Monday, August 13, 2018

Cellar 53 Winery in Brush Creek TN

This sounds good to me.  Guess what!  I'm going to look at RV's this week.  There is an open house near my work and I want to go peek. This sign was at the Cellar 53 Winery in Brush Creek TN.  We love going out there.  

I think I shared a couple of these yesterday but wanted to include them again in case anyone sees on the blog so it'll all be in one entry. 

We had a beautiful day for our excursion.  

 We paid for a wine tasting but it was waived when we bought wine. 

Then I discovered this:  

It's totally JUST parmesan cheese.  We all munched on these in the car. 

Well, I have done the Target Order this morning and the Mind and Body Program for today but I have numerous days to go back and catch up on.  

Our schedule has suddenly popped this week when we thought that we would get a little break.  It's all fun stuff though.  We are actually laughing.  We have also planned Mom's birthday outing and our Anniversary.  We are doing a walk for a charity in Sept.  We have another birthday dinner this week and a Jeff Beck concert we had forgotten about.  We have shower coming up for a cousin next weekend.  We are trying to hold on and keep this Saturday open for being home and doing nothing.  And Lisa J and I have booked up our Sunday's doing the Sip and Savor's so we can share and bless others with nutrition! 

George and I had a great time out yesterday celebration his birthday - the actual day.  We went to McKay's bookstore.  And also went to PF Chang's after.  

I'll be sharing pics as the week progresses.  Back to work and have an 8 a.m. meeting with the bosses on the plans for recruiting from another county.  

Better go get ready.  More later.  Sorry I've been so spread out.  At least I've been able to focus somewhat to be prepped for all we are trying and needing to do.  

I should do a private blog entry soon and will try to carve out the time.  But not right now.  Running 15 min behind and need to catch up. 

Have a good day!


  1. You did have a beautiful for day for George's birthday celebration. Hope this week is a good one for you as you settle back in to a more normal way of living. I've always been thankful for normal days, the ones when nothing unexpected happens anyway. Happy Monday !

  2. happy belated birthday to george. looks like a good time was had by all.


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