Sunday, August 26, 2018

A Stray Earring and a Busy but Relaxing Saturday.

Well, it's never fun to find another woman's earring in your dryer.  However, I couldn't just accuse George of anything - although I most certainly did ask!  And he most certainly denied.  I have found strange things in the house over the years - a hello kitty bandaid, a kids sock, and now an earring.  None of us seem to know where they come from.  But to George's defense, I did buy some pre-owned clothes from Thred Up that I washed this week.  If nothing else, it gives George an out.  lol 

 He is usually with me at home - so if he is having an affair it would have to be a quick one, lol.  He is gone on Saturday mornings some but usually comes home with evidence of where he has been...yard sale finds, groceries, and veggies from the farmer's market and such.  So I'm sure he was quite worried that I would kick up a fuss over it.  A few years ago I would have.  But now I guess I'm more confident of a person and if my mate wanted to do that - go ahead. He'll have to be the one to feel the guilt, to live the double life, and discuss that one day with God.  In the end, he will be the one to have to face that.  And it could cost him a lot of money. 

  Whatever, I'm letting it go.  I have no way to really know where the damn thing came from, so I'm just documenting and letting it go and it's filed away for future reference for now.  I did ask for the earring back though- he had put it in his work box (brief case).   

Life is filled with uncertainty.  But hopefully this was just a fluke thing from the Thred Up bag and the devil trying to mess up my life.  But it is definitely weird finding another woman's earring in your laundry. 

Then off to the shower for George's cousin that is getting married soon.  
I went with my SIL who is standing next to me on my left. 

Came home and worked on the house, the laundry, and worked some on organizing my desk and to do's.  Figuring out priority.  Watched a video and fixed popcorn so I'd not be mad that I didn't have any down time.  

We also went to get the oil changed as I had asked about that.  It was past time.  And we went to Walmart for slaw fixing's and came out with a 1/4 of the store.  lol  Then we have problems finding room in the freezer.  We keep buying good deals but then never have time to eat them. We vowed to eat home more and begin making room.

George fixed me an herbal low cal drink.

We had smoked salmon with the goat cheese.  

I'm off to take a shower this morning and make my slaw for later today and get ready for church.  

George did not want to go with me over to Lisa and Lou's as he wants to do yard work.  

He's afraid he will be bored during the sip and savor.  I am not sure anyone will come.  People think nutrition is boring on a weekend.  No one gets it.  But that is ok.  I'm staying and cooking out with my friends.  George can weed eat.  

Ya'll have a good day.  Life goes on.


  1. I'm betting that earring came from the clothing. Glad you had a great day and sounds like another today. Enjoy! It's back to work tomorrow. Have a relaxing Sunday !

  2. I'd flip a lid over a women's earring in the dryer! LOL You are calm. But I have a feeling you are going to keep questioning him about it. LOL Something like that is odd for sure. One time, we went to dinner and my husband has a lot of tattoo's. This waitress kept touching his arm! And he just kept talking to her and loving it up. Oh he caught holy hell for that! LOL Crazy we are ....

  3. I am wearing a lot of knit ponchos and scarves this winter and am constantly swooping up random items, earrings of nearby shoppers included. Usually while their ears are still attached, so that helps with identifying who they belong to and returning them to the correct owner. I've managed a bracelet twice thus far as well. I don't think jewelry is made as well as it once was.

    Last night I managed to snag my own earring in my own scarf. I think I might steer clear of dangly things until winter is over. That one you have there is quite dangly and I would say easy to snag on things.

    Zooming in on the photo you posted, I think this one has actually snapped. You see at the top there, the part that would usually go in the ear? That does not seem long enough to me, and it seems too long to be a loop which has opened up.

    Perhaps we should become the earring detectives. :)

  4. I think that it is a strange thing to find in your washing machine, but weird things do happen...a long time ago Mary found a sock in her washing...she dosnt wear socks, neither do I where on earth did it come from ? We have never been able to,find the solution.....I'm just pleased that you were not too hard on George I'm quite sure he had nothing to do with it and I'm sure you know that as well...I'm just pleased you are so much better now on your isagenix it has certainly calmed you down....take care love mxxx

  5. an earring seems innocent enough. one of your guests could have dropped it. i would have been more concerned that the hubby after being confronted put it in his briefcase. glad you asked for it back. i'm sure theres a simple explanation for it, probably the thredup clothing.

    1. Yeah that didn't help the situation any and that is what bothered me the most really - like what was he gonna do with it? Go ask someone he knew - is this yours? He said that if he had thrown it away I'd have asked him about that too. Best to have let it sit there. All is well if everyone is innocent. I just know it's not mine.


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