Friday, August 10, 2018

A Lot to Do but...Everything is Possible with God

Good morning!  I sit here sortof empty minded. Coffee has not kicked in and it is Friday and honestly, I have had enough of thinking about anything for the week.  The week has slammed us.  I am ready for rest.  Yet I head back to work to try to catch up on paperwork - insurance invoices, FMLA's to process, benefit questions to answer and complete, and who knows what else. 

The interview day was part successful and part a bust.  I had three that showed and 5 that did not.  It was a pretty long drive.  Over an hour and an hour an a half or longer coming home in traffic.   It  made for a very long day.  Not a drive I'd prefer.  I fully intend to turn in gas mileage (wear and tear) for any of these business trips out of the ordinary - especially as gas prices rise and my mileage on my car goes up.

Last night I was so glad to be back home.  As was George.  People continue to be so nice.  A plant arrived, and a basket of goodies and lots of cards.  George was taken to lunch.  We sat and began to talk about the week - and then was interrupted with a long phone call and then we watched Below Deck.  I fell asleep during it.  That is why when the next week comes and I go to watch it George says "we've seen this one" and I say "no we haven't".  lol

I'm looking forward to finishing the unpack, finishing up some laundry, and getting the house in order.  I did a bit of it last night.  I need to write Thank You notes from this week.  I have a lot to put on the calendar.  I have about a week's worth of "Mind and Body" daily sessions to catch up on. 

Lisa and I are going to be scheduling some sessions and my business is about to take off and soon will be turning Associate Status to Consultant.  Also will be planning some exercise as well.  George and I will be doing a walk for the Crises Pregnancy Center in Sept.  All of these dates for things are floating around in various places and need to be in my calendar.  We also have to reschedule Mom's birthday.  And George's birthday is coming up as well. Also need to get my nephew's birthday card in the mail. Head spinning round and round as the coffee comes in waking me up and I realize what all I need and want to do.

Much to plan, much to do. But everything is possible with God. We'll let that be the theme of the day - not that it shouldn't be the theme for all days!  Tomorrow we will be hanging with friends going on an excursion we've planned from a couple of months ago. 

So, I need to go and finish getting ready and get all I need for the day.  Hope everyone has a fab day. 


  1. Yes, if God brings you to it, He will see you through it. We can only do our best, one day at a time. I didn't get a card sent out but I hope you know you all were in my thoughts and prayers. Hope this weekend brings some happy days with your friends and some much needed rest too.

  2. Well, that's that week over. Thank goodness you managed to survive, what an awful lot you fitted in, no wonder George wanted you to take that extra day off for you to catch your breath, I'm quite sure the company won't appreciate you any more...doubt if they would even notice......however that week is over and done with.....what sort of things are you expected to do this weekend ?....whatever it is. Take God and you will know at the end that all was good....

  3. Hope my last comment went !! The last one I did a few mins ago didn't make the usual ...noise when it dissapeared


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