Monday, August 6, 2018

Granny Jan

Granny Jan left this world yesterday morning. I received the call about an hour after George dropped me off at the hotel in Nashville for Global Celebration. 

I had left my suit case in LISA and Lou’s hotel room and fixed my shake. I had overslept by an hour and 20 yesterday as Phone was on silent and my alarm had not gone off and I was a whirlwind trying to get out the door and final packing to be finished from the late night before. So I’d not had breakfast and a long day ahead- with weight concious folks so no word on meals breaks lol! So LISA and Lou were set with blender and ice! 

We had walked to Celebration and Susan called trying to speak to George who wouldn’t answer phone. We won’t know til after lunch today what arrangements. 

I spent much of the Science talk sessions on the phone with family texting and was still able to take notes. 

Katy and Cody flew in late last night from TX.  

George told me (and had told me ahead of time) to continue on with plans for Global Celebration until we knew when funeral plans would be. The funeral itself already planned and picked as far as type of service and casket and pictures and service. We will find out today when visitation and time of service after lunch. 

I will break away from crew here today a bit before 5 and Uber back to hotel and change and be ready for Katy and Cody and George as we do Hot Chicken tonight! 

So my stomach has been in such knots trying to take care about work, make sure I’m there for family, worrying about Granny on her death bed, and wondering what to do about this event. Work has come down on me hard when finding out I had vacation coming up. I was given directions that work was priority and getting hiring done for our plant even though vacation was planned since May. It’s been a horrible time of extra pressure on me and my assistant but at least friends have been supportive during this time. George is a bit put out with the extra pressure that has been put upon me during all this. The timing has been horrible. And right now I am still concerned about this next week being off for funeral and being with family and the added stress that will bring. George wants me to take the two days allotted for bereavement to rest and remember Granny during the craze, but I’m afraid to take the two days. My assistant, bless her. Serious thoughts are being left with God over how this past week has gone. 

Just really disappointed in many things right now. So my stomach has been heading into a diverticulitis situation over the stress. But having a good nights sleep last night (no night on the town for our crew) lol. Just having several hours in a row of quiet time and rest has helped. I bought our system’s sleep support and renewal spray- two shots of melatonin and nutrient complex- I did three! lol Very relaxed. Slept well last night! 

However would you believe that I had no a/c in my room? Maintenance had to install a new unit before I could go to bed. lol The struggle has been real y’all. 

I need to get in shower and get to our next session. I’m so grateful to be here, for Lisa and Lou who paid for my ticket if I would come, and it is so important to be able to learn and share with others how to get nutrition in a world where it is so hard to do so. I am amazed at the science of how it all works together to get what you need in your body, experience weight loss or gain- it gets you where you need to be, restored your cells, cleans the liver, and even helps stop cells from aging. 

Well I best go! Pics later! 


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. I will keep a good thought for you and yours at this time. Well really I keep a good thought for you and yours at all times! ;)

  2. My sincerest condolences to you and yours. Georges mom was a wonderful person. May she rest in peace. It's has been a hard time of you but I think you will need every bit of those 2 bereavement days you have coming to you. Who could predict that vacation days and bereavement days would come back to back. Go in to work if you must but don't stay all day, do what you must if your assistant can't handle it and them go and be with your family. Will be keeping you all in my prayers. May the dear Lord comfort you at this difficult time.

  3. Prayers for you and the family during this difficult time.

  4. My dearest Sonya, I'm sorry if I am a bit late getting into the blog tonight, I have had a busy day.....although nothing like the one you are having.....I am so sorry that Our Lord has taken Granny just at this moment, but only he knows what is ahead, he at least arranged for you to have a good nights rest, now for the next step on your journey. Take care and look after yourself and George, you are so right to put family first, what happens at work....well that can look after itself, that's why the have managers and if they are good they will understand their staff and give lea way when and if needed. If they don't well you have to ask if they are worth working for. Perhaps your new nutrician career can take off suddenly ..then where would work be ?.....much love to you all. George, Kate Cody and are all in my prayers xxxx

  5. George wants you to be with him those days. Family first. Work will be there and it will go. But family remains


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