  You all remember me just desiring this so badly and me trying to save up and George finally just said "do it already"!  My friend said she put hers on a credit card.  The person that sponsored me is already getting her food paid for and having bonuses show up in her account.  I am learning from her.  So all this is exciting and I'll over come each step of the way and I will do this, with the Lord's help in helping me and with me in helping others.  

I know I have the 100% money back guarantee behind the product to help me too.  And the fact that I'm tithing the business just to give to God from whatever I do.  

So it's all exciting now that the groundwork is laid.  And now I will be morphing into reaching out to others and getting out of my comfort zone.  

So that said if any of you are interested in this system or way of life, or could use some extra money in a big way or a small way ---- please let me know and we'll talk.  You all know me - I'm not a pushy person.  I'm not a sales person either.  I'm in it to help us feel better, help one another, have some extra friends and support in life, and reach our goals.  

That said I better get on with my weekend and get the house blessed, laundry done, some work done and possibly some shopping for both Mom's birthday, George's birthday and it wouldn't hurt to have some extra tops.  Many of mine are too big now.  

Ya'll have a wonderful Saturday.  It's my favorite day of the whole week!  Love getting to work on my agenda and the rest of our lives!


  1. I like that goals sheet you are using. I copied it to use here. Even with my quiet life it will come in handy. I will pray for your new venture. Hope you have a wonderful Saturday. It's a beautiful day here.

  2. focusing on the positive is paramount to success. i wish you well in this business venture.


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