Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Afternoon at Calfkiller Brewery

Getting to share pics from Saturday in Sparta, TN.  Loved it here.  Your true hippie comes out.  I love the story that you can find here on this fun website of the two brothers.  "Calfkiller" is the name of a river near by.  And is the name of a Cherokee chief that lived in the valley long ago.  Beautiful area!

George, Sonya, Don, and Lisa

Tomorrow I'll share the goat farm and creamery!  ;-) 

Well, yesterday was good for a Monday.  I was well rested.  It was cleanse day.  I relished it.  It was needed as it's been two weeks.  Last week I was at Global Celebration and it was not a good cleanse time.  Sleep was excellent last night.  It always is on a cleanse night and on this system I usually do sleep well anyway.  It was hard to get up though this morning.  

Plans for tonight.  I think something always going on this week.  All fun, but I'm living for Saturday where zero is planned.  I told George to keep it that way. 

He was sending me emails about going to Murfreesboro for some Comedy guy.  I told him that did not appeal to me at all really and that we needed to be selective about what we said yes to.  I mean I like to laugh but stand up comedy is just not something that appeals to me.  I usually say yes to whatever he wants to go to but honestly I don't want to go to that.  I'd rather stay home.  There is so much that I want to do and I cannot ever find the time to do it.  And it seems like fate or life is just trying to fill up any time as it becomes vacant just to keep me occupied so I can't do what I want to do.  Then I scramble to try to get it done.  Or usually what happens is that it just doesn't get done!

Anyway, I'll stop moaning.  I'm trying not to do that.  But it is a little frustrating.  I've had only about 6 hours of self time in the past two weeks on the evenings and weekends to get anything done and that has mostly been laundry.  But I do know these have been unusual times lately. 

I was hoping we'd get rest this week but we have filled it up with something every night.  Fun but I'm ready for some "me" time.  


  1. What a lovely spot that is. Nice to have pictures of a special time to remember. There is something said for doing laundry, It a constant that seems somehow comforting to me. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday.

  2. .Sometimes you just have to say no. A weekend at home is needed sometimes. I love being home relaxing. Or doing things around house that we need to do. I hope your week goes by quickly. It is so pretty outside I am off to run errands.

  3. hope you get some me time. the brewery looked like fun.


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