Thursday, August 16, 2018

First Time to Go Look at an RV!

Work is absolutely NUTZOID, you can't have a thought of your own w/o interruption and I can't get my normal work done.  I am so incredibly behind.  One of our plants is very needy right now and it's hard for any of us to get anything done for having to do extra work for it that we normally would not have to do.  Other than that problems every where else too.  That is all I will say other than TGIT - Thank God it's Thursday which is Friday's sister so at least there is hope.  I'm looking forward to unpacking my suitcase from nearly two weeks ago.  I am looking forward to a quiet day as well Saturday.  I told George he better not dare plan anything.  I think I would throw a tantrum and lay in the floor and scream - no really!    

I did schedule something fun to lift my spirits.  After work I went to an Open House for RVs.  It wasn't much of an open house for me as they only had one Class C and it was sold.  But it was theeeeee brand and model I had been looking at on line.   And I think it is the perfect amount of space for us and 2 dogs and on some occasions having Cody and Katy with us.  It will sleep 5.  Yes I said 2 dogs.  I really do not think that Tugie will be with us by the time we are able to do this.

There is a slide out in the back.  The bed is nice and each person can access their side.  
The kitchen is adequate.  

The fridge is not too small.  You know we love to cook!  

There are two TV's - one in the back and one up front. 

There were windows on each side of the bed.  With blind covers of course. 

The shower has a separate closure so it is NOT a wet bath.  A wet bath is when the entire bathroom closes off and gets wet.  I don't want a wet bath.  If I'm spending money one day to do this, I will want the separate shower feature.  

To me, having the dining and the sofa space is important.  I'm a city girl and there will be times when we want to retreat.  The weather will not always be perfect for outside time.  And there will be a place for laptopping.  ;-) 

Here she is.  She is sold already.  Of course now is not our time.  But to be able to go and say "we are looking to buy one day" was a milestone and a first step.  It felt good.  It made me smile.  The person who helped me was also from my home town in Columbia, TN and also I had worked with at the envelope factory.  It seemed as if the stars aligned and this was meant to be.  I had no idea he worked there.  It is like God sent a message of hope.  Of course we are NO WHERE NEAR being able to do this.  There is a LOT that needs to be aligned first.  And a lot of things that I need to make happen.

I think something like this below would be perfect.  The person that showed me this suggested we go with a slightly preowned and that way if we wanted to upgrade we would not be stuck for a while.  

Then I went to the store to get a few things.  An Rx, onions for a lunch thing we are having Friday  - which is much needed.  

Last night George fixed an amazing dinner.  Swordfish, stuffed clam, shrimp and grits and beans.  It was a LOT of carbs for me, but I ate it. 

Then I worked on two days of Mind and Body Program.  This program has been very hard to do lately b/c our lives have been so incredibly crazy busy.  

Well, today I don't have to go into Dickson TN to help recruit people for a van pool - until close to 1.  So I will leave around lunch time and head that way.  I am grateful for that b/c I really need the morning time to try and get SOMETHING DONE at the office.  But I'm sure there will be some big huge crisis or something keeping me from it.  At this point, I don't even know what all is in my stack.  I'm just going from phone call to phone call and email to email trying to keep everyone happy.  I am grateful also the company gave me help in recruiting.  I'm not sure I would have lasted past Tuesday if this hadn't happened.  

My friend keeps telling me to read the book BOUNDARIES by Dr. Henry Cloud.  Like yeah, one day when I get this masterful piece of lovely thing called TIME.  Maybe they have a CD though? 
She says I should have drawn the line on giving up the bereavement day.  Looking back, I should have b/c it seems like it was almost a fruitless effort of a day anyway and I ended up being harried, and rushed, and I seemed to be the only one rushing around in the effort.  

Anyway, didn't mean to go down that track. I really want to keep looking ahead and try to have a good attitude about life and I'm totally in a gratitude state.  But I'm just ready for some down time like about right now.  What time I've had off has not been restful. Honestly I need some quiet time off!  But heaven forbid - we are in this cycle of something and I hope we come out of it soon before we all combust.  It's not just me but several of us. lol

Tonight we are finally getting to go celebrate George's birthday with my SIL and BIL.  We are looking forward to that!  
Ya'll have a good day. 


  1. I'm assuming you can hire RVs in the USA, like you can here in Australia? We have a lot of "Grey Nomads" who get a big Winnebago and tow a car or scooter on the back, or convert an old bus and drive around Australia long term, and a lot who get caravans, but not so many travel in this size of RV you are looking at. There is a website and forum, too - you might be interested in reading that, link below.

    This kind of vehicle you looked at is more the kind that gets rented to tourists here in Australia than people who buy them. Except the kind that gets rented here is a much cheaper less "up money" interior version. ;)

    I would definitely want to hire the model I was looking at buying first and give it a good road test on someone else's dime with me just paying for the rental. :)

  2. Seeing that preview of an RV would be a pick me up. There are so many out there and lots to see, hope you get to go to a really big show one day. It's amazing what is out there. You definitely need a little me time in your life. It's good that you will be able to spend at least half a day in the office. You've made it over the hump of the week so it should be a little quieter today. Remember to take it one day at a time and enjoy your dinner out this evening.

  3. You know I have said this to you before, if you don't make time to rest our good Lord will do it and it might not be the kind of rest we will please dear friend whatever you do you MUST REST at the weekend, even God only worked for six days..... I love the idea of you and George having an RV...I have a friend who had one and went all over the UK with it, they have only just had to sell it as my friend is going blind having had a few slight strokes which is so very sad......hope you have an extra good sleep tonight. Night night nGod Bless. B xxx

  4. We have been looking for an RV also. THeHub planned to retire in July but work changed his mind and now he is what we laughingly call "Unretired". When it finally happens we want to be able to pick up and go wherever the mood leads us. We decided a 24 footer is the largest we would both feel comfortable driving, but I want us to rent one for a week or so just to see if we like it or it is a highly romanticized concept in our minds.

  5. Utilizing the RVs as the outing vehicles is the ideal utilization of them. There are such a significant number of individuals who are utilizing RVs to spend their week closes or seven days occasion to a portion of the wild and stranded spots with the families and trailers dealer in Missouri

  6. We own a 32ft travel trailer with a slide. We keep it stored at the beach where we use it the most. We don't tow it but know we can if we ever want too. I love having my own bed and would never use a rental or hotel. I love the one you have pictured. I would love to have a smaller one for weekend trips.


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