Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Global Celebration

Here we are...Bridgestone arena on Sunday....I’m at the beginning of the line up there. Waited in the heat for an hour. 

Finally in and it was so exciting....

Our crew...just part of us.

Absolutely love this company. So much more than products!

What it’s all about is being the best YOU that you can be....

It’s a way of life! 

Taking over the town....banners every where!

Sunset Sunday night from the Nashville city center.


Just Wow! People getting their lives back.

New products released this week....essential oils!

My t shirt...

My team!

This was cute....

Another product was announced. 


Got food truck tacos yesterday. 

Bridgestone Arena....

Our team...All started with one person who shared with two people who shared with two.......lives were changed and so it continues. 

My view from hotel. 

Got to have dinner with George and these two! Yesss! Hattie B’s HOT Chicken!

From the hotel at night.

Wonderful day yesterday and the big Surprise was Vanilla Ice! 

Slept good last night! Absolutely loved this!

Up today and have half session today then off to home for Granny’s visitation and funeral tomorrow. 


  1. Glad everything worked out with you for a great weekend. I know you must be happy to see your girl again. Only wish it was underfed different circumstances. Prayers for you all as you go through a couple of difficult days with the funeral and all.

  2. looks like a fun time and learning experience.

  3. I am so happy for you, I am sure this selling business will be the making of you, you will have to speak up and get people's attention, that will be the hard bit I think to bring attention to yourself, but you will do it you will succeed.....I'm with you all the way.....hope all is going on ok at home with George Kate Cody and the dogs. XXXX. Will see you tomorrow. It's almost bed time over here it's 9.25 pm....
    Night night. God Bless. Xxx


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