Monday, August 20, 2018

Birthday Lunch for Mom, Cable and Internet Upgrade, and Feelings on Stress

We took Mom to a restaurant yesterday - Connor's Steak and Seafood.  It was wonderful.   
Mom and I both had steak.  And George ordered us some appetizers.  He loved the oysters.  And we all enjoyed the dressed eggs.

The wedge salad came with my meal.  I had the Ginger Soy Vinaigrette.  

Here is the side view.  The lettuce was the bowl it came it.  Cute.

Then we went to Sam's and then took Mom back to her car.  We often meet at Kohl's at Spring Hill and then on to Cool Springs so she didn't have to drive that far.  And it was mid afternoon when we got back home.  I had more ironing to do and a kitchen to clean again.  I don't know how it gets so messy so quick. 

I never did get to vacuum.  I ground up a 12 oz pack of coffee beans for this week and began dusting.  I marked several things off of the bucket list (celebrate Mom's bday and try a new recipe).  It's time to work on the new fall bucket list.  

And I tried to do windows while George mowed but I can't do them without his help which is why they are not done yet.  One of us is always busy any time I think about it.  So I gave up trying.   
I worked around my desk area some and was about to get to the vacuuming but George decided to do the upgrade to the cable company.  Our new box and set up arrived.  

I always dread this.  Neither of us are technical minded.  And so I know that things could potentially go wrong and I know that not being connected is a real morale downer.  No TV, no internet.  Yep anytime that is going on the morale is not good.  All went fairly well.  One section of it was slow on the Comcast software end but we ended up getting it done.  Part of the setup is done over your phone.  Finally that took.  

Then we were connected to TV and THIS time our new voice remote actually works.  Yay! 
George liked that.  

So I watched Keep Your Daydream on YouTube and then part of Gone with the Wynn's.  And then suddenly YouTube stopped.  The cable was good on the TV but the internet stopped.  I don't know what happened.  But that led to a series of us trying to change things.  Then George decided to try the old internet name - and I knew that we had replaced that one with the new instructions.  So he went through all that for 30 or 45 minutes.  Finally I just went back to my phone and reset things.  We are talking 10 p.m. by now.  I couldn't go to bed til this was fixed.  The phone got stuck on the software thing again.  I had to go to bed.  

Finally I woke up and it was finished so I got up and told George.  He connected the TV settings to our new internet, which I lovingly called "Redneck Haven" just to make us and the neighbors laugh.  I was tempted to name it FBI surveilance van but didn't.  
We had to rename the TV so I named it BigAssTV1.  lol   Sorry for the curse word - but it makes us laugh so we went with it.  I was really joking back when George asked me what to name it.  I said that.  And he laughed and thought it was funny that I said name it that.  
All of our devices are now in Redneck land.  

The only thing that through me off is that there was a device that was "Android" on my device list showing as connected.  And so I stopped it.  But that was after the internet acted up on the TV.  And while trying to fix it I noticed the Android.  I thought it was someone's phone, but I believe I remember hearing that our Sony TV was android software.  So I had to go back in and set it as an accepted device on our system.  But it still didn't work so that is when I hit the reset of the software through my phone.  

At some point during all that we became confused b/c we thought someone with an Android phone was using our new system and we though it was insecure and so we went through a series of trying to figure out if it was secure and that is really what led George to want to go back to the old internet name that we had.  But I knew it was no longer in tact.  

He said "Never upgrade again".  Yeah right.  Of course we have to upgrade.  You can't just not ever upgrade things.  That is why we end up with older every things.  That is why our fridge leaks and we have to have a towel under it even when guests are here so no one trips on the water. 

(Insert your favorite eye rolling emoji here).  lol   George mentioned new fridge for our Christmas and that is fine.  I think we'll cut back on what we do this year for our gifts anyway.  Just spend it on the fridge, maybe go shop and buy ourselves a few things for the other to wrap.  I always love clothes - a few new pieces.  Maybe a few little bitty surprises - an iTunes card.  A stray RV.  Just kidding. Oh boy I can't wait though when the time comes.  

Anyway, I'm happy that August is almost over.  I love the change of seasons.  And I'm ready for the heat to be gone.  I'm ready for things to change. 

I also dread going back to work today.  I don't usually dread work, but there's too much going on and it is getting extremely frustrating for me.  I do not like negativity and there is a lot of negativity and stress all around.  Not just me.  I can endure stress for a short period of time but long term it begins to be a problem.  So I hope things change for the better soon.  Right now I do not see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I am only willing to leave the house at 6:45 or 7 and get home by 6.  That is 11 hours donated to the work day.  Many days with no time off for lunch.  I'm going to start taking my lunch so that I get a break from it.  And I may consider shortening my work day instead of making it longer - just b/c of the intensity of the work day.  I refuse to work longer just b/c it's stressful and there is more to do.  I'm not cutting into our family and personal time in the evening.  So there will probably be even less done.  But I need to be sane.  I already can't please everyone so.....

Anyway, I was talking with a friend yesterday.  We both said that we are shocked at how stressful the work is at this time in our lives.  That we both thought it would be easier somehow.   One can only chuckle and try to figure things out from there.  When you have a vision of how things need to be - you have to figure out how to get there.  I hate to say it but at 55 I'm kinda looking toward retirement one day.  Sooner rather than later. One of us needs to win the lottery.  Because I'm past tired.  And I am over being stressed.  

I could take the Dr. Cloud boundary approach and just refuse to be stressed and harried.  I think I will try that.  Just prioritize and go from there.  It's not worth being stressed.  It does no good for me, and no good for anyone else.  

So it is raining cats and dogs suddenly.  Wow!  Hmm..

Anyway, we'll see how the week progresses.  It's cleanse day today for me and I plan to get nails done tonight.  I usually don't do that on a cleanse day but I didn't have time last week.  I'm also going to make an appointment for my hair.   And guess what.  I'm going to have a professional color it and I'm going with a different color - lighter with some highlights.  

All right.  I need to go!  Ya'll have a great Monday. 


  1. Hope you do have a great Monday. Life is what we make it !

  2. Monday is almost out of the way.
    I hope it wasn't that bad.
    Enjoy your evening:)

  3. glad you had fun with your mom. the food looked delicious. thank goodness you got the tv upgraded and it works.


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