Thursday, August 2, 2018

Busy, Meetings, and Seeing Granny (George's Mom)

Good morning.  Had thought I'd make headway yesterday into much that needs doing before getting the call about Granny and/or going for a mini vacay.  But auditors, although off site now, needed more info which required research.  Many calls, many little emergencies and then the day was gone and the work continued to sit.  Many days are like that but on you go.  Oops I didn't mean to talk about work.  lol  Heaven forbid - oh don't get myself started! lol

Anyway, I fixed our hydration drink with a big cup of ice and purified water. Since one of my meetings occurs at my lunch hour on Wednesday's I try to have something that will hold me over til I can eat.  The drink is delicious and refreshing and I drank it really fast.  And then I not only was waiting for the call to hurry up and end so I could eat, but also so I could "gooooo"!  lol 

Well, so by the time 5 p.m. spit me out at the end, I think I was ready to be spit out! And I was able to talk to Katy on the Marco Polo app.  If you don't have it - get it!  Oh we love it.  

I went with George to see his Mom last night.  I took Katy in on the Marco Polo app and Katy was able to say "Hi" to Granny.  And Granny pointed to the phone and raised her eye brows.  This makes me smile.  I put chap stick on her lips and George sponged her lips.  I held her hand.  I told her that we were all praying for her and I mentioned the names of all her grandchildren and children and how much they loved her.  I told her I loved all of the fun times we all had.  She raised her eyebrows and tried to talk.  Her breathing got heavier and gaspy as I talked of the fun times in Destin.  So I quit talking as I felt it was exciting her too much.  Her hands were very cold and heavy and hands and arms seemed clammy.  I was surprised that she was alert.  She did have a dazed look at times like she was staring into something or looking through me.  There were several times that I thought she was gone.  She would close her eyes and then open them.  I could have stayed all evening.  But we left and headed home.  As we left and told her bye, she said bye and nodded her head.  She was pretty alert for someone in Hospice care that has not had food and water for 12 days.  I cannot get over how a person can endure this.  It was really upsetting to me knowing nothing can be given intravenously with Hospice, just seems so cruel.  I have learned a lot through this though and realize now that as a body transitions, the body does not hunger for food and water.  At least that is how it was explained to me.  And apparently this is a common thing.  

So it's 6 a.m. and no news otherwise, so we can assume that she made it through the night.   
Today is the beginning of day 13.  

And I went to bed late last night.  Just wanting to relax my mind from the days woes and from worrying about George's Mom (Granny).  I watched MJ Sailing on You Tube and fell asleep during it - not their fault - it was just bed time.  I awoke to what felt like a bug on my neck - it was George tickling my neck with something.  lol  

So I went to bed and sleep was good but I did not want to get up.  

Traffic wasn't as bad yesterday.  I think not all schools are in session.

George shared this, which made me laugh!  The dog looks like Roger.   

Here was our dinner last night.  Spaghetti and Mizithara cheese with browned butter and herbs.  MMMM one of my favorite meals ever.  The noodles were gluten free.  And made of corn and rice.

Well, I'm going to get ready and see what all I can get done today.  Hoping to have some time to get things done.  However, I have a lunch meeting with a broker and also a meeting at the Nashville plant with a staffing agency.  So probably another busy day with no work on the stack.  Whoever needs anything in a hurry, will have to develop patience  I'm sure there is an app for that.  lol  

Ya'll have a big day. 


  1. I'd say some comfort food was definitely in order for you and it looks delicious ! It has to be very hard on everyone just waiting and not being able to do anything. But I'm sure your visits mean everything to her. I don't know which is worse, a sudden death or having time to say good bye. Either way, loosing a loved one is hard for us who remain behind. Hope you do get to give that stack a little attention today and can move forward after giving the auditors what they need. Glad the traffic isn't too bad for you yet. Try to have a happy Thursday !

  2. It won'T be long now. My mother got like that a day or two before she passed. She just looked at everyone with her dark eyes like she was wanting to say something. That upsets me about the food and water thing too. You would think on anyones last days everything would be done to make them comfortable. I keep a water beside me all the time. My mouth just gets so dry. I wish you could give your mil one of your shokes. I bet that would taste good to her. Your husband will need a lot of love and support after she does pass. There is a bond unlike anything I have ever seen between a Mother and son. Something like this really makes me face my own mortality. I am sorry you and your family is going through this.

  3. it is difficult to watch a loved one die. i'm saying prayers for your family. i'm glad katy got to talk to her granny.


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