Monday, July 2, 2018

Wrapping up the Weekend

It was a busy day yesterday and I sat down to do the blog but never made it.  The good news is that sleep was so good we slept til almost 7.  The bad news was that we kinda needed to be up early to prep for company coming at 1.  But...back to Saturday.

I spray painted the front porch furniture which needed it badly.  Matter of fact, the top of this table had been so torn up (probably by the cat and aided by weather), and I thought we should just throw it out.  However, I decided if I could make a top for it, it could be saved.  I decided I would try pinning down cardboard and spray painting it and it made it look like it had a leather top to it.  lol  I can upgrade the top eventually and will probably just use some copper tiling or something from home depot.  For now, though, it'll work.  No one ever sits on the front porch really except the cat.  So it is mainly decor only.  

Our planters look better than ever.  There are herbs growing and those darn coxcombs - a flower bearing our namesake, had never quit coming through no matter what I planted there - so we just left it empty and they came up.  They are pretty when they are the only thing there, but these flowers used to make me so mad.  If you ever want a hearty flower that blooms in the heat - here's a good one.  They are unmoveable, unshakeable! 

Little Bit, the cat, supervised my photography taking.  I'm glad he was out in the woods hanging out when I did my spray painting.  That way there is no black fuzzy hair on the white! lol

The lilies are in fine form.  They will most likely die out before too long.  The yellow day lilies as seen below last longer but the pretty orchid like lilies - die off after a month or so of blooming.  The seem to be an early summer bloom.

George has oregano and sage below.  You can't see the sage - it's behind the oregano- which is happy. 

George came home with a cucumber vodka for those hot summer refreshing drinks - with herbs over lots of ice.  Please notice the red shirt and the red tennis shoes.  He can wear that at NAMM and not be noticeable.  He went to the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Saturday.  

I cleaned out the snack basket which had grown into a wild mountain of everything hurled about and you couldn't find anything. I cleaned out all the snacks of things we do not eat nor want.  No more chips, cheese and cracker (the already made kind), chocolate bars, cheetos, goldfish crackers.  George has his jerky he likes to eat, and we have nuts and cranberries, and black bean chips for salsa and hummus.  There is a box of girl scout cookies that are not thrown out.  I won't eat them and if they are still here at Christmas I'm throwing them out.  

Katy sent a pic of her spare bedroom in TX - showing us all where we'll stay when we visit.  We are looking at November.  

George came home with a Dock to Door Alaskan seafood pack as he swung by Farmer's Market while in Nashville.  He longingly wanted it last week. He packed it down on ice and it was still frozen hard when he got home.  

It's 22 seafood meals (individual meals) so we'll get 11 dinners out of it.  It was $225.  All in all it should save us money.  We eat a lot of fish and usually pay for fresh fish from Kroger in Hermitage (best one to get it from) and we buy some frozen from Aldi.  We also liked smoked salmon and eat it quite a bit as an appetizer coming home from work.   The "pack" changes with each quarter and they will contact us again next quarter when the new one comes out.  We have a lot of food in the freezer.  It's packed to the top.  The goal in July is to use it!  We keep buying sale stuff. 

I will let you know how we like it.  It is from the Virgin Bay Seafood company.  
You can click on the name above and it will take you there.   If you have a market it can be delivered to and you can pick it up - it'll save $40 in shipping.  Their website has a place right on the front page that lets you look for one in your area.  Looks like a nice family that does this.  Can't wait to try it.

Another pic.  It was hot as hades.  But I had my nutritious orange drink to keep my hydrated from our system I'm doing.  It's perfect for this. I packed lots of ice.

Doing flowers and prepping for company...

George views his ipad.  He's quite the social media guy now.  And texts like a teenager with his buddies.  They have been a superb support group for one another during the job loss and the bankruptsy.  

So Saturday we also went to Aldi's and Krogers to get what we needed for company.  I managed to get most of the laundry loads done and the ironing and a lot of the cleaning. 

Sunday, I still needed to perfect and make the salad.  I ran out of time and was going to make the salad dressing homemade, but we had to use Italian.  We had a great time with Lisa and Lou.  We talked and our guys got to know one another better.  Lisa and I know each other pretty well - first of all coworkers, then sisters in Christ, now business partners.  Here we are with our system's e-shots.  

Had to take a pic of "Veggie Corner" with the 'Maters all about. 

Vidalias as well and fresh corn.

My salad is below. 

And the cornish hen dinner.

Pics of the flowers....

The corners of the living room sofa looked so inviting with the lamps....I wanted to grab a book and read.  I have a goal of finishing two more before the summer is up.  However, I cleaned dishes, did more laundry, watched "Keep Your Daydream" and "Gone with the Wynns", had George to take a pic of me to end my challenge period on the system I'm doing.  And then went to bed. 

Those are George's books above.  

The weekends are never long enough.  I did do a little bit of business work as well.  
I have to do a few more things this week to end my weight loss challenge.  I need to submit 200 words to explain my situation and how the system has helped me.  

I have a lot to work on this week: 

___Ending the Challenge
___Getting reservations set for Mom's birthday
___Ordering Business Cards and setting up the name for my business
____Begin the Mind, Body, and Soul program 
___Start my series on Proverbs and Ecclesiastes
___Need to do a Target order
___Ready to start working on my business goals and helping others.  I'm in a good place for that now.

It's a 4 day week and today is cleanse day for me.  
I get something every hour. 
Will drink lots of water too. 

Gotta hurry and get on the road.


  1. What a busy weekend, but definitely a good one. I loved seeing what is growing outside and love the flowers in the house too. Nice it's a 4 day work week. Happy Monday !

  2. I'm so glad the program is working for you. You really seem much happier. Feeling better will do that.
    Great job on the porch furniture.
    Have a great week!.

  3. Love your dinner, the roses are a nice touch. Happy 4th.


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