Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Heart Not in it Today

My heart really wants to be home today.  I'm about ready and need a day off.  From everything really.  Why?  I just need a down day.  A mental health day, lol. Yes I know I had one on Saturday but I'm ready for another one.  lol There is never enough time of the day to do everything I want.  I am in the mood to read and pet my doggies and finish cleaning house and just get some personal things done.  I need my quiet time.  And others are making me mad as I knock myself out trying to accomplish things for people and just get ignored.

I begin to get a little judgmental when I do and do and do and do and knock myself over backwards to get things done, but when it comes time for Sonya to be tended to - no one shows up. feeling Ignored and taken advantage of.  So I guess it is time to set some new visions and work toward that. One way or another.

Had a Zoom call last night with our team.  We had a guest speaker.  It was different than I thought it would be.  I really thought the speaker was a little rude to one of our members, who had asked how  how she handled the cost factor of the packs when people said it was too expensive.  I didn't like her answer.  Our team member asked a legitimate question and she acted like it was a question that shouldn't even be asked.  Our team member was was legitimately wanting to  know how she answered people and overcame that.  But she answered nastily.  That set a bad taste in my mouth.  If someone is going to become successful, there is no reason to be snotty to others who are wanting to pattern after you.  If that is how she became rich then I don't want any part of it.  lol It is true that those who already have a winning personality and rub shoulders with rich people already have an advantage.  I don't rub shoulders with rich people.  I'm very much middle class and I'm an introvert and most of my friends can't afford these packs.  I do agree that if they knew how it would help them that they would find a way.  And that it is priceless.  That is all she should have said.  But she acted like "oh I can't hear you, what?" And the person repeated the question and she laughed and said "NO I heard your question".  Rubbed me the wrong way.  I kinda checked out after that.  I can't really say that I got a lot out of that hour as she rambled on about herself. But I did jot down a book she mentioned I might read. People look at these rich up lines as a mentor but I don't want that last night mentoring me. lol  Maybe I just took it the wrong way but I didn't like the way that went. 

Anyway, not a lot I can say today without just totally blasting a few other folks, that are not complying to how I think they should be.   lol. So I guess I'll stop here.  It makes you not want to try so hard to please others when you know they are just ignoring you.   Other than the coffee is excellent this morning.  Now on to the private blog.  Everyone have a great day.


  1. I agree about that answer, if you want to sell something, you do have to have positive answers. Living on a tight budget myself, I know I have to count the cost of everything I buy. Hope your day turns out to be a good one. Try to think positive and count your blessings !

  2. one has to be careful how much money is spent. i agree with you the woman should have been more understanding of the question.


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