Monday, July 9, 2018

What FAT looks like in LBS, Doggies, and To Do List

Yesterday, on the way to church I was on my phone with our group and someone had posted this.  Oh my gosh, how gross, huh?  I lost the 20 lbs and to see what came out of my body is just incredible.  I've not ever been able to lose so easily.  And I'm hoping to get rid of 20 more.  I have added leg lifts, and sit ups to my nightly bedtime routine.  And will begin doing some arm weights.  I have decided I'm going to have to do that while watching TV I think. 

Working on the business stuff I've kinda "got into all that" because I love it and enjoy it and want to succeed - but I need to focus some on the house too.  I didn't work much in the kitchen this weekend.  I am off on Friday though and that will help me.  

So we went to church and it was really good to see everyone.  The sermon was good but seemed long.  I really like our Sunday School class.  

George wanted to run by and see his Mom before going to the grocery.  I told him I needed to eat lunch then.  He has been wanted to try BoJangles.  There was a new one open near our church so I suggested it, knowing that I didn't need it.  But that was fine - we went.  I hadn't had fried chicken in so long.  I enjoyed it.  I did feel guilty after b/c it is not leading me to what my goals are.  I even ate the biscuit, dirty rice, and then also the pintos.  It was truly heavenly.  I did get unsweet tea though.  And I was thinking that my saving grace would be today's cleansing but I can't cleanse today as we are going to a cookout thing tonight with friends.  :-O  I think my cleansing day will be Wednesday this week.  Or I may wait til the following Monday so the schedule won't be thrown off.  We'll see.  But I'm ready for a cleanse!

So we went to see George's Mom.  She was very quiet.  They were all eating.  She sat there and ate on her french bread.  Their spaghetti looked really good.  I wanted to tell her that I always enjoyed her spaghetti, but somehow it didn't seem appropriate.  She kept offering us her napkin.  She kept watching those around her.  She really didn't pay much attention to us.  She just watched all of her buddies eat.  A lady next to her, had a baby doll that looked real.  She was holding it and loving on it as if it were real.  She would kiss it and talk to it.  She kept saying something like her husband would be back soon.  She would just laugh.  

It's sweet, but it's just so very sad. 
Here is a pic of a sign hanging in the front lobby/office as you come in. 

We went to the store, mainly for me.  I wanted some frozen peaches and pineapples to add to shakes from time to time.  Oh I keep meaning to add the peanut butter powder - I have it in my cart on Amazon and wasn't sure I was through shopping so I did not hit send yet to order it.  

When we got home, I worked some folding clothes and was going to iron, but I ended up getting on the computer and working some and doing my Weekly Focus Worksheet for this week (planning the week).  I cleaned up my desk area.  I tried to do some spreadsheets for something I was working on trying to get a table to convert from HTML to CVS, but figured out a way to download some files into JSON format which converts to CVS more easily.  What I wanted to do was still going to take some time. So I decided to forget it.  lol  But sometimes it surprises me that I was even trying to do such a thing.  Google helps a lot.

I realized I was not getting done what I needed in the laundry room.  I was going to iron 4 more pairs of pants.  I did get the remaining folding done but life called - actually the doggies came calling.  They quickly reminded me it was 5 and time to go outside for business and time for dinner. And Tugie was just around the corner and stuck her head in after I took this picture.   They won't let you forget them. lol

Maisy is just so dainty.  Just had to snap this one.  

I have their trims coming up in 3 weeks.  I tried to get it in 2 weeks but it was either this weekend or 3 weekends from now.  So we chose the 3rd one.  And oh my they are going to be woolly boogers by then!  

So after that I fixed a bowl of popcorn with coconut oil and watched We are the Russo's, and Gone with the Wynn's.  And finally Keep Your Daydream posted their videos.  I am really enjoying We are the Russo's - and mainly got started with them as I know George is interested in the RVvans.  However, I am wondering if we would want more space.  It's awfully tiny.  I see them making it work.  With one dog it is working for them and it's a big dog.  I think we could do two dogs.  This won't happen for a while, but Tugie will be gone by then, bless her.  The Russo's have a Hymer.  I was thinking I'd like to look at the Mercede's Version.  But the Ford Winnebago has so much more room.  

Click on it here:  Ford Winnebago 

Anyway, I really want something a little less cramped than the van style.  But I do get it's easier to park and drive and such.  The good news is that we have plenty of time to decide, b/c it ain't happening this week, lol! 

Looking forward to going to an RV show though.  I may see if George wants to go to the Wilson County Fair this year and go see them.  There is always an RV show at the fair. lol 

So yeah, I enjoyed watching them.  But as much as we like to cook up meals I think we'd need a little bit more of a kitchen.  And you'd be able to bring couples in to entertain and meet and greet if it is raining or the skeeters or bad.  I'm a city girl and there will be times I will want to be inside.  And I just think we'd need more room.   The price is actually about the same in some cases the bigger ones are a little cheaper.  I know because I've been comparing!  ;-)

So I had to change the sheets.  I always end up doing that at the last minute on Sunday night.  I hate having to change the sheets so I put it off.  

So the goals for this week:  

____Daily work on my business
____Daily work on the Mind and Body Program
____Work on the household some
____Shop for George's Birthday 
____Schedule a time to take Roger for rabies shot
____Schedule a hair appointment for myself
____Give Tugie more ear meds
____Check on my family members
____Read Proverbs 
____Get 3 windows cleaned- darn it!
____Order the peanut butter powder
____Watch Below Deck
____Find some new summer tops

So it looks like an easy fun week of To Do's.  

And if I go now I'll be getting things done earlier and heading out. 

Weeeee - it's a 4 day week for me.  Yay! 


  1. I like that sign at the nursing home. Good you can visit as often as you do, but still hard to do. I love the picture of the dogs too. How sweet they are ! They do keep one on schedule though, which is good sometimes. It's strange that with only me here the laundry is always calling my name. I really haven't picked up an iron all summer. I make do with hanging them up right out of the dryer. What few remaining wrinkles that are there I put up with. I'm changing as I used to iron everything. Your to do list doesn't look bad at all and with a 4 day work week it looks to be a wonderful week for you ! Happy Monday!

  2. it is sad to be sick as you grow old. makes you appreciate the good health you have. the pups are cute. that is some layout of the Winnebago. i hope you get to realize your dream.


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