Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Going Blonde? And Target Shipment Dropped off in a Trash Bag

Well she went subtle with it.  Which is ok.  It's actually a little less blonde than I wanted.  But we'll go more blonde next time.  It's also hard to describe what you want.  And even with the picture, I guess it is hard to get it exactly right.  

I've never had my hair colored before.  I was there for 3 hours - with color and cut.  

Keep in mind this is at the end of a long work day - mascara melted from the day's heat.  Make up gone at that point.

In different lights - it actually looks different.  Below, going to bed, you can barely see the highlights and it looks like my normal hair.  

Now this morning, I won't be able to style it like she did so it'll really start looking like my own hair.  A cut never looks like a new cut for long - it starts going back into it's normal look and routine pretty quickly.  lol

Well the Target order came in - it was left in a trash bag on the front porch.  The laundry detergent had busted and gone all over everything.  So each thing was wrapped in plastic and then in a plastic sack and left on my porch by UPS.   A couple of orders ago my package disappeared.  And boxes are arriving half opened.  My fear is that Target is not using strong enough boxes.  Or perhaps strong enough tape.  And of course we all know how baggage handlers are always so gentle with boxes.  So I may have to rethink ordering from them now.  Walmart had better luck.  Ugh.  So I guess I will put the trash bag in my car this morning and then take it on to Target like it is and let them see how my order arrived.  That was unacceptable.

I think the only thing that survived was the paper towels.  So now I've got to go deal with that today.   Target is going to get to deal with it.  I'll probably have to go through and buy all the items again after I get a refund.

Anyway, it's Wednesday.  Strongly thinking about taking Friday off.  But I probably won't.  Too far behind.  Don't get myself started about vacation days and bereavement days I didn't get.  :-O

Anyway, I have some plans!  ;-O

Fall decor is this weekend.  Can't wait.

Well, gotta get going.  Yesterday the traffic was horrid.  I guess there was a wreck.  It took an hour to get to work going back roads.  Normally even with school it hasn't been but 45 min - I start to get angry when my drive gets over 45.  I'm not willing to drive over 45 to a work setting.  It's over my limit.  lol  But George said he thought there was an accident that backed up traffic.  I took backroads as WAZE sent me that way but everyone else was sent that way also.

Anyway, hoping today is better.  But folks - I'm ready for a day off from every thing.  It's time to CHUCK it all for a while.  So glad to have a holiday weekend coming.  And here I am wondering if I should take Friday again.  Maybe I should.


  1. I love the highlights in your hair. And you look great even after a long day at work. I've never ordered on line, but go shopping and after hearing about your delivery, I guess I'm glad I do. I'll be doing fall decorating at some point this weekend too. Hard to believe summer is over and a new season will soon be upon us. I know after a very hot week here everyone is ready for cooler temps. It's the day to go over the hump of the week ! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Your color and highlights look great. She did a good job.
    Take Friday off and give yourself a break!
    Take care, Monica

  3. I have had my hair every color that grows naturally on heads. Soon you will find the shade you really wanted, unless you are like me and only keep the same color a few months, then flit to something else.

  4. a shame about your target order. hope you get a refund.


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