Sunday, August 5, 2018

Global Celebration Begins

So we began our team dinner last night with 30 of us at Poncho and Lefties. So good to see faces from our conf calls! Nice to meet everyone in person. Then off to Ole Reds rooftop. First pic above! 

Backing up.....we took a part to Gordonsville yesterday and got stuck in traffic but Waze app got us out! George getting used to GPS on smart phone.  Then we went to the grocery there, SaveWay which everyone raves to George about at work. 

Then on to spend the day with Granny. I cried leaving her. George’s aunts have been with her too. So far she is still with us. It’s unbelievable- 15 days no food or water. Or is it 16! 

Have rushed this morning as alarm didn’t go off. Not a good sleep last night. We are on our way to my hotel this morning so I can leave my suitcase with LISA and Lou til check in. 

Typing as we get there. Crazy times. 

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  1. Looks like a happy group for sure! Hope you have a day and enjoy it all !


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