Friday, August 31, 2018

Taking a Catch Up Day!

A little bit of Thanksgiving.  We had bought a smoked turkey and had it in the freezer since the holidays.  We always like to have one summer meal of a turkey.  And so George fixed it and we ate on it for two days.  There is still some left.  I hear that Turkey pot pie may be our next dinner!  

Well yesterday I had decided that if the day went well and I got a lot done that I would try to take off Friday.  I knew mid-morning though that my mind was set and determined.  I knew in my heart that I needed the day.  And I would be doing it and would be willing to fight for it if I had to.  But no one was putting up a fight so it is a good thing. lol  It is GOOD for all of us at this point that I get a day off.  Most of the days off I've had this year were not really my own to be at home and get things done.  So I am so happy to have today!  I have a lot I want to do.  

Tuesday after the holiday will be a nightmare though.  But I'm not thinking about that until Tuesday. 

I had my hydrate going yesterday.  It's good stuff.  Love the orange but I'm ordering grape next.  I will add to my auto ship I think.  That and the chocolate decadence meal bars that taste like a brownie. 

On the way home thundershowers were all around.  They seemed to miss me though.  Rainbow ahead. 

So I went home and took the dogs out as George and his sister met with our financial adviser on how to handle some things with Granny's accounts.  So I fed the dogs and then settled in with a big bowl of home popped pop corn with coconut oil and watched all my You Tube shows that I have been behind on.  Keep Your Day Dream, Gone with the Wynns, Have Wind Will Travel, and MJ Sailing.  
It very nice to even have an hour and a half of no one calling tabs on my time. Sometimes it is nice to have an hour of your own with the TV and I enjoyed mine.  

George came home and we had leftovers of Thanksgiving dinner again!  

We also watched the Rest of RV with Robin Williams.  

Then it was time for bed.  Pretty much I was up at normal time. I slept in maybe 45 minutes as my alarm did not go off.  But I was awake so I got up and fixed coffee for us.  

I began the laundry and rebooted the dishwasher and then began setting in to "fall up" my blog.  I struggled.  I have changed the format a bit and it calls for a large photo.  Most of my photos are taken with the iphone and while they are pretty good quality, sometimes they are still grainy if you blow them up too big.  So I've had to use multiple photos along with my Paint Shop Pro to be able to update it.  I can search of on line photos that are released for reuse (google allows for that).  But it's just more ME if I can use my own.  I tried various things this morning but finally got it down to something I'm happy with (as of this date) - a little piece of home!  

Well, I'm ready to be off this laptop.  I am going to work on the house and laundry and work on my fall decor.  Not sure how far I'll get today in decorating.  May focus more on cleaning today.  But I'll let you know tomorrow.  

I just know that I have to have a catch up day and I've needed one for a while. 
Hope you all are having a great day!  

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The GAP of What Should Be and What IS


What would it be like to just be here?  Away from the world a bit! 
Simpler times. 

Well, yesterday I was almost late for work.  It has been very difficult with school back in session.  The traffic has been horrible this week.  The dogs have not wanted to hurry up and poop in the mornings.  And there has just been a lot going on.  

So yesterday I had to get the very heavy shipment of items into my car so I could take them and return them.  I had asked George to leave the garage door open for me when he left so I could drag the stuff down the end of the sidewalk and lift it in the car.  I couldn't carry it - it was too heavy so I had to drag it and the bag of course tore a hole and laundry detergent went all the way down the side walk - but it was too heavy for me.  Now that I am typing this it occurred to me that George could have also gone ahead and done this part too.  Wouldn't he have known that I would not be able to lift it?  Anyway - I got it done by dragging it and had to find a laundry basket downstairs to put the bag in so the sticky mess would not go into the back of my car.  

So it smelled really fresh going into work.  lol 

I stopped at the gas station as I realized I was on E.  I'm not sure why the gas light won't come on sooner so you have more opportunity to stop b/c I don't notice my gas tank level otherwise.  
Anyway, I got gas and had not given myself extra time to do so as I had forgotten.  And then I wanted my receipt.  No receipt paper.  I like to have my receipt b/c I've heard of people being accused of not paying for their gas before.  Well this particular BP has gotten lazy about refilling the paper.  I thought I would go in and ask for my receipt and remind them about the paper.  I wanted to make a point.  

So I went inside.  There were about 12 people in line.  I went inside and waited b/c I WAS GOING TO GET MY RECEIPT and make a point!  I had just had enough of life I guess.  I was going to make my imprint!  And my purchase would be as well on a receipt! 

So she gave me my receipt and I told her that the receipt thing had been out of paper for a long time and needed to have paper.  

Her response:  "Thank you. Have a nice day!"

Lovely.  I waited for nothing.  It was my mistake.  I thought they would care.  But that is the problem with our world - I feel like I'm the only one that wants to try to improve it.  lol 

Anyway, I did a Facebook live post b/c it really bothered me that I strive for perfection and see the gaps b/w what is and what should be. Did they find that frustrating and how did they handle it?   Did anyone else struggle with that?  Apparently not. I seem to be alone there as well. Much like the BP response.  Only one or two seemed to really care.  All they cared about was I was on the phone while driving.  I was on a hands free app on my dash.  Legal.  Don't people talk to other passengers in the car?  

Sometimes you just feel alone in the world.  Like no one really understands you - or really cares.  And the ones that do seem to just want to tell you what to do or what not to do.  Story of my life.  

So I post my weight loss on Facebook and have people worrying about me being anorexic.  Really?  I'm still in XL sizes people!!!!! lol lol lol  I'm no where NEAR anorexia!  Good GOSH!  So what is behind that?  Do people just not know how to be happy for someone that is trying to take care of themselves?

Matter of fact I am so far better nourished with nutrition than anyone on that facebook page that commented!  Our food does not have the nutrition in it anymore.  Even our vegetables and fruits.  
So for example, you would have to eat 8 oranges to get the same levels of nutrients that our grandparents got from an orange.  Go dig into the research. 

Anyway, I finally got to work and barely on time.  "On Time" is relative as to who you talk to.  "On Time" to some would be the moment you roll out of bed at 4 a.m. (exaggerating of course).  But point made.

The day was pretty quick.  I had a lot going on with wrapping up one crises and handling an another one.  

And then I returned the leaky sack of products to Target.   Eye brows were raised.   They peered into the buggy to see the leaky sack and all it's contents with Linen Fresh dog and cat food inside.  
They were very nice about it and returned it and dealt with it.  I had to have them empty it though so I could keep my laundry basket underneath.  I had to go put the leaky thing back in the car.  And then shop.  Of course, since I'm not usually in the store much, I was mesmerized and had to look at everything.  I bought a purse.  But I had asked for a $5 card for my efforts to bring it in and cover the gas to do so.  So they did.  And I put that towards the purse and it made it only $25.  It's very nice.  

Then I had to shop around and get the items that needed replacing.  I didn't get home until about 7:30 and George had a Turkey dinner prepared.  We had turkey, stuffing, pinto beans, and cranberry. 

Last night I got my invitations out on FB for MY sip and snack here at the house on Sept 9th.  

This morning, I did the dishes.  And it's time for another work day.  Still undecided about tomorrow.  I have to get a lot done today if I'm going to take off tomorrow.  It would be really cool though.  I need to get my fall decor out and get the house ready for the upcoming event and set in a fall tone.  

Hope all is well with everyone.  I'm hanging in there.  Just feeling frustrated that I have such little time to do anything in life - especially to what I want to do.  Everything seems to have this big GAP b/w what is supposed to be and what IS. And that makes every thing else frustrate me.  I'm having a hard time dealing with that.  The Mind and Body thing helps.  But it is helping me to at least realize WHY I'm struggling.  Because at least now I SEE the gap.  lol  Before I was just frustrated and didn't know why.  Now I am learning WHY. 

But I'm trying to be grateful.  It's just hard sometimes.  

I am grateful for the new purse.  Grateful that I feel better.  And grateful for this 2nd cup of coffee I'm about to have.  

So now off to get dogs to poop and fight for my piece of pavement to get to work in twice the time. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Going Blonde? And Target Shipment Dropped off in a Trash Bag

Well she went subtle with it.  Which is ok.  It's actually a little less blonde than I wanted.  But we'll go more blonde next time.  It's also hard to describe what you want.  And even with the picture, I guess it is hard to get it exactly right.  

I've never had my hair colored before.  I was there for 3 hours - with color and cut.  

Keep in mind this is at the end of a long work day - mascara melted from the day's heat.  Make up gone at that point.

In different lights - it actually looks different.  Below, going to bed, you can barely see the highlights and it looks like my normal hair.  

Now this morning, I won't be able to style it like she did so it'll really start looking like my own hair.  A cut never looks like a new cut for long - it starts going back into it's normal look and routine pretty quickly.  lol

Well the Target order came in - it was left in a trash bag on the front porch.  The laundry detergent had busted and gone all over everything.  So each thing was wrapped in plastic and then in a plastic sack and left on my porch by UPS.   A couple of orders ago my package disappeared.  And boxes are arriving half opened.  My fear is that Target is not using strong enough boxes.  Or perhaps strong enough tape.  And of course we all know how baggage handlers are always so gentle with boxes.  So I may have to rethink ordering from them now.  Walmart had better luck.  Ugh.  So I guess I will put the trash bag in my car this morning and then take it on to Target like it is and let them see how my order arrived.  That was unacceptable.

I think the only thing that survived was the paper towels.  So now I've got to go deal with that today.   Target is going to get to deal with it.  I'll probably have to go through and buy all the items again after I get a refund.

Anyway, it's Wednesday.  Strongly thinking about taking Friday off.  But I probably won't.  Too far behind.  Don't get myself started about vacation days and bereavement days I didn't get.  :-O

Anyway, I have some plans!  ;-O

Fall decor is this weekend.  Can't wait.

Well, gotta get going.  Yesterday the traffic was horrid.  I guess there was a wreck.  It took an hour to get to work going back roads.  Normally even with school it hasn't been but 45 min - I start to get angry when my drive gets over 45.  I'm not willing to drive over 45 to a work setting.  It's over my limit.  lol  But George said he thought there was an accident that backed up traffic.  I took backroads as WAZE sent me that way but everyone else was sent that way also.

Anyway, hoping today is better.  But folks - I'm ready for a day off from every thing.  It's time to CHUCK it all for a while.  So glad to have a holiday weekend coming.  And here I am wondering if I should take Friday again.  Maybe I should.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Earring Hoopla In God's Hands Now and I'm Going Blonde!

So above is the Big South Fork Overlook.  It has been a long time since we've been up there to stay at a log cabin.  I'm about ready to have a weekend away and have been thinking about it.  I'd really rather rent an RV though but - in all likelihood would want more of a 3 day trip to rent an RV and his job situation is not supporting of that.  Even a weekend in a cabin usually calls for a 3 day stay as where we'd want to go is about 3 to 4 or 5 hours away.   Butt I'd be game for a weekend away in the mountains, a book read on the swing, a cook out and hot tub on a cool night looking up at the stars.

So I had a different entry planned but I saw your comments over yesterday and I will say that I had the girls pray over the earring thing and a few others things as well.  I'm trying to let it go, but yet it's still gonna be in the back of my mind for a very long time.  A long time ago I would be a heaping mess over it.  At least at this point, I'm not.  So that is good.  It's just like a thorn that bothers you. 

One hopes things are fine but it would be the same if a stray cuff link or other man thing found in the dryer or laundry for him. He would have no alternative but to wonder about it.  George is not being blamed or given a hard time over it. I have asked him two questions about it.  And that is "where did that earring go?" and "Why did you put it in your box?"  I only showed it to him when I found it and he said "It's not mine".  Well of course it's not either of ours. It IS someone elses, and we don't know whose.  I asked no further questions and made no further accusations. And I'm not doing that here.

  I'm only writing b/c it gives me agony to have found such a thing as I'm trying not to let it bother me, and it helps to purge here instead of worrying him over it, especially if he is innocent.  Let's just say it didn't look good for any spouse whose wife finds an earring that is not theirs.  I't's just bothersome and of course any man would deny it.  And then putting the earring in his personal box that he takes to work did not do him any favors at all in the matter.  Best to have left the earring for me at my disposal as I wished and left it alone.  And it's not been disposed of.  I have it in my presence.  I asked for it back.  I've dropping the issue with him and I'm trying to forget it. It's basically his choice anyway.  I'm not going anywhere unless I see another woman attached to the earring, lol. 

 I'm choosing to believe him (with obvious reservations at this point, b/c we all know the wife is the last to know and we know a large percentage of men do.)   He did have some very fond friends to show up at the funeral that wore the similar earrings that I remember and we'll just leave it at that.  Maybe they are just really caring friends.   And everyone needs really caring friends.  I'm sure it's all a fluke most likely and a coincidence if the earrings were similar and if so this should be a very funny situation.

If not it is very sad, but at least he is home with me all the time and if there is another she doesn't get him for much time, and will be heartbroken at some point.  He's had these clingy women friends before that find his friendliness very charming and misconstrues his intentions and tries to cross the line with lunches and then facebook messages and so forth. I know he is on his phone a lot and I think that is probably his men friends over the Gibson thing.  One can hope.  I try to respect him and only occasionally say "who is texting?"  I'm on my phone a lot too with the Isagenix stuff, and he gives me my privacy.  So I do not intend on being a nagger.  I don't want that kind of life.  If someone wants me they do.  If they don't they don't.

I also know that he has mentioned doing lunch with women at work and that does not help his case a bit. Except that he tells me he does - not on the day but he mentions he may take someone out for lunch as a reward for doing something nice for him.  But not the day it happens.  I never hear that part.  But as far as I know all that is innocent.  I on the other hand do not do lunch with men anymore so there is NO question and when I do have a business lunch I let him know. I have to travel with  men at times but there is usually two present. And lots of phone calls after.   I just think that is proper at this point in our lives.  I am not a jealous person but at the same time do not want to be taken advantage of. And I wouldn't want my spouse to wonder.  So it seems appropriate. And when an earring is found in the dryer and you know your spouse DOES lunches with other women then how does that help one's case?   And like I said - at this point in my life I don't want to worry about it.  If there is a problem it's not gonna be mine.  I intend on living my life to the fullest and being joyous and loved - one way or the other.  If someone doesn't want me at this point, I'm not going to beg someone to love me.  I have way too much left in life I want to accomplish.  Even if I have to do it alone.  And I know God would provide what I needed.

So the girls prayed for me so I can get over it and move on.  I just know what I know.  And I can't un-know those things.  No one is blamed yet.  Everything is fine.  Now that God is involved if somethings are not as they should God will close the door like he has before when there have been thorns and issues stirring up. 

So gone be with all the earring  stuff.  I'm trying here.  The fact occurred that there WAS an earring but who knows where on earth it came from.  But it dredged up all sorts of thoughts.   If there is another woman he is not with her much.  lol lol lol There is THAT.  lol  But hopefully it just stuck to a collar over a friendly hug at the funeral and that was it.  Or was stuck on the new clothes that came in from Thred up.  I'm trying to forget that I'd seen the earrings before.  Earring baggage - begone now! Get on with ya big bad self. God holds the earring and any thing regarding it in his hands now.  I'ts outta mine!

That said, today is very exciting for me.  I am going to go blonde!  It will certainly be different!  Wish me luck!  More tomorrow.  I'll either be hiding my head in a hole or smiling really big! 

Monday, August 27, 2018

Quite the Sunday


We went to Church yesterday.  Here it is!  

Afterwards I went to Lisa and Lou's.  I love their house.  And their finished garage where they are able to have an extra room with a big tv and a place to share the nutrition.

It makes a beautiful display doesn't it?  I'm collecting all my "empties" as well.  I'm not sure where I'll be setting up my display.  I guess on the dining room table.  And will have to break it down and set it up each time.  I do need to get an Isagenix banner eventually. 

This is the biggest pack we have.  I'm so blessed to have been introduced to this because it has helped me in so many ways.  Weight loss, no more inflammation, no more pain, no more mental brain fog.  And it's making me reach for what I want in life.  I no longer have to stay stuck in a box.  

This is 5 lbs of fat.  I love Lisa's five lbs of fat.  I need to get me a big thing of fat for my tool box!  I held it like a baby to show the size.  

So life is busy and I'm not going to worry about finding another woman's earring in my laundry yesterday. But I will say that it IS still on my mind.  I had a dream about it.   I hope that it was swept up somehow with the clothing from the used clothes I bought as mentioned yesterday. As the day wore on I was kinda thinking I'd seen the earring on someone at the funeral. I kept having flashbacks of it.  I think I complimented them. I  remember thinking how I liked the silver against the wood.  And I remember who they were on now.  I don't want to say.  But then the mind (devil) is probably playing tricks on me.  Perhaps it was or wasn't, but it is all coming back a bit clearer each time.  But how it would get in my dryer?  Just an odd occurrence for sure and probably not the same earring. But yet silver and wood together is not very common I suppose that two people could have the same one.   I do like them though. And for fun (and annoyances sake) I may just find some like them and begin wearing them myself.   I don't want to blame anyone certainly if it is just a fluke.  But it is certainly an interesting fluke and if there are any more odd occurrences I guess I'll be asking more questions--- or just saying "bless her heart".  lol  Right now I'll keep the peace and hope for the best.  I'm a believer of not making anyone love you. And as I said God takes care of me.  So hopefully all is good.  I've prayed away "problems" before. lol  There was a time that this would eat me alive - and while it is bothersome, at least now I'm strong enough to know that if there WAS something to it, God is looking out for me and will see to it that I'm taking care of and that I will be happy.  But one can only pray and hope it's an innocent thing.  George just said "it's not mine".  Well of course not, but whose is it? Someone you know? I failed to ask the correct question.  Matter of fact I didn't ask any question really - I just showed it to him.  "It's not his" he said. So no lies there.  lol  But whose is it?  Why is it in my dryer? 

Had a great time at Lisa and Lou's.  We did our training.  No one showed up for the Sip and Savor event.  I had invited 40 people that I hardly ever see any more.  And who likes to think about nutrition on the weekend.  lol  I'll be having one at my house though on Sept 9th and I know more people around here.  I will invite and we'll see what happens.  So we ended up doing the session as if someone had arrived.  

This is looking from Lisa's back porch to their pool. 

Love their grape vines.

Love looking at the farm land.

I forgot my bathing suit but needed to get home anyway.

I got in bed at 8 so I could read until 9.  I never do this.  

So what happened.  George came to bed early to sleep - so then I was either gonna have to get up and go read somewhere else or just go to sleep.  So I just went to sleep. I never get to read in bed. And the night I try.  Go figure.

Before George came to bed, I did have another guest. 

And I never got around to buying curtains for this bedroom.  We are rarely in it except for when we are sleepy so I never notice it until I see pics later.  

Maisy is a mess! 

And I'm off to get this week going.  I noticed it was a full moon.  Or was yesterday.  At least it is over.  

A lot going on this week for ME.  

More on that later.  

Sunday, August 26, 2018

A Stray Earring and a Busy but Relaxing Saturday.

Well, it's never fun to find another woman's earring in your dryer.  However, I couldn't just accuse George of anything - although I most certainly did ask!  And he most certainly denied.  I have found strange things in the house over the years - a hello kitty bandaid, a kids sock, and now an earring.  None of us seem to know where they come from.  But to George's defense, I did buy some pre-owned clothes from Thred Up that I washed this week.  If nothing else, it gives George an out.  lol 

 He is usually with me at home - so if he is having an affair it would have to be a quick one, lol.  He is gone on Saturday mornings some but usually comes home with evidence of where he has been...yard sale finds, groceries, and veggies from the farmer's market and such.  So I'm sure he was quite worried that I would kick up a fuss over it.  A few years ago I would have.  But now I guess I'm more confident of a person and if my mate wanted to do that - go ahead. He'll have to be the one to feel the guilt, to live the double life, and discuss that one day with God.  In the end, he will be the one to have to face that.  And it could cost him a lot of money. 

  Whatever, I'm letting it go.  I have no way to really know where the damn thing came from, so I'm just documenting and letting it go and it's filed away for future reference for now.  I did ask for the earring back though- he had put it in his work box (brief case).   

Life is filled with uncertainty.  But hopefully this was just a fluke thing from the Thred Up bag and the devil trying to mess up my life.  But it is definitely weird finding another woman's earring in your laundry. 

Then off to the shower for George's cousin that is getting married soon.  
I went with my SIL who is standing next to me on my left. 

Came home and worked on the house, the laundry, and worked some on organizing my desk and to do's.  Figuring out priority.  Watched a video and fixed popcorn so I'd not be mad that I didn't have any down time.  

We also went to get the oil changed as I had asked about that.  It was past time.  And we went to Walmart for slaw fixing's and came out with a 1/4 of the store.  lol  Then we have problems finding room in the freezer.  We keep buying good deals but then never have time to eat them. We vowed to eat home more and begin making room.

George fixed me an herbal low cal drink.

We had smoked salmon with the goat cheese.  

I'm off to take a shower this morning and make my slaw for later today and get ready for church.  

George did not want to go with me over to Lisa and Lou's as he wants to do yard work.  

He's afraid he will be bored during the sip and savor.  I am not sure anyone will come.  People think nutrition is boring on a weekend.  No one gets it.  But that is ok.  I'm staying and cooking out with my friends.  George can weed eat.  

Ya'll have a good day.  Life goes on.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Saturday Morning Blab Time over Coffee

Saturday Morning coffee is the best.  Love that feeling of waking up in the morning and realizing "It's Saturday"!

I have a shower to go today and then to the store for the makings of slaw for tomorrow.  I'll be gone all day tomorrow.  Church, Sip and Savor, and then a cookout with Lisa and Lou tomorrow after the Sip and Savor.  George is not going.  He says he will be doing yard work.  I really think he just doesn't want to go.  He's afraid he will be bored at the Isaevent before hand.  lol

So yesterday was Friday.  It was more of a relaxed day but I had a lot of critical things to attend to and just still pretty behind on some things.  I have realized a few things and have stepped back to assess a few things.  It's been quite a liberating process in my mind to sort things out.  Not quite as confusing as before.  Maybe it was the brain boost.  Sorry code talk there.

Went for a walk at work before I heated up my lunch.  I spilled half of my already small lean cuisine lunch on the counter when it came out of the microwave as the plastic tray did not hold and it buckled backward on to the counter.  At least it missed the floor.  I had followed the instructions.  It's been a messy food week with the shake explosion the day before and then this.  At 2 in the afternoon my assistant went to McDonalds and got us both a double cheeseburger.  lol  I have been due a good cheeseburger.  So I'll endure the bloat now for having eaten it in my hunger. Then when the burger arrived someone was in my office and I thought I'd eat my left arm salivating til they would leave and I could get to my burger.  lol  Cleanse day is coming.  I'll hit the reset button.  But I have indeed eaten too well this week.  Back on course I hope for the weekend.

So George has been off the last two days b/c of the mine's computer systems have been down in the office - a world wide virus has hit their computers. So he cannot work as none of them can be on the computers.  However, it gave him a chance to do a lot of things he has not been able to do.

Once home, Lisa and I did a 3 way call with Mom and she bought some essential oils.  My first customer.  So it was a learning experience.  It was pretty easy though - just filling out a website like you do anything else when you order on line. There were a few bumps. But with Lisa there I had confidence and it kept everyone in check so we moved right along.  Thankful for Mom being my guinea pig on the first one. And now I know what to do.  There is an ordering system on your phone as well.  I'd like to learn how to do that. It's a little different.   So you can enroll people what they want, on the go.  It feels good to have my first customer under my belt so I can at least be independent of Lisa if need be.  I think she'll still help me if I need it of course and will help me with my first pack system enrollee.  I want to find someone that wants to lose weight and be on the system as a way of life.  I can't wait to have someone join me in this effort.  It seems like a big commitment but it is so much more and such a blessing in my life.  All the people you meet, all the growth, and so forth.  Just amazing. 

George fixed a wonderful dinner last night - steak and squash casserole and rice.

We watched Micheal Palin's last video of his 80 days around the world.

Then I tried to read a few pages but my mind kept drifting off and my eyes kept closing so I finally gave up.  It's hard to read in bed.  My body was telling me the day was over.  I still did my sit ups and leg lifts though!  I do this right in the bed.

So today I'll be diving into laundry, packing up Monday's cleanse box, changing some things on my autoship for next month.  I am going to eliminate the strawberry and pick another flavor.

I am going to clean up a bit, work on the Target order and get that placed.

I have a lot of things that I want to do for Nutrition Expedition - which is what I've called my group as I build it.  Laughing as nothing is expedited at this point.  So what is next with the business?

____Finishing the last of the Mind and Body Program in the next 10 days

____Sip and Savors - with Lisa - in Portland and then here.

____The Fall Sip and Shop with other vendors in Oct

____Continuing Education and Training:  Isagenix Business Training Center

____My marketing plan for customers

____My business building marketing plan

____Index card Cheat Sheets on a little ring

____Buy a White Poster Board for Photos/Marketing Shots

____Getting my schedule set for what my daily IPA's are (I lovingly nicknamed my income producing activities as IPA's!)

____Print out receipts for the taxes.

____Set up Transformation Tuesdays

____My own transformation Shots

That is enough for now.  lol 

We have a group session Monday night on line and another one Tuesday night.  It's ok if I can't do it but I'm going to try.  You can do this at your own pace.  It's been a busy year and for me it's been try here and try there.  Mostly a watch and learn process for me.  But it's been hard to spend much time on it.  I have come a long way though with what time I've had.  My vision is real.  I've been through the 90 day plan and done the Mind and Body.  I've been soaking up info like a sponge and went to an event.  And now have enrolled my first customer.  It's very exciting.  I will go to the event in Phoenix as well in January.

I've plateaued on my weight loss though as one does but continue to lose the deep fat and my muscles are stronger now.  I feel fabulous.  I feel wonderful.  No pain anymore.  No lethargy.  Lots  of energy.  But I am setting some more weight loss goals and will push forward for that.  I want to include Yoga into my week and some more exercise and weights with my arms - nothing big but I do need some muscle back.  In light of these things I will have to figure out what goes out of my life.  It's already packed full.  Reading has been pushed out quite a bit and I've been stubborn to keep blogging - even on the bad days which is perhaps when I need to blog the most.  When I'm not happy - every one knows it.  lol And I will not stop til things are like I want it.  I am thankful for the drive I have but it's relentless sometimes.  But this is something I want to push for, that I believe in and want to go with.  However long it takes and then at the end - there is the RV life and working from the road if necessary and all that goes with that before I get too old to do anything and go places and see and do.

Loving this.  Love the products.  Love the company.  Love the business.  Takes 2 to 3 years to build to a certain level of income.   I am methodical, careful, and overcautious and busy- so it will take me 3 to 5, lol. Maybe not but we'll see.  Time is an issue and it's really been hard and has really damaged my mood that I have been unable to do everything I want to do in a week.  It's really frustrating.  That has ALWAYS been a frustrating factor for me - that I've always had a list of things longer than the time to do them.  And then I become unhappy as I've not been able to do what was on my mind to do by the time I wanted it done. 

Any way off to it!  Wasting time talking about time.  lol. Gotta go work on the house and get started on the weekend. Or it will roll on by and I'll be once again frustrated.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Keepin' My Daydream and Looking for Joy in the Journey

With all the stress lately and added duties at work it has been nice to stick a ear piece in and listen to my iPod.  I had to laugh at this one when it came on.  It made me want to jump out out of my chair and go "wooooooooooooooo" with my white glove on and do a gesture!  :-O  lol  Luckily for everyone I stayed seated.  But I love it when life + my imagination makes me giggle in my seat.  Because not much has lately.  

I look up longingly at this picture in my office.  It is doing what it is supposed to do.  It takes me away.  I am picturing George and I in the new RV - we've just pulled out of our last RV park and we are headed toward our next destination.  We've slept in, had coffee, poured over our plans, had eggs and toast, broken camp and are heading on to the next stop.  

In fact my imagination is so good, I'm immediately depressed that it's not real yet.  But it will be.  I know how stubborn and the drive that I have when I want something bad enough.  I also am very aware of the present reality when I snap myself in.  
It's important that there be joy in the journey to get to your next goal and your next dream.  It's important to disconnect from negativity.  It seems lately there has been nothing but wave after wave then rogue waves, then another, until you feel beaten into the sand. 
The sand.  What kind of foundation is sand.  One still sinks.  

The ability to deal with rogue waves and continual waves - how does one cope?  One can change the ocean they find themselves in but we are in reality going to find waves in most any ocean.  It's true that oceans that have strong storms have bigger waves, but none are immune from the waves.  

My hope is that, this too, is a season, like there have been in the past.  I am an expert coper of stress - or should be as much as I have in my life tried to find ways to avoid it, avert it, and deal with it.  I guess that is why one of my bosses called me his rock.  I never felt like a rock.  But I was always pushing thru it, always came back the next day and tried again, again, again.  Another told me I was resilient?  I didn't even know what that meant. "You bounce back from adverse times".   I do? I said. "Yes, you do!" 

At least as I write this I feel better, but it doesn't take long for another wave to slap you down.  So my guard is up.  Being Friday sure helps.  At least I feel the effects of being able to be in a gentle cove, resting, and prepping for the next journey.

In an effort to try and keep up with our ever stressing, evil minded, world of injustice and vexatious world, I ordered some of this.  Give your best snort laugh here.    

It says to take 3 a day so I took my first one the night before last.  I think it boosted me a bit too much.  I was awake off and on during the night.  And then I could not get up.  I kept hitting snooze.  And then I had to rush around to get caught up in time.  I had caught up in time to get out the door for my 8:00 a.m. meeting and then this happened yesterday morning on the way out the door.  

Never mind that the dogs would not poop and that their walk took forever, I still caught up with time.  But this....I knew I would be late.  I also knew that I was not leaving this like this.  The meeting would have to wait or be cancelled.  And it was.

So, it was about 7:20 or 7:25 when I left the house.  And by that time you can kiss getting anywhere on time.  I used to leave by 6:45 but now I have dog duty and I struggle to get out  of the house by 7.  When school is in session it will take 45 min at least.  When not about 35.  If you leave any later you can add about 10 min extra on to the drive.  So I was in standstill traffic for a while.  I had to laugh at the picture below.  If George and I were to RV at this point in life, we'd be those folks in the worn out bus below.  lol 

The day, of course filled with all kinds of hurdles and uh oh's.  But was over soon enough.  
We had plans to meet my BIL and SIL at a local Orchard for food truck dinner and some crafts and the last of the farmer's market. They tried, but there was just not much there and not much activity.  With cooler temps though it was a nice night.

I orderd the most healthy thing I could.  I only had a small bite of the grilled bun.  But the slaw and tater salad was good.  I had the brisket.  The brisket was out of this world amazing.  And the unsweet tea was good.  I needed the caffeine.

After that we left and went to Catch 22, a local tap room and restaurant.  We've been 3 times in about as many weeks.  They are right at the edge of our neighborhood close to home.  We had beer and some appetizers.  I got some tomato soup (a cup) but it was really too creamy and heavy.  I really didn't need it anyway, but the thought of hot liquid had sounded good. 

It was nice to get away and have some fun. 

I have a business appointment tonight.  One I'm excited about.  One has to love progress.  

And speaking of progress.  We have progressed through the week.  It's Friday.  And I'm very excited.  I have a shower tomorrow at 10 for one of George's cousins.  My SIL is picking me up.  
And then I can work on things I want to work on here at the house.  

Sunday is church and our Sip and Savor at Lisa's in Portland, TN.  I think we are planning to grill out afterward and I'll get some training time as I will at least have her do the presentation for me if no one shows.  But I do have some people interested in going and interested in the system.  We'll see.  

We are also going to be trying to get together with other locals in the Isagenix world and see if we can bond a bit in support of one another for the growth of ourselves and our teams.  We are moving forward with this.  It takes 2-3 years to do what we want to do.  It's very exciting.  The visual is real! Others have done it.  We are doing what they are doing.  

Anyway, I'll be crafting up some plans this weekend to move closer to my dreams.  And to try to find some joy in the journey until then.  

Ya'll have a fab Friday.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Trying.....Over some GOOD coffee!

The coffee is good this morning.  And I'm really trying.  Has been a tough few weeks.  Could have been worse though.  So I need to be grateful and go on.  All one can do is the best you can do and go on.  You cannot control the people around you and you can't control the circumstances, despite how hard you try.  People point fingers your way, but as Dad always said "just remember they have 3 fingers pointing back at them".  True. 

I went to Logan's for lunch to get away and have some peaceful thoughts. That was important.  I need to do that more often.  To have a break and get away for a few was nice.

I took the night off last night to watch and read.  Never got around to the reading b/c by the time I did I was too sleepy.  Watched Below Deck Med.  

And tonight we have some plans and I will share that tomorrow.  
I can't blog any longer because I chose to sleep in some this morning.  And need to get off and get ready.  Running behind and need to make up some time. 

My smiles are coming from within this morning as I think about vacations and RV rentals. And my future RV.  :-)

Ya'll have a good Thursday. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Heart Not in it Today

My heart really wants to be home today.  I'm about ready and need a day off.  From everything really.  Why?  I just need a down day.  A mental health day, lol. Yes I know I had one on Saturday but I'm ready for another one.  lol There is never enough time of the day to do everything I want.  I am in the mood to read and pet my doggies and finish cleaning house and just get some personal things done.  I need my quiet time.  And others are making me mad as I knock myself out trying to accomplish things for people and just get ignored.

I begin to get a little judgmental when I do and do and do and do and knock myself over backwards to get things done, but when it comes time for Sonya to be tended to - no one shows up. feeling Ignored and taken advantage of.  So I guess it is time to set some new visions and work toward that. One way or another.

Had a Zoom call last night with our team.  We had a guest speaker.  It was different than I thought it would be.  I really thought the speaker was a little rude to one of our members, who had asked how  how she handled the cost factor of the packs when people said it was too expensive.  I didn't like her answer.  Our team member asked a legitimate question and she acted like it was a question that shouldn't even be asked.  Our team member was was legitimately wanting to  know how she answered people and overcame that.  But she answered nastily.  That set a bad taste in my mouth.  If someone is going to become successful, there is no reason to be snotty to others who are wanting to pattern after you.  If that is how she became rich then I don't want any part of it.  lol It is true that those who already have a winning personality and rub shoulders with rich people already have an advantage.  I don't rub shoulders with rich people.  I'm very much middle class and I'm an introvert and most of my friends can't afford these packs.  I do agree that if they knew how it would help them that they would find a way.  And that it is priceless.  That is all she should have said.  But she acted like "oh I can't hear you, what?" And the person repeated the question and she laughed and said "NO I heard your question".  Rubbed me the wrong way.  I kinda checked out after that.  I can't really say that I got a lot out of that hour as she rambled on about herself. But I did jot down a book she mentioned I might read. People look at these rich up lines as a mentor but I don't want that last night mentoring me. lol  Maybe I just took it the wrong way but I didn't like the way that went. 

Anyway, not a lot I can say today without just totally blasting a few other folks, that are not complying to how I think they should be.   lol. So I guess I'll stop here.  It makes you not want to try so hard to please others when you know they are just ignoring you.   Other than the coffee is excellent this morning.  Now on to the private blog.  Everyone have a great day.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A Much Better Day and Some New Products

That is the beauty of the deep berry cleanse drink over ice.  I love this more and more.  It is incredibly filling on cleanse day.  And the next hour you get a square of dark chocolate that is green tea infused and also has a bit of sea salt/caramel.  The system gives you just enough natural sugar that you do not feel famished.  I of all people, would have never been able to do such a thing on my own.  But the carefully crafted system put together by scientists has been wonderful.  This drink attacks the visceral fat in our systems - the fat that lingers around your heart and organs, the deep fat that has held on for so long.  It's not a diuretic cleansing.  So no worries about having to be somewhere at a specific place and time.  I look forward to this every Monday.  It's also a good day of focus.  The day goes by quickly.  This and the nutrition helps me maintain and keep off the weight, even when I splurge b/c my system and body is doing what it needs to do.  I love to come home and for my 6:00 p.m. "pour" have it in a special mug or even a wine glass.  Last week it was in a Moscow Mule copper cup! lol 

Anyway, yesterday was not as bad as I thought.  It was more of a normal day.  No day has been normal for about the last month or so.  It's been extremely over the top with "oh my gosh moments" and too much going on at once.  I'm still over the top busy and behind but at least yesterday was almost normal and unheard of for a Monday.  It gave me hope.  When you have too many stress filled moments back to back to back to back - you begin to question everything.  Life is too short.  

So I went and got my nails done.  They lady that did them rounded them off and I don't like them as well.  I like the lady though, she is really sweet so I didn't say anything.  They don't look bad, but they don't look as pretty as I'd like them if paying for it. 

Came home and talked with Katy.  She loves 1st grade.  She loves the fact that they are impressionable at that age. She said the parents very much cared and are involved.  The experience for her is so much better there.  She was at an inner city school of 4th grade when in Nashville.  It was very hard.  The kids were horribly unruly, unmannered, and quite frankly many were violent and already nasty mouthed and their parents did not care.  So she is loving the change.  She said she gets more time at home in the evenings as there is less work to do at home with 1st grade and no testing at this level.  This is so wonderful.  

After that I worked on invites for our Sip and Savor event at Lisa's and connecting with folks.  I'm so excited and I hope to get to see some of my long time friends I've not seen in a while from our old church up that way.  Then on Sept 9 I'll be having one here at my house.  And I will invite a lot of folks from around here in these parts.  

I'm so excited to share.  

And then I went to bed!  Now I'm looking forward to having an egg on toast.  I am thinking I will do that and have my shake for lunch.  

And then a can of tuna with dijon mustard and pickles for late afternoon.  Then we are having some kind of cod for dinner.  

I have ordered some brain boost from our system.  Mainly b/c of work.  lol lol lol  We'll see if it works.  I have fallen in love with the sleep spray.  I mean who ever heard of such.  Two squirts of melatonin and herbs and it's very calming.  I may spray that into my phone and pc and maybe the calls and emails will chill out.  lol lol lol 

And now our system has come out with essential oils.  But I already have a new pack of them from Christmas.  I will look at getting the blends at some point.  They are different and unique.  And serve specific purposes. 

Need to go if I'm going to get that egg on toast.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Birthday Lunch for Mom, Cable and Internet Upgrade, and Feelings on Stress

We took Mom to a restaurant yesterday - Connor's Steak and Seafood.  It was wonderful.   
Mom and I both had steak.  And George ordered us some appetizers.  He loved the oysters.  And we all enjoyed the dressed eggs.

The wedge salad came with my meal.  I had the Ginger Soy Vinaigrette.  

Here is the side view.  The lettuce was the bowl it came it.  Cute.

Then we went to Sam's and then took Mom back to her car.  We often meet at Kohl's at Spring Hill and then on to Cool Springs so she didn't have to drive that far.  And it was mid afternoon when we got back home.  I had more ironing to do and a kitchen to clean again.  I don't know how it gets so messy so quick. 

I never did get to vacuum.  I ground up a 12 oz pack of coffee beans for this week and began dusting.  I marked several things off of the bucket list (celebrate Mom's bday and try a new recipe).  It's time to work on the new fall bucket list.  

And I tried to do windows while George mowed but I can't do them without his help which is why they are not done yet.  One of us is always busy any time I think about it.  So I gave up trying.   
I worked around my desk area some and was about to get to the vacuuming but George decided to do the upgrade to the cable company.  Our new box and set up arrived.  

I always dread this.  Neither of us are technical minded.  And so I know that things could potentially go wrong and I know that not being connected is a real morale downer.  No TV, no internet.  Yep anytime that is going on the morale is not good.  All went fairly well.  One section of it was slow on the Comcast software end but we ended up getting it done.  Part of the setup is done over your phone.  Finally that took.  

Then we were connected to TV and THIS time our new voice remote actually works.  Yay! 
George liked that.  

So I watched Keep Your Daydream on YouTube and then part of Gone with the Wynn's.  And then suddenly YouTube stopped.  The cable was good on the TV but the internet stopped.  I don't know what happened.  But that led to a series of us trying to change things.  Then George decided to try the old internet name - and I knew that we had replaced that one with the new instructions.  So he went through all that for 30 or 45 minutes.  Finally I just went back to my phone and reset things.  We are talking 10 p.m. by now.  I couldn't go to bed til this was fixed.  The phone got stuck on the software thing again.  I had to go to bed.  

Finally I woke up and it was finished so I got up and told George.  He connected the TV settings to our new internet, which I lovingly called "Redneck Haven" just to make us and the neighbors laugh.  I was tempted to name it FBI surveilance van but didn't.  
We had to rename the TV so I named it BigAssTV1.  lol   Sorry for the curse word - but it makes us laugh so we went with it.  I was really joking back when George asked me what to name it.  I said that.  And he laughed and thought it was funny that I said name it that.  
All of our devices are now in Redneck land.  

The only thing that through me off is that there was a device that was "Android" on my device list showing as connected.  And so I stopped it.  But that was after the internet acted up on the TV.  And while trying to fix it I noticed the Android.  I thought it was someone's phone, but I believe I remember hearing that our Sony TV was android software.  So I had to go back in and set it as an accepted device on our system.  But it still didn't work so that is when I hit the reset of the software through my phone.  

At some point during all that we became confused b/c we thought someone with an Android phone was using our new system and we though it was insecure and so we went through a series of trying to figure out if it was secure and that is really what led George to want to go back to the old internet name that we had.  But I knew it was no longer in tact.  

He said "Never upgrade again".  Yeah right.  Of course we have to upgrade.  You can't just not ever upgrade things.  That is why we end up with older every things.  That is why our fridge leaks and we have to have a towel under it even when guests are here so no one trips on the water. 

(Insert your favorite eye rolling emoji here).  lol   George mentioned new fridge for our Christmas and that is fine.  I think we'll cut back on what we do this year for our gifts anyway.  Just spend it on the fridge, maybe go shop and buy ourselves a few things for the other to wrap.  I always love clothes - a few new pieces.  Maybe a few little bitty surprises - an iTunes card.  A stray RV.  Just kidding. Oh boy I can't wait though when the time comes.  

Anyway, I'm happy that August is almost over.  I love the change of seasons.  And I'm ready for the heat to be gone.  I'm ready for things to change. 

I also dread going back to work today.  I don't usually dread work, but there's too much going on and it is getting extremely frustrating for me.  I do not like negativity and there is a lot of negativity and stress all around.  Not just me.  I can endure stress for a short period of time but long term it begins to be a problem.  So I hope things change for the better soon.  Right now I do not see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I am only willing to leave the house at 6:45 or 7 and get home by 6.  That is 11 hours donated to the work day.  Many days with no time off for lunch.  I'm going to start taking my lunch so that I get a break from it.  And I may consider shortening my work day instead of making it longer - just b/c of the intensity of the work day.  I refuse to work longer just b/c it's stressful and there is more to do.  I'm not cutting into our family and personal time in the evening.  So there will probably be even less done.  But I need to be sane.  I already can't please everyone so.....

Anyway, I was talking with a friend yesterday.  We both said that we are shocked at how stressful the work is at this time in our lives.  That we both thought it would be easier somehow.   One can only chuckle and try to figure things out from there.  When you have a vision of how things need to be - you have to figure out how to get there.  I hate to say it but at 55 I'm kinda looking toward retirement one day.  Sooner rather than later. One of us needs to win the lottery.  Because I'm past tired.  And I am over being stressed.  

I could take the Dr. Cloud boundary approach and just refuse to be stressed and harried.  I think I will try that.  Just prioritize and go from there.  It's not worth being stressed.  It does no good for me, and no good for anyone else.  

So it is raining cats and dogs suddenly.  Wow!  Hmm..

Anyway, we'll see how the week progresses.  It's cleanse day today for me and I plan to get nails done tonight.  I usually don't do that on a cleanse day but I didn't have time last week.  I'm also going to make an appointment for my hair.   And guess what.  I'm going to have a professional color it and I'm going with a different color - lighter with some highlights.  

All right.  I need to go!  Ya'll have a great Monday.