Saturday, July 14, 2018

Yesterday's Head Banging Hair Cut and Today's Geeky Blog Overhaul

Well hello all.  It's been a busy little day here...doing what I wanted to do - and that was forgetting all about life and working on the blog.  I did the blog topper and also worked on the side bar quite a bit.  I'm shocked at how much time I have been on line.  Almost all day but it was a good thing for me to do.  It's what I wanted to do most.    I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do today.  I didn't really get to shop as long as I'd wanted yesterday. So I thought I might go back out.  I ended up wanting more home time instead.

 I did not go out until after 12 yesterday.  Then I had to get gas.  And while I was there the hair cut place called and asked if I wanted to come in earlier.  I said no that I would keep it at 3 if that was ok because I was trying to shop.  I called back b/c I felt bad.  I said if the stylist needed to leave early I'd try to be flexible.  That I understood.  But they said - it was ok to just keep the 3 appointment.  So I made a mental note to try to wrap up whatever I was doing to try to be there around 2:45 at least and compromise.

So I went to Belk and spent a long time in there.  I mainly looked for birthday gifts for George.  And I was able to find a couple of things.  Then I looked at shoes and jewelry and handbags and summer scarfs and tops for me.  I honestly did not like anything for me.  Isn't that weird?  I'm disappointed, but maybe I can look on line.  I just need a few tops to add to the mix.

So I went to the salon about 2:45 and let them know I was there.  This is a new place for me.  My current stylist is out on maternity and I'd been wanting to try this one out anyway.   It's called Capella's.  So I called and made an appointment - I didn't know which one to get.  I didn't know any of them there so it was a shot in the dark.   So I was excited to try someone knew and see what difference it would make.  Did I dare try to see if this one could make me look like Lisa Rinna?

Well, she did a pretty good job, but she had a flat iron.  I don't have a flat iron.  So guess who wants a flat iron.  And guess how much they are.  The good ones are over a $100.  :-(

Anyway, I guess I'll get one.

So, back to the haircut.  This girl was not very friendly.  It was task only - and I felt like I was just part of the cattle herd. Give her a chance I heard my backoffice spirit say - I'm sure it was the holy spirit talking.  So I obeyed and gave her a chance.

She was moving so fast.  It's like she wanted to show me that she really was in a hurry to get out of there and she wished I'd come in at 2:30.  Mind you, I had my appointment set for over a week but on a whim two hours early it was just convenient for me to move my day around for her.  Although I said no in the beginning, I did come around and offer.  And for this?  Ummm well, I decided I would be nice and try to talk to her.  She wasn't going to talk to me.  So she warmed up some.  But she was cutting so fast.  And hardly cut anything.  I told myself "well you did tell her you were trying to let it grow out".  Giving her lots of benefits of the doubt here.  Oh let's go back --- the shampoo was NO experience at all - like how the others always do their massaging and cool mint shampoo and then good smelling coconut conditioner.  Unh uh.  Nada.  Nope.  Short quick shampoo.  I doubt all the cootie bugs even washed out - if there were any.  So let's skip to the blow drying.  Well, she waved that thing back and forth and then was going so fast.  I was really through this whole thing trying to NOT be angry - but my goodness - she looked like one of those people running around on a old time movie.  And she moved that dryer around so fast that she banged it hard against my head.  You think I am exaggerating?  She then slowed down and apologized.  I kept my Christianity.  She then began explaining what happened.  She needed to adjust it and kinda threw it up in the air a bit and didn't catch it in time.  Whatttt?  lol  Ouch..  Well anyway, after her third apology, I knew she was just in a hurry and had a sweet heart, so I said "it's ok, I have a hard head".  Oh my gosh if only she knew.   

Anyway she styled it pretty much like Lisa Rinna and I was proud!  ;-)  So proud I went to Dollar General and shopped.  I did buy a few things.  Believe it or not - they had a top I really liked that was stylish.  It was made in Vietnam.  My concern here was did cheap abusive labor create it?  Was I supporting that?  I didn't know but I bought it.  No way to know.  I almost bought George this shirt.

He later told me he would have loved it.  lol  Good thing I didn't get it.

Maisy was sweet last night.  She loves her Momma.  She was really looking at me eat.

I had a Isagenix shake this morning - Pina Colada with pineapple and ice - mmmm good!  

It packs a powerful start to the day.

So Katy and Cody are in San Antonio with the group.  They dropped Findlay off to be boarded.  I would show you a video but the file is too big and blogger won't allow it.  Oh well.

Well, dinner is ready.  I don't have much more to say anyway.  Other than check out the new side bar items.  I did add a bunch of websites that I like for Web cams.  Even the one Findlay is at.  More tomorrow.


  1. Wow!
    That's some kind of new salon experience. lol
    I think a Lisa Rinna cut would look good on you. I think you can get a decent flat iron for $50 bucks or so. I would check Amazon and read some reviews:)
    Good luck & enjoy the weekend, Monica

  2. you're a good sport getting hit in the head with a hair dryer and not getting upset. funny t-shirt. i don't think i would have bought it either.

  3. I seem to have missed that Cody and Kate were away to San Antonio hope they have a nice time and that Finlay is ok at the kennels ..some dogs seem to love it others don't. I hope Finlay is in the first group....I love your new topper etc..specially love the person peeping through the blinds LOL...we are having another very hot day, too hot to sit out. I have just come back from church and as Mary is away on holiday to Edinburgh, I have just made myself a cup of tea and having a rice cake fact two ! These ones have plain chocolate backing and are delicious...I'm almost addicted to them !!...they have 72 calories each so not too bad..well that's what I tell myself!! Hope you have a great day ahead. Xxxx

  4. I know from past experience that when you get online, the time flies. I love the look of your blog and really need to do something with mine. It's been way to long since I changed the looks of anything on mine. Glad you like the looks of your new hair cut. At least that is good after the very rude way your hair dresser treated you. Having a day to do what you wanted to do is wonderful !


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